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The Amazing Race 10 - Episode 7 Summary

'A Six Pack, The Lost Boys and More Idiots!' By ARnutz
Original Airdate: October 29, 2006

Previously on the Amazing Race: Teams traveled from Chennai, India to Kuwait. Dave and Mary, who were marked for elimination, dashed to the front of the pack by way of the flaming, hot Fast Forward, thus making this new twist a moot point. The Cho Bros. helped deceive the other teams by pretending to go for the Fast Forward as well, but allowing Dave and Mary to go for it and risking falling to the back of the pack, plus having to conquer a fear of heights! In the end, Peter and Sarah, who were very lost, were Philiminated, which was a good thing because if Sarah wasn’t going to hit that guy, I would’ve! For more details, read strid333’s fine summary! Cue the intro music! Bum, bum, ba, ba, ba, da bum, bum, bum….

So… the teams were given a mandatory rest period in Kuwait at El Sadiq. The alliance of Lyn and Karlyn, Erwin and Godwin, and Dave and Mary… who are now going by the moniker “The Six Pack Alliance”… What? *snort* Wonder who came up with that name? Just because there are six of them? …or because they should all be attached to one another by the plastic rings that hold the beer cans? …around their necks! Oh… Yeah, maybe that name would be more appropriate for some beer guzzling armchair racers who only dream of being on TAR because they lose their breath going to the fridge for another beer!

*walks to fridge to get a beer*

OK, I’m back! Where were we? Oh, yeah… the teams are leaving the pit stop in the order they arrived. Dave and Mary, who arrived at 12:37 pm, will depart at 12:37 am. Oh goody! Another midnight run! The clue tells them to travel to Mauritius, which is an island off the east coast of Africa. Know what that means? They will be traveling to the airport where there will be no flights available until morning. Yeah… midnight bunching! Let’s see how this goes. Once they arrive in Mauritius, they have to find the marked Nissan cars where the next clue will be inside. Dave and Mary get to the airport, get their tickets and will be on a flight that leaves at 8 am and arrives at 6:50 am.

So… meanwhile, the blonde beauty queens, Dustin and Kandice are leaving the pit stop and receive their clue. They are going to More-it-eeee-us, which is different than Mauritius because it is the island where there are more idiots per capita than any other island in the world! …or at least it will be when our teams get there! The ladies give us some blah, blah stuff about how alliances won’t work and junk and they are off to the airport for their bunching point. Rob and Kimberly, you know, the team that screams, leave the pit stop and tell us they both have control issues. Kimberly has decided she will now take control and that will get them far! Rob tells us that Kimberly is in survival mode. Rob better watch out! The blondes get to the airport and find they need to take a flight at 8 am through London to get to the island of More Idiots. They show the guy at the ticket counter a map and tell him that can’t be! They show him Kuwait and London and Africa. I can’t blame them for being skeptical, after all… Travelocity doesn’t even know how to get there! They decide to move on to another ticket counter to see what else they can find. Rob and Kimberly arrive and ask the blondes what flight they’re on. Of course, the blondes don’t tell them any information… but they get the same tickets as Dave and Mary anyway! Meanwhile, back at the ranch pit stop, the other two teams, four of the six pack are heading out with their clue. Erwin and Godwin are going to another completely different island called Moo-roo-shus! Geeezus Christmas, people! It’s Mauritius Pronunciation {maw-rish-uh s}! Get with the program!

Lyn and Karlyn and Erwin and Godwin arrive at the airport. Dave and Mary, being true to their alliance, give the flight information to the ladies, while Erwin and Godwin find a different ticket counter and purchase theirs. Now the formerly drugged out models, Tyler and James have left the pit stop as well. They tell us that alliances can only last so long! Uh oh! Does this spell doom for the six pack? Dustin and Kandice finally decide they can’t get any other flight and go to a ticket counter. Lyn and Karlyn are right behind them in line when Tyler and James show up and get in line behind them. The blondes try to buy drugs tickets for the models and the moms have a fit! Well, one of them does. The short one… whoever that is. Lyn, Karlyn, whatever… The other one, the taller one, looks very exasperated with her partner. The short one starts ragging on the ticket agent, who is just trying to do his job, but is stuck behind that counter because he IS the one night guy who works this ticket counter and the daytime crew has not yet arrived for work so he can go the heck home! Excuse me a moment…

*gets another beer*

*grabs an extra one to give the poor ticket guy*

Darn! I’m 3 beers into my six pack. Note to self: buy more beer!

