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Survivor: Palau - Episode 6 Summary

'The Top 10 Most Ironic Statements Made By a Redneck' By KObrien_fan
Original Airdate: March 23, 2005

#10- Angie just quit on us, she couldn't do it...

Previously on Survivor. Koror won the reward challenge but by a fickle twist of the game they still had to go to tribal council for the first time, and voted out the old curmudgeon Willard Smith. Ulong blamed the loss on Ibrehem, but he was saved when another twist had Koror vote on which Ulong was going to have immunity. They voted and gave it to Ibrehem and Angie was voted out.

What our resident redneck James doesn't realize is that it was Angie that dominated in challenges for his tribe and she still had fight left in her. Ashley quit. Jeff quit. Angie did not quit, sorry James you are a dunderhead.

#9- From now on we have got to do a better job listening to each other, we gots to focus...

Night 12 at the Ulong camp and everyone is standing around the fire rehashing the loss of the beef stew. Steph starts talking about listening skills and how they are necessary for the tribe to win more challenges, just like that our redneck performs sentence interuptus and doesn't listen to a dang thing Steph just tried to say. Instead he reiterates that the team needs to listen more. He also points out that Ibey is the reason for the last team loss and that the team must now focus.

#8- By the grace of Allah, Ibey didn't go last time, my God says that he will go next...

We shall see soon enough...

Day 13 dawns and Ibey is shown off down the beach by himself praying. He explains that there are times he is able to sneak away from camp and get some time to talk to his God. He tells how he has a whole new lease on life and feels confident that he was meant to be in this game.

Cut to Camp Koror...Ian is describing how it felt to go to their first tribal council and that Willard was the victim of the vote. Since it wasn't anybody in Ian's circle of friends "it's just another day in paradise."

Everyone is shown working around camp, Tom and a few others are building what looks like a raft but with palm fronds sticking out of it, I can't even imagine what it is. Oh I know, they are building an addition to their already great shelter so that when Jenn and Greggs baby arrives, it will have it's own place to sleep that won't bug anybody. Ian is tending the fire, others are chopping wood or splitting coconuts.

The camera focuses on Coby who is busy watching Katie make a necklace out of twine. He explains "It's craft day at camp Koror. Well not really, just for Katie. Didn't help with the fire, didn't go hunting, but she is making necklaces God love her." These two are cruising for a showdown at some point in the future, I can't wait to see it.

Janu and Katie go retrieve treemail and are excited to see one Pringle potato chip sitting on top of the scroll. They rush back to camp to play the "guess what we have" game. Katie blurts out "We have treemail and guess what came with starts with a P" The Koror knuckleheads just look at each other in a puzzled stupor. "And it ends in ull" Katie adds as a second hint, she jumps up and down and claps her hands.

Nope, the tribe is still stumped, so she shouts "Pringle". She breaks off a little piece for each person and passes it to the others. While the tribe munches on the snack, Janu reads the treemail:

Ready, aim, fire,
you'll each get a shot,
make sure it's a good one,
you'll be bummed if it's not.

No strength required,
a steady hand to compete,
see the wonders of these islands,
and give your taste buds a treat.

Katie exclaims with glee "Oh boy, it is a drinking challenge, we should be able to kick butt! We need all of our big lushes to compete in this one."

Caryn raises her hand, "I'll do it, I'm used to having 3 martini lunches."

Once it has been decided who will compete, they all raise their hands and claw the air while roaring, some sort of Koror pre-challenge bonding ritual, but hey why knock it, it's been working.

#7- All that Kim has going for her is her seckshuality...

That is one thing more than what James has going for him...

At the reward challenge Jiffy explains that the tribes will be firing a replica .50 caliber small class cannon and will be trying to knock out 8 of their tribe tiles. "The reward will be riding on a very unique one of a kind Japanese boat. While on board the winners will have Pringles, Mai Tais, and then go snorkeling at Jellyfish lake. The tribe that wins this challenge will feel rejuvenated by getting some food in their bellies and a couple of drinks."

As if it wasn't bad enough to give Pringles as a reward once last season, they decided to do it again. There is absolutely nothing in a Pringles potato chip of any substance or nutritional value whatsoever. That is unless you count the dried potatoes, vegetable oil, wheat starch, maltodextrin, salt, and dextrose as nutritous.

Koror is bummed that they will be firing shots because they had their tribe lined up and ready to be drinking shots. Since 4 people need to sit out they chose Ian, Jenn, Katie, and Janu.

#6- Coby is strong for a gay man, he must work out...

Since they didn't show us the "rock, papers, scissors" match between Coby and James to see who would earn the right to go first, I decided to add it in here. James and Coby eyed each other as they toed the line Jiffy had drawn in the sand. Jiffy called out "1, 2, 3, shoot" and both men held up a fist, 2 rocks. Again Jiffy counted down and the redneck and the queen tossed out their middle and forefingers in the shape of a Vee (no not Vecepia from Marquesas, the letter V, which is mildly more interesting and stimulating.), 2 sets of scissors. Finally after 10 rounds of flashing the same symbol, James covered Coby's rock with his paper and Ulong won the right to start the challenge.

#5- We had it all in the bag and then Ibrehem, he blew it for us...

Bj misses low
Gregg misses left
Jeff asks James, “You shoot a lot of guns” James “Yeea”
James misses
Coby misses
Ibey misses low
Tom hits, Koror cheering squad does the wave
Steph hits 1-1
Caryn misses
BJ hits 2-1 Ulong, high fives all around
Gregg hits 2-2
James misses
Coby misses
Ibey hits 3-2
Tom misses
Steph hits Ulong 4-2
Caryn hits 4-3
Bj hits 5-3
Gregg hits 5-4
Keeps Koror in it
Jeff “James you are 0-fer” James "You aint lying Jeff, I’m dogging it today aint I" Only today?
James misses
Jeff "Still dry" James shakes his head "Still dry"
Coby missed
Ibey missed
Tom missed
Steph hits, Ulong 6-4 Jeff "Your pretty good with that gun" She smiles coyly. Most likely she bought a copy of Doug Koenig's sharpshooting video and studied it prior to heading to Palau
Caryn connects
Bj hits 7-5
Gregg hits
James misses
Jeff "Coby you like the pressure don’t you?" Coby "Only if you stand behind me and say that sweety"
Coby hits
Ibey misses
Tom misses (if it had been a fire-hose he could spray, he would have hit it)
Steph hits 8-7
Jeff "Caryn pressure is all on you" Coby does his zen meditation
Caryn misses

Ulong wins reward! James was about as useful as a poo-poo flavored lollypop in that challenge. Come to think of it, what challenge has James ever excelled in?

Jiffy announces that "If ever a tribe needed a win more it was Ulong just then." To the Koror folks he says "They get to taste Mai Tais and Pringles, you get your first taste of defeat in quite a while. I have nothing for you." Coby drops his chin to his chest and closes his eyes, rats.

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