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Big Brother 7: All-Stars - Episode 11 Summary

'A Blonde Moment' By oasisfan1994
Original Airdate: August 1, 2006

Well, in case you have missed Big Brother we will have a recap of the Nomination ceremony, then the opening credits, and then another recap of the nomination ceremony. Honestly, how much recap does one person need? Who ever is the editor for this show needs to go back to editing school. But for those who didn't watch last season, Janelle wore that same shirt last season.

Janelle is in the diary room saying she wants to keep Boogie in the house and her speech about him was fake. She says that she wants him to win the POV so she can nominate another floater.

James is dumbfounded at Janelle's nominations and is venting his anger everywhere and to anyone who will listen. (Maybe he is this mad because Janelle is nominating everyone in his secondary alliance... poor James)

Janelle and Will strategize about the POV and then he leaves and sends Boogie up to talk with Janelle about POV and make a deal.

Diane, Dani, Marci, and Erika talk and come to the realization that the floaters are under attack. (Took long enough on that one!)

Janelle comes out as everyone is going to bed and says its time to pick the players for the Veto competition, which will happen sometime in the morning. When Big Brother announces its time for the competition to start, the players have one minute to get outside or they will be automatically eliminated.

Janelle raches into the Veto competition bag of names and picks the ball that allows her to pick anyone, so she chooses Howie.

Erika reaches in a picks Diane's name.

Mike reaches in and pick the ball that allows him to choose anyone he wants so guess who he picks? Yup, Will -- what a shocker that was!

America's choice starts where America gets to choose how often the houseguests are woken up. And because we are so mean they get woken up every 15 minutes. The wake up calls started at 12:30am and some of them were very annoying. Screaming, loud noises and just plain stupid talk. (Apparently one of the calls was from Big Brother 6 houseguest Ivette!)

Janelle whispers to Howie to not let Diane or Erika win the POV cause they will use it.

Finally, at 5AM a siren goes off for a wake up call and a voice says Veto competition in 60 seconds and counts down, everyone makes it outside.

Once outside the houseguests see what looks like 6 electric chairs, and a table covered up. this is called "The Torture Test."  A word or phrase will be spelled backwords 1 letter at a time on a large TV screen, the first person to guess right gets to "torture" another houseguest. If you answer incorrectly, you're out of the game. The first person with 3 correct answers wins the POV. Janelle reveals the covered table with eyepatch goggles, worms, ice, neck braces and headphones.

Mike answers first and tortures Howie with the headphones that have the house's wakeup calls replaying in them.

Will answers wrong and is out of the game.

Howie answers correct and tortures Diane with worms on her feet.

Mike answers right and tortures Howie with ice on his feet.

Janelle answers correctly and tortures Diane with the eye patch magnified goggles.

Mike answers correctly and wins POV. (Throughout the whole competition, Erika looked like she was from the night of the living dead. She is the worst looking person when they get no sleep, I must say.)

After winning in celebration, Boogie -- not realizing they were glass -- kicked a pair of the goggles that were on the ground and cut his foot.  In the end, he had to get 10 stitches to close the cut.

Back in the HOH room, Janelle, Marci and Erika (with Marci doing all the talking) grill poor Janelle about putting Will up in Boggie's place.

Afterward, James, Kaysar, and Howie question Janelle about POV competition (with James doing all the talking here) and ask why she went after Diane and how it was a dumb move to not attack Boogie during the POV.

Later in HOH room, Janelle and Will have a quiet discussion about everyone's desire to put Will up and how its only to save their own a$$es and screw Janelle for next week.

Next up is the Luxury Competition. Huge plug for the "Tallegeda Nights" movie.  Whichever teams wins this competition will get a private movie screening and all the junk food they can handle. Even if the houseguest is on slop they can indulge in the junk food -- this includes George.

The two teams had a pit crew-like set up where they had to add decals to a race car, clean the windows, add gas and change a tire, get back in the car, wave a flag and honk the horn. The team who does this the fastest wins.

The Blue team, called "Shake," is Danielle, Boggie, James, Janelle, Will and Diane ,

The Red team, called "Bake," is George, Erika, Kaysar, Howie and Marci.
(The teams were even cause Boogie, due to his injury, didn't participate in the competition.  He hosted it for both teams but could only partake in winning if the Blue team won.)

All in all, everyone moved fast. Chicken George may have been the fastest out of everyone and Marci appeared to be the slowest.

The Red team finished in 1:53 and the Blue team finished with 1:37. BLUE TEAM WINS (Poor George really wanted to eat)

Will makes an a$$ of himself diving into the candy cause he is on slop this week and says he was on that candy like "Stank on a monkey."

After the movie, Janelle tells her alliance that she is going to put Diane up, James just looses it.  While calling Janelle a liar, James says he nominated Jase last week because it was the alliance's plan, not his own. Janelle replies that nominating Diane is what's best for her right now and James goes to the Diary Room and says the alliance is done for him. Afterward, he wakes Dani up, tells her about Diane going up, and says that if he gets HOH on Thursday he is going to "backdoor that b!tch" (Janelle.)

Mike calls the Veto ceremony. Boogie starts talking and says he is removing himself. What????? Erika didn't have to give a pointless speech? That is the best Veto ceremony yet.

Janelle says this was the most difficult decision so far for her... BLAH BLAH BLAH... and says she is putting up Diane.  Diane looked like she was about to cry on the spot.

The show ends with Boggie and Will in the Diary Room and acting out a pretend phone call. 


Will: "Yo"

Mike: "I was at the veto ceremony and just as I thought Janelle was about to say your name... she called Dianes instead."

Both of them drop their phones and laugh hysterically.

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