Hmmm… if I were on the island of More Idiots, I could try this beer, which is supposed to be very good.

Where was I? Oh, yeah… In the end, the blondes do not buy tickets for the models, the moms don’t get over it and now they are all stuck on a very long flight together! Oh goody! Why don’t the producers show us the fun on that plane ride? Could you imagine that short one getting in your face on a airplane? Stuck at 30,000 feet with nowhere to go? I’d grab my parachute and head for the emergency exit, for sure!

The teams arrive, surprisingly, on the same island! The formerly drugged out models get in their car and find a schooner, which is a boat docked in Grand Baie, which they must find and swim to for their next clue. They are first to leave the airport, but surmise that maybe they should’ve waited for another team so they could follow them. Lyn and Karlyn are out next and tell us they aren’t waiting for the rest of the six pack. The blondes ask some guys in the parking lot where they can find the schooner. Rob and Kimberly are there as well, but don’t understand what the guys said and decide to follow the blondes. Way to be in control there, huh? Erwin and Godwin take off next, followed by Dave and Mary, who tell us their fears… Dave is afraid of the water because children in Kentucky are thrown into lakes when they’re little and Mary is afraid of fish because most of them… uhhh… well… swim around and stuff! The lost boys, aka Tyler and James, stop at a hotel to ask for directions. The other five teams; the screaming moms, the blondes who try to buy airline tickets for other teams, the screaming/control freak couple, the very nice Cho Bros and the afraid of water and fish couple… all manage to find the schooner, but the formerly drugged out models, who are still lost, get stuck in traffic. They all swim out to the boat. The blondes do pretty well and get to the boat first, get their clue and are heading back to the car. Same for the control freaks. The Cho Bros. decide to rest on the boat for a bit before heading back. The lost boys… are still lost! The screaming moms get to the boat for a rest, as do the afraid of water and fish couple.

The first three teams get back to shore and read their clue, which tells them they need to find Case Noyale post office for the next clue. The lost boys finally show up and tell us they think the Cho Bros. are purposely keeping around the weaker teams to make it easier for them in the final 3, but the Cho Bros. tell us differently. The blondes drive off with the control freaks following. The Cho Bros. decide to wait for the other four of their six pack, despite the fact that the screaming moms told us they wouldn’t wait for anybody! …and they all go off together to find the post office while the lost boys have finally made the swim out to the boat and get their clue.

The blondes are trying to ditch the control freak couple and decide to head to the right at a fork in the road while the control freaks head to the left. What the blondes figured out was there are two ways to get to the post office! The lost boys… get lost again! Meanwhile, Rob can’t get it in gear! …and loses control! … of himself! He gets out of the car and holds up traffic, just as we go to commercials…

*runs to fridge to get another beer*

Oh!!! The football game is on! *click*

Oooooh!!! Deshaun Foster just scored!!! …and Kasay made the PAT!!! W00t! The Panthers lead 7-0 with 3:35 left in the first!

Oh… sorry… forgot I was watching the Amazing Race! *click*

OK… we’re back from the commercials and Rob still can’t drive! The blondes crash their car and have to wait for the police to make a report. The six pack passes the control freak couple, who have to wait for a new car because… well… I guess Rob burned out the clutch or something. The blondes arrive at the post office first and read the clue… DETOUR!!! Phil tells us ,“a detour is a choice between two tasks… yada, yada, yada…” in this detour the teams must choose between “salt” ~ which has them searching through a huge mountain of salt for a salt shaker which contains their next clue, or “sea” ~ where they will get to a dock, be brought by a boat to a small island and search the island to find the mast for the boat, which they will give to the guy whose boat it is. Oh goodness! I hate searching tasks! Thankfully, we haven’t seen too many of them this season! The blondes, whose good choices are constantly negating their blondeness, choose to do “sea”. The six pack arrives at the post office and choose “salt”… either this bunch is blonde on the inside, or they are five beers short of a six pack! An alliance is only as strong as it’s weakest member, so this does not look good!

