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The Amazing Race 10 - Episode 9 Summary

'Polite Guys Finish Last... Maybe' By Breezy
Original Airdate: November 12, 2006

We’re back! Yes DD is here and helping me with the summary again.

DD: Hi everyone. *waves*
Me:Are you ready for some TAR!?!
DD:Let’s get this summary started.

Last week on The Amazing Race... see michel’s summary.

This week starts with the racers leaving Madagascar and flying to Helsinki, Finland. Because of limited flights out, the producers are providing teams with tickets to Paris but they’re not required to use them. Once there they need to find the Kapelli coffee house and log into their AOL email for the next clue.

The BeautyQueens are the first to leave and seeing that the Paris flight isn’t until that evening; decide to find a different way to Helsinki. Tyler and James are right behind them along with Rob/Kim and the Chobros. All teams decide to take an earlier flight out to Johannesburg and then on to Helsinki via a few other stops.

Bama arrives at the airport and attempt to buy their tickets ten minutes before the plane is to take off. Oh the drama! Of course they are allowed on the plane and away all the teams go. Rob/Kim argue, gee another big surprise. Bama complains about the BeautyQueens, another big surprise. NOT.

Teams arrive in Helsinki and off they go to find the café. Bama complains that the BeautyQueens use their boobs and arms hanging out to get help. Arms? Ummmm ok. How about their smiles? They smile at people, that is more a likely story. Tyler/James are first and see that the email is a video message from family and that the café’s owner has the next clue. All the teams seem to enjoy the messages and then get back to the race, except Bama they get all weepy from seeing their kids. Gee too bad nobody likes them, that moment could have been good TV. But? Nope, nobody likes them and we don’t care about them missing their kids.

The café’s clue tells teams to take a train 125 miles to Soppeenharjun Kulu college in Tampere. All the teams are on the same train. We learn that the BeautyQueens have been borrowing beauty products from Tyler/James

The train arrives and the BeautyQueens and Tyler/James leap into taxis and are off. The other teams try to steal cabs from the long line of locals waiting. Rob/Kim successfully cut in line by pleading with the locals. Bama doesn‘t ask and just cuts in line and show again that they are truly ugly Americans. Leaving the Chobros standing in the line and saying “being polite sucks sometimes” the title for this week‘s episode. They also start to mumble about their alliance mates Bama not waiting for them all the time.

So what do you think about the Chos and their alliance?
Polite people don’t win races and they almost always get voted out by their alliance.
When did you get so smart?
*rolls eyes* Come on Mom. I am eleven now.

The teams are arriving at the college and find out there’s a Detour. A Detour is a choice between two tasks, in this Detour it’s either Swamp This or Swamp That. In Swamp This teams must cross country ski thru the mud; Swamp That teams slog through an obstacle course and one team member must carry another during part of the course.

We’d cross country ski, wouldn’t we?
Definitely, since we are pros at that.

Tyler/James choose That and the BeautyQueens choose This. Both are in the middle of the Detour when Bama and the Chos arrive. Rob/Kim are at the wrong school and are lost. Seems to be a theme for them this episode. Bama arrive and choose That. Tyler/James get a little stuck when they jump into a mud pit. One of the BeautyQueen’s laughs about feeling like she has poopypants after falling on her behind, the other one sticks a perfect 4.0 landing. The ChoBros and Rob/Kim finally arrive and decide to do That.

Tyler/James and the BeautyQueens finish pretty neck and neck and they’re off to the train station and 104 miles away to Turku and a limestone mine. Tyler/James lose part of their lead as they decide to change their dirty muddy clothes for clean clothes. They’re on the first train with the BeautyQueens. Rob/Kim are able to buy tickets for that train but are too late and will have to wait for the next train, due to leave an hour later. They grumble as they watch the train pull out of the station.

Kim should have smacked him for saying she was fat.
I agree. Stupid boy. Boys are yucky.
Yeah, yeah. I know Mom

All the teams will be driving themselves to the mine so they all pump the locals on the train for directions. Bama tells everyone on the “party” train that Rob/Kim are no friends of theirs. We hear from Rob/Kim that they feel that Bama judged them right from the start without even trying to get to know them.

Tyler/James find the mine first and they get to ride down on the tram by themselves and find a Roadblock! A Roadblock is a task that is to be performed by only one team member. In this Roadblock that person has to ride a bike a mile down further into the mine and bring back a chunk of limestone. They then have to break open the limestone to retrieve their next clue.

The BeautyQueens arrive and they talk about how Dave would have had fun, “he had to go into a cave everyday”. Silly girls. Tyler walks his bike back up the steep incline, and breaks open the clue. They must now go to the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki. The BeautyQueen finishes pretty quick and makes up some time on Tyler/James. Rob/Kim make a bad turn and end up trying to drive into a mine. Bama and the Chos find it and ride the tram down together. Rob/Kim turn around and finally find the mine. Rob screams and hollers his way down the mine shaft and rides like a banshee. He ends up making some time and pushes his bike on past one of the Bama girls. All three teams make it to the tram and are bunched again.

At the stadium, Tyler/James have a hard time seeing the flag on the door. They finally find it and learn they have one last task. They have to ride up to the top of the tower and then rappel face first down. Tyler says it’s like being Spiderman.

They should be playing the Spiderman theme.

James is afraid of heights and doesn’t do the task as well as Tyler, but he makes it to the ground in one unbroken piece.

The three last teams all arrive at the same time and sprint towards the stadium. The Chos find the flag first and yell for the Bama girls to follow them. Rob/Kim? Choose the wrong way. Again. Just not their day.

Pit stop? Nope. It’s a Superleg! Although in deference to Tyler I think we should call it the Spiderleg. *grin*

Any parting comments?
I think the Bama’s will be going home next week. Don’t you agree?
I sure hope so. I don’t like them very much. You know you were much funnier when you were younger.
And you were taller when I was younger too Mom.
That’s it! You’re not allowed to talk to your Aunt Carey any more.

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