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Big Brother 7: All-Stars - Episode 19 Summary

'Hurricane Howie Blows Out To Sequesterville' By oasisfan1994
Original Airdate: August 20, 2006

FRUSTRATED AUTHOR'S NOTE: Well, I will attempt to write this again. I tried to get this out at 3 am and got to the end when my computer crashed so here we go again.

The show starts of with recap of Marci being evicted (which I personally can't get enough of), George winning HOH, and Erika and James being nominated.

Chenbot comes on screen to recap the whole thing again in case we are too stupid to catch things the first time. The producers show some Diary Room sessions from after Marci left. Jani says she feels like an idiot for trusting people. Booger calls Marci a HO and Dani crying that Marci is gone, saying it's not personal, it was strategy to stab him in the back. Erika says Chicken George is smarter than he lets on and Dani swears she didn't throw HOH comp (so she is basically saying she is just that dumb to think there are only 306 minutes in nearly a full week)

Back in the house, James runs to Jani to cover his a$$ about why Marci is gone, saying he had any idea until last minute and Erika pulled CG aside to ask why he nominated her. Says she is a pawn and James is the target and leaves the room. James is majorly ticked and says "it's on fat man" (of course, being James, he only says this behind CG's back)

Booger, James, and Dani are alone in the WR whispering how this was a bad week for a live nomination cause they had no time to get to CG to tell him who to nominate. And now, because of the live nominations, they will have to work hard and fast at getting him to backdoor Jani.

CG gets his HOH room. It's a green and yellow throw back to a 70's plastic room. CG says it's like Austin Powers and he loves it.

Howie, Jani, and CG have a small conversation where Howie tells CG how his alliance tried to get Jani to put him up last week to get rid of him. CG tells them he is not after Howie or Janie.

It's time to pick the Veto players.  CG gets Howie, Erika gets Dani and James gets Will. They have one hour before the competition begins. Mike pulls CG aside and and tells him the whole house wants Jani out.

After going outside to begin the competition they discover it's "Gnome Is Where The Veto Is" and set in a spooky gnome forest.

The players are locked to a stump and have a bunch of random objects in front of them (a flamingo, hula hoop, duct tape, spatula, etc.) to make a chain to reach the key that will unlock them.  Once unlocked, they will be able to grab their red veto symbol, put it on a nearby stump, to win the POV.

After a bit, James is able to grab his key and free himself.  As he places his veto on the stump, he says "You can all go to hell b!tches" (class act)

Erika talks to CG to find out who will go up instead. CG makes a deal with her to talk to her first (a new alliance?) Mike works on CG some more about Jani and Will makes CG an offer to put him up against Erika. Will says he has the votes to stay and Erika will leave and this way the house isn't mad at George and Jani is a target still in the house.

CG now talks with Howie and Jani again. Says he wants to make an alliance with them. All he wants is for them to keep Erika safe. They agree and CG says that Howie and Jani are safe.

CG now tells Erika he is putting Will up. Erika then goes and tells Dani and Boogie,  Boogie says he will have to remind CG "you reap what you sow" (are you threatening me?)

As James is setting up for Veto ceremony, the rest wait in the red room, where Mike proceeds to confront CG in front of everyone about who he is putting up. CG tells him Will, and Mike goes off saying how Will saved CG last week and suggests that George doesn't want to upset a person who might potentially have the house's secret power (later in a DR session, Will says he should have told Boogie of his plan, LOL.)

The ceremony starts and James is now off the block and it's time for CG to replace him. He nominates... Howie, who then gets very upset and starts talking about "numbers" and how he has always looked out for CG and how CG had lied to his face and told him that he was safe.

Will pulls Jani and Howie aside and tells Howie to shut up about "numbers" or Dani and the others will figure out that CT was working with them. In the WR, Howie asks Boogie if he is staying and Mike says "yes of course you are."

Will, James, and Boogie are now in the WR whispering about who to keep and saying that Howie is a weak player. The whole time Howie is standing out side the door but it doesn't appear that he can hear them.

Chenbot is now back on screen to do the eviction. She asks if the person with the power is going to use it and nobody moves. On with the voting. And with a vote of 3-2... Howie you are evicted from the BB House.

Howie hugs James, hugs CG gives him a smart a$$ remark, gives Jani a hug and kiss, hugs Dani, and as Mike reached for Howie, Howie grabbed Mike's hat off his head and threw it across the room. Mike claps and says "Class act Howie."

Howie then gets right up to Booger's face and calls him a punk and James is trying to seperate them. Howie walks out yelling "Superbowl baby." Back in the house, Jani is standing all by herself and Mike goes and grabs Howie's key and throws it across the house.

The Head of Household challenge, called "Gnomes with a Vengence," is a True of False competition in which the houseguests stick their heads through the correct hole. If they are wrong a person dressed as a gnome will throw a pie in their face.

Question 1 eliminates CG, James, and Erika. Question 2 eliminates Will and Question 3 eliminates Janie. Your new HOH is Mike aka "Booger" aka "Boogie." Everyone celebrates exept Will and Jani beWill is wiping pie off Jani's face (how sweet.)

And thats the show folks. I don't know if my description of Howie's anger does any justice but you can see for yourself.  Enjoy!!!!!

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