The lost boys make it to the post office, without getting lost again! Surprise! …and also decide to do “salt”. The screaming control freak couple finally get a new car, get to the post office arguing and also choose… SALT! …but, when the teams start finding the salt shakers, they realize some are filled with pepper. Meanwhile, the blondes have made it to the small island and are searching for the mast. Rob and Kimberly, finally having a wave of logic hit them, get to the “salt” task and quickly decide to switch to the other task. The former druggies, who can’t do anything right except get lost… unless they are following someone else… decide to switch and follow the control freak couple. The two teams find the boats and have a little drag race across the water to the island of masts. Four of the six pack, the Cho Bros. and the crazy moms, decide to switch to the “sea” task as well, but only after they’ve wasted a bunch of time searching for the proper salt shaker. The other two, who are afraid of water and fish, decide they will stick with the salt because they don’t want to quit… but secretly, they are still afraid of water and fish… and don’t want to admit it!

Off to commercials! Hmmm… 18 minutes left in the show and we still haven’t seen a roadblock?

*wonder what the game score is*

*click* Ooooooooh! Carolina is leading 14-0!!! W00t! Steve Smith got a touchdown! They are now on defense. Did you know? Julius Peppers is Nutzboy’s favorite NFL player. Peppers… pepper… uhhh… SALT!!! Oh yeah… TAR is still on!

*grabs another beer* Darn! Now I’m five beers short of a six pack!


Back to the salt pile we go to watch the misery of two people digging and finding nothing but pepper filled salt shakers. They still don’t have a clue! Off to the small island and the blondes find the masts! They bring it to the boat guy and get their next clue… which sends them to the pit stop at Chateau bel Ombre (which means something like house of the beautiful shadow or something)! Where’s the damn roadblock??? Pffft!

The lost boys and the screaming couple get to the island and start searching for the masts. Dave and Mary finally get hit by the same wave of logic and decide to switch tasks! Now? Why? You do realize you’re guaranteed to be last, right? The crazy moms and the Cho Bros are heading to the island while the blondes are heading back to shore to make their run for the pit stop. The screamers get their masts and head back to the boats. They see the four out of the six pack arrive at the island. The lost boys are… well… lost on the small island! The last two beers racers finally make it to the boats and head to the island. The blondes get into their crunched up car. The lost boys find the mast and head back for the clue. They decide to look at a map to find the Chateau bel Ombre… *whacks forehead* Oh! They can read a map?!?! Why haven’t they shown us this skill before? I think they were pretending to look like they were lost! Bad, bad boys! The blondes arrive at the mat first and win some motor scooters. The lost boys, who have finally found their way, arrive second. The six pack are all traveling together after having found the masts as well and are making their way to the pit stop. The control freak couple arrive at the mat third. Oh no! Will someone break up the six pack??? The moms hit a fork in the road and go left. The Cho Bros, follow… but the guy who is afraid of water and the lady who is afraid of fish go to the right and have to turn around! The Cho Bros hit the mat just ahead of the moms. Dave and Mary are not yet in sight. Oh, wait… here they come! They arrive at the mat last. I’ll be sorry to see them go, but the didn’t have a chance in hell of winning! Phil tells them they are the last team to arrive and they are eliminated… friggin’ saved by another non-Philimination leg!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

*stay tuned for scenes from our next episode*

CRAP!!! I need a beer.

*walks to fridge*

*grabs the last one of the six pack*


What’s the score? FUDGE! Dallas has scored! It’s 7-14. Carp!


Come on commercials! I need to make a beer run so I can watch the game!

Next time on the Amazing Race:


Another new twist appears! We will see an “intersection” for the first time and one of the six pack must team up with the blondes!

…and Michel will be the one drinking the six pack as he will get to summarize for you fine folks!

*Note: No actual beer was drunk no that’s not right… drinked that’s definitely wrong… drank during the making of this summary! …and a friendly reminder: Don’t Drink and Drive! Especially on the island of More Idiots!

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