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Big Brother 7: All-Stars - Episode 13 Summary

'The Black Widow's Web' By oasisfan1994
Original Airdate: August 6, 2006

Show starts with some house guese in the DR like Marci saying he had to hold back tears when Diane was leaving. (Im so sure he loves her that much)

Thursdays live show left us hanging on to find out who won HOH. But first lets go back and show that some people like Danielle are concerned for Howie. He has an eating problem and is starting to put on wieght. George says he will make Howie 4 Philly cheesesteak sandwiches at a time, they show him binging on ice cream, chips and candy than Dani has a heart to heart with Howie to voice her concerns about his eating. Howie seems a little depressed here and says he'll try to work out more to loose the wieght. This is the order the show did this, i am not the one.
{For those who missed Thursdays show, the houseguests are sitting on a giant spider web, not allowed to touch the groung or they're out. The first 5 houseguests eliminated get to choose a giant egg, 3 have prizes and 2 have nothing.}

Now back tothe HOH competition. They cut back to George having his gas problem (due to slop) and its starting to effect some who are hanging on. and as anyone could have bet money on in Vegas and won Will was the 1st person off the spider web. He walks over to the eggs and talks Janelle into picking his egg out for him. Janelle picked him a rotten egg.
Will and Janelle go into the kitchen and start talking stratagy. Will makes a comment here sayung that Will, Boogie, Janelle and Howie need to keep their alliance safe. Is this a new secret alliance? Have to wait and see, you never know whats what with the evil Dr. Will.

Janelle comes out and reads a letter that says the houseguests must now hang from under the spider web instead of sitting so comfortably on top (this was a mistake from the live show casue Chenbot did say to get under the web but the houseguests got on top of it. Instead of fixing the problem right away, they waited 2 hours.)
The spider web moves position and James almost falls off, then danielle complaining that she can't hold on much longer.

James finally lets go and chooses the egg that allows him to nulify an eviction vote. This could com in handy later.

Mike falls off after a bit of a struggle and he chooses the egg that has $10,000 inside. He chooses not to celebrate this, says he can use it later. Buy his way to the end for the bigger prize maybe?

Kaysar drops about 3 seconds after Boggie ( why i don't know, he seems so out of it) He chhoses a "rotten" egg.

The last egg left contains a slop free week pass. During the compition people said that who ever gets it would give it to george, but George is still hanging on at this time and now people are telling him to drop, but the Chicken man isn't ready to give uo that easy.

Marci now drops, he is in his rant stage, breaks the edd for the psas and kicks the broken egg across the BY getting the juice from it over James who snaps at him.

Finally George can't hold on any more drops and all the eggs are gone.

All that is left is Howie (who is struggling big time, maybe from his wieght gain?), Erika, who looks like she cold hang on for 2 weeks and Danielle who is complaing but managing. Dani is promising Howie and Erika they are safe but Erika stays quiet and Howie starts sealing his deal, then he drops. Dani pleads to Erika to let her have it and Erika drops. Danielle is the new HOH.

Back in the house Dani and James quickly get together and call their alliance "The Legion of Doom" (OOOHHH im scared)

When Boggie won the $10,000, Will had picked him up and pulled a muscle in his back. Kaysar offers to try to crack his back for him and has Will lay on the floor (who has no shirt on), as Kaysar is pushing on Will's leg to stretch his back, they both start feeling a little "gay" so he stops and Dani takes over my massaging Wills back. I guess Kaysar wanted to try again so he covered Will up with a sheet and started pushing on his back again. (I guess adding a sheet helps to not make it feel so "gay")

The BB6 are now sitting in thier room and James tells Janelle that she is a target for the rest of the house because she didn't go after CT last week. He then runs back to Danielle's room and tells her that Jani is the dumbest player ever and dubbed her an "Anna Nicole Smith wanna be" ( and i now dub him as a Wendy Whiner wanna be)

They now show off the new HOH room for Danielle. Its all different shades of brown so i am calling this the Chocolate Room.

BB is now giving the houseguests a pizza party and eceryone is there enjoying this feast exept George who is on slop and is all sad looking in his bed room. marci gets up from the table and goes in to george and offers him his slop free week pass. George says Thanks but no thanks incase Marci needs it himself next week or something. Marci sets the pass on Georges bed, says he doesn't want it back and leaves the room. after staring at it for a minute George gets up and follows Marci out to give it back, Marci insits George has it. George cries a bit, they hug and George is eating pizza. (best pizza in the world to George)

Dani is not talking to James about putting him on the block with Janelle. She says this works many ways. She says he is the only one strong enough to go against Jani in a POV competition if its physical, also he can nulify a vote if he has to, he is the veto king and this way people won't think he is in an alliance with her. Dani says she can secure the votes and Jani will be leaving. James need time to think about it but did agree. He calls Jani a "fat piece of sh!t this year" (why do people say that? I think she is very pretty and smart, most of the time. I am a woman and don't find jani fat at all. I see her work out all the time, i wish i had a body like that and so does my husband)

Marci and Dani are in the wieght room talking and he says to get Kaysar and Jani on the block. He says Jani isn't playing a smart game and she needs to go.

Now Kaysar and Dani in the HOH room talking stratagy. She tells K that he is not evil but finds him very strategic. Asks him if Jani had a deal with CT last week and Kaysar says no. He then explains why they have been going after "floaters" and not after CT. Says its about numbers and placing themselves strategically for the long hall. Dani starts planting the seeds in Kaysar that she might turn on James by saying he is there to win for himself and doesn't trust him completly.

Finally we are at the nomination ceremony. (Good cause my fingers are tired now). James in DR says he hopes he can act well enough to pull this off. Dani makes her speech saying that last weeks POV scared her a bit and she made her decisions based from that. Here is the order that the keys came out.
Erika, Howie, George, Maike, Marci, Will, Kaysar. Dani continues with her speech saying she is here to play the game and put up the 2 toughest bad a$$es to fight for the veto.

Jani in DR says she believes James is hurt by Dani and hopes that James isn't acting ( i guess she missed his smirk after the ceremony) and says Dani is just a b!tch.

And that concludes the show this far, watch tuesday to see which person wins POV and Thursday to see who will go home (do i get paid for this? lol)

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