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Big Brother 7: All-Stars - Episode 1 Summary

'Let the Game Begin!' By strid333
Original Airdate: July 6, 2006

What is the best way to introduce the All-Stars Edition of Big Brother? With Julie Chen, of course! Remember, she only got this job because she married her boss. It certainly isn’t for talent or skill. She kicks off the intro by passing it off to the announcer mentioning the number of cameras and microphones, and the fact that the houseguests have to live together, but also vote each other out.

Well, if you remember, we had an “episode” of Big Brother a couple of weeks ago to reintroduce us the potential houseguests. We had twenty people to pick from and our votes were going to bring in six. The twenty potential houseguests were “Chicken” George from season one, Bunky, Dr. Will, Mike “Boogie”, and Monica from season two, Marcellas, Lisa, and Danielle from season three, Erika, Dana, and Alison from season four, Jase, Michael “Cowboy”, Jennifer “Nakomis”, and Diane from season five, Howie, Kaysar, Ivette, James, and Janelle from season six. I will introduce the people who made it in later.

After some “meaningful” conversation from Julie about playing for yourself and how you know how the others play, and stuff, Julie starts by announcing the first twist. Because America’s (and Canada’s) vote was so close, they are bringing in the top eight vote getters rather than just the top six meaning fourteen houseguests will be entering the house. So Julie starts pulling the top four girls keys out of the big box in no particular order.

Janelle, from season six, was the first key pulled. She was known as Jedi Janey on her season and made it to third place. She won several of America’s Choice and she developed a crush on her season. She was a fighter and a feisty one. I liked her.

Erika, from season four, was the next key pulled. She was from the Ex-Factor season and her ex, Robert was on the show, too. It was through the show, that they were able to heal some of the wounds of the relationship. Erika was also the girl who always wore pink. She was a nice person. I also liked her, but I am surprised she was an America’s pick.

Nakomis, from season five, was part of that season’s twist. Without her knowledge, it was through the show that she discovered that she had a half-brother, Cowboy. It was also through the show that she discovered that she didn’t really want to have much to do with her half-brother. Their relationship is strained, but they are still family. Nakomis is the girl with the different coloured hair and tattoos. She was also responsible for the six-fingered plan which was key to getting rid of Jase. She’s quiet, but also smart. I like that in a player.

Diane, also from season five, was the last girl to be picked from viewers’ votes. Diane fell in love with the winner of the show. He broke her heart though when he chose Cowboy to go to the final two over her. Bros before hos, eh? Well, I can honestly say that I am surprised that she was one of the viewers’ picks.

So the girls tear off into the house to claim their bedroom. Janelle thanked the viewers for voting her in. Nakomis felt a little uncomfortable with the girly girls who are into fashion and hair. Diane is also surprised by Erika being voted in. The bedroom that the girls finally claimed was the big bedroom with the gigantic bed.

We cut back to Julie starting to announce the guys who were the top vote getters. Again, Julie had to remind us that it was in no particular order.

Howie, from season six, was the first key pulled for the guys. Howie likes boobies. Howie is a jedi and has the ultimate light saber that makes sounds and turns on and off like in the movies. It is one of those expensive ones that every diehard Star Wars fan needs. Howie also referred to himself as Hurricane Howie. Even though he is a buffoon, he was entertaining to watch and was one of the good guys from that season.

Kaysar, also from season six, also made it on the show. He was the one who was voted out of the house but voted back in by the viewers’ votes with a whopping 82 % approval. Kaysar squandered that second chance by trusting some untrustworthy girls (aka the Maggots or The Fiendsheep). Kaysar is a hottie and has a lot of confidence which could come off as cockiness. I am not at all surprised that he made it in, but I will be surprised if he wins this edition of the show.

James, also from season six, is back. James was partnered with his girlfriend, Sarah, on season six. James was a hard player and everyone felt threatened by him so they kept nominating him but he kept winning the Power of Veto to keep saving himself. It was until he was backdoored that he was finally voted off the show. Wow, season six has representation.

Jase, from season five, is the last guy to be voted into the house with the viewer’s picks. Jase was a member of the four horsemen alliance. Yes, that was the name of the alliance, despite that fact that they did not know that it was a Biblical reference. That just proved that these guys were idiots. Jase was famous for the mandana, or a sleeve cut off a T-shirt and turned into a bandana. Jase was obnoxious and annoying and one that people loved to hate.

The guys tear off into the house and the first things out of the houseguests’ mouths are that it is season six all over again. Howie said that it is definitely an All-Star cast with All-Star boobies. He’s at it again.

After the commercial break, we cut to Julie asking the potential houseguests if they were surprised that they were not voted in. Marcellas is shocked that the world didn’t love him enough to vote him back. Julie asked if anybody who was voted in was a surprise. Everyone said yes, but everyone refused to name names. With that, Julie started pulling more keys out of the box.

Dr. Will, from season two, was the first key pulled out of this bunch. Because I only started watching from the third season, I don’t have much to say about Will. I know that he won the second season and that he has been described the Richard Hatch of Big Brother.

Danielle, from season three, was the next one to be let in. She was the runner-up of that season and it was because of her that the producers changed the format of the show. They felt that Danielle should’ve won but because she had some nasty comments about the other houseguests in the diary room, that she lost. It was after this season that a jury and sequestering was necessary. Danielle played very hard on her season but did burn a lot of bridges. Marcellas still has a chip on his shoulder.

Marcellas, also from season three, was the next key to be pulled with a great cheer and a huge hug to Julie, Marcellas is famous for making a stupid, bone-headed move by not using the Power of Veto on himself to free him from being voted out and got voted out. Marcellas is probably the most famous person to get out of Big Brother. He was the host of House Calls with Gretchen Massey for two seasons. Now Gretchen is alone for this season. Marcellas also has been on a few soap operas, like the Bold and the Beautiful. Marcellas does fall into the stereotype of being a fabulous gay guy but he is so loveable and nice that he does have a fanbase. I’ll say I’m a fan.

Alison, from season four, was that season’s runner-up. She has earned her nickname of Aliwhore. She lied, and flirted and utterly disgusted me. When she and Jun were the final two, I watched until I fulfilled my summary obligation and I stopped watching. Her and Jun’s attitudes sucked. The worst was when they called Robert’s daughter (a ten year old girl) a b*tch because they were jealous that America chose to vote letters and phone calls for Robert from his daughter. The truth was that we voted that way, not for Robert, but for the daughter, Elena. Alison is also famous for ruining The Amazing Race franchise (well, Alison and the Weavers on the Family Edition). Because Alison was such an easy girl on her season of Big Brother, it put strains on her relationship with her boyfriend Donny. Well, on TAR, they came in first on the first leg and then came in last on the second leg because they just could not get along. I would say that it was all Alison’s fault. Only five reality show contestants have fallen into my hate/hate category – Alison and Jun from Big Brother, and Jerri (from season two of Survivor) and Jenna and Heidi (from season six of Survivor). My hatred for Jerri and Jenna has diminished, though.

Mike “Boogie”, from season two, is the next one in. I don’t have much to say because I haven’t watched that season.

“Chicken” George, from season one, is the last person to get onto the show. I don’t know much about him. I do know that his season had completely different rules for Big Brother. They played the international Big Brother rules where the house nominates two people and the viewers’ votes pick who of the two goes. That game was not in control of the players at all. It might be interesting to see an inexperienced player play against the experienced players who played the American Big Brother style of game.

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