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Big Brother 7: All-Stars - Episode 21 Summary

'BUTT FIRST!!!' By ARnutz
Original Airdate: August 24, 2006

We’ll get on with this episode in a moment… BUTT FIRST!!! Of course they start with a recap of Howie’s eviction and Janelle’s subsequent crying session. Was it strategy on her part or not? We’ll see. It certainly seemed genuine, at least for part of it. Mike became HOH Janelle crossed over to the darkside and joined ChillTown, then Mike nominated Janelle and James with the plan to help Janelle win the POV and get James out of the house! James felt safe when George was nominated in Janelle’s place. We’ll see if he’s right… tonight on Big Brother!!!

{cue intro music}

The ChenBot, says we are in day 53 in the house and that Season 6 has been on a roller coaster…

BUTT FIRST!!! Is James safe? He thinks so! George tells us he will just be himself and have a good time. Then we’re on to some tidbits of scheming…

James and Danielle are in the bedroom discussing who will vote for him. Will and Danielle are in the backyard discussing James’ “double dipping”. Erika and Danielle discuss James’ loyalty to her (Danielle). We go back and forth between Erika and Danielle and their diary room bits. Danielle and Janelle discuss the possibility of a 1 week truce in the backyard. Janelle doesn’t know if she can trust her and Danielle wants to split up ChillTown. Will and Booger are then in the HOH bedroom discussing James. My head spins with all the different plans that each hamster has.

BUTT FIRST!!! The ChenBot then shows us the jury house. Marcellas is the first to arrive there and tells us this is his personal hell! He’s looking forward to being alone in bliss and hopes that Howie is not the next one to show up because that would be a nightmare! Of course, Howie is the next to arrive! Only 24 hours later!!! Marcellas screams when he hears Howie’s voice on the balcony above the living room. He tells us “Paradise has been lost!” Howie brings a DVD of what has gone on in the house while Marci was away. He see that George was HOH and gets the details of Howie’s eviction. Marci is disgusted with Howie’s exit. He tells Howie to stop calling him Marci because they are not in the house anymore. Howie says, “OK, Marjealous!”

Back to the ChenBot who talks about ChillTown and their ladies. Booger and Erika are having a full-fledged “showmance” and Will and Janelle are “just flirting”. The problem is, Will doesn’t trust Erika and Booger doesn’t trust Janelle. Which one of these guys will get to keep their woman in the house longer? We’ll soon find out! …and who will be evicted tonight? They are going to do live voting again..

BUTT FIRST!!! The ChenBot needs to talk to Booger in the HOH room. They discuss the girls, the money and the loss of the HUGE twist… the Coup d’Etat! What a waste of drama that was, huh? After the chatter, ChenBot sends Booger down to the living room to join the other hamsters and we will get on with the voting finally…

BUTT FIRST!!! Let’s take a glimpse of Erika, Danielle, Janelle and Will (the voting hamsters) in the diary room where they discuss their thoughts on the two nominees. Back in the living room, the two nominees speak to try to convince their fellow hamsters to keep them in the house. Yeah, right! Like it’s going to make a difference now.

Finally we head off to the live voting: Erika votes out James. Will votes out James. Danielle votes out George. Janelle votes out James. The ChenBot returns to tell them who is going home… BUTT FIRST!!! She reminds them that when she reveals the voting results, the evicted hamster will have one minute to gather their belongings and get out of the house. Have they ever really timed them doing this? What would happen if the hamster took more than a minute? I mean, really. *rolls eyes* James is evicted by a vote of 3 to 1, but ChenBot pretends it might be George by saying, “by a vote of 3 to 1, George, you are safe. James you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.” James hugs everyone, is called a "class act" and goes out the door BUTT FIRST!!! That was his face? Oh!

Outside, James says he was beat by the best, Will, Booger and Janelle. Uhh… I wouldn’t say Booger is one of the best, James. He just happens to be riding Will’s coattails. I think you should’ve given some props to Danielle as well. The ChenBot reminds James of some of the vile, disgusting things he said about Janelle, his supposed alliance member. He tries to chalk it off as strategy. *rolls eyes* Whatever, James. Go away! BUTT FIRST!!! We need to see some hamsters farewell messages: George tells James, “It’s all good.” Janelle talks about “honesty”. Erika tells him “there can only be one floater, ME!”. Booger talks about the “Legion of Doom”. Will tells James he has to keep some of his tricks to himself because the “teacher” can only give so much to his “student”. …and Danielle vows to go after ChillTown!

Next up is the HOH competition! Will the ChenBot flub this one too? We better watch closely! …and this HOH competition is appropriately called


The ChenBot tells the hamsters they will be given a sequence of two events that occurred in the house. They are standing on a set of three stairs, starting on the middle one. If they think the statement order that is said is true, they will step up and if they think the order is false, they will step down. If they step on the incorrect stair, they will be eliminated.

First sequence: Howie called Booger a punk on his way out the doorBUTT FIRST!!! gnomes threw pies in the hamsters' faces. The answer is false and everyone is correct.

Second sequence: The hamsters had their Big Brother Prom BUTT FIRST!!! The grim reaper appeared in the house. The answer is true and George and Janelle get it wrong and are eliminated.

Third sequence: Jase refused to walk Nikomis to the door BUTT FIRST!!! Kaysar turned into a human blueberry. The answer is false. Will and Danielle get it wrong, Erika gets it right and is crowned the new HOH. Let’s see if they say they have “technical difficulties” this time!

Next time: Who will Erika nominate? Find out Sunday…and Tuesday we’ll see who wins the POV. BUTT FIRST!!! the big news is… next Thursday, they will pack a whole week of competitions into one show! …and there will be 2 evictions!

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