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America's Next Top Model 2 - Recap Episode Summary

'The “Recap” Episode' By Isabelle Murray
Original Airdate: March 9, 2004

This week’s episode was a recap of what happened in the last eight episodes and some never before seen footage.  So, if we do a quick recap of who all left so far:

Episode 1:
Super-mom (Anna) was eliminated.  She had refused to do a nude photo shoot where they were covered in body painting.  Maybe that was not the sole reason for her being eliminated:  we know how super-judge-ex-top-model (Janice Dickinson) feels about plus size models.  Probably the combination of both was her downfall.

Episode 2:
Super-boob-chick (Bethany) was eliminated.  She had a bigger chest than most girls and was very aware of it.  However, she did not position herself in ways that the judges felt to be proper for a top model.

Episode 3:
Super-cheerleader-like-girl (Heather) was eliminated.  Mostly, it seems that it was hard for her to do a good photo shoot.  In the photo shoot for this episode, she had a hard time closing her mouth.

Episode 4:
Super-short-girl (Jenascia) was eliminated.  Her height had become too much of an issue.  Judges felt that, at her short height, you needed to overcompensate in all other areas and they did not feel like she did a good job at that.

Episode 5:
Super-cool-black-dudette (Xiomara) was eliminated.  She also had problems with photo shoots and some other areas too.  However, the judges liked her personality but it was just not enough.

Episode 6:
Super-cry-baby-girl, formerly known as super-American-girl (Catie), was eliminated.  The judges were really concerned about her strength of mind and spirit.

Episode 7:
Super-Persian-girl (Sara) was eliminated.  The judges thought that she was too sexy to be a top model; by “too sexy”, they kind of insinuated “trashy sexy”.

Episode 8:
Super-fake-girl (Camille) was eliminated.  Week after week after week, she was one of the last girls called in the elimination.  Mostly, the judges hate her attitude of “Miss Know-It-All.”  On top of that, she had stagnated at one point.  At the very beginning, she was better than the other girls because she had had some training that they had not had but, at one point, she did not evolve from there and the other girls got better than her.  In photo shoots, she was often said to be not natural enough.  However, her strong personality and self-confidence might be enough to get her in the industry anyway.  We shall see!

I was a little disappointed at the amount of new footage that we saw:  it was not that much!  I understand that they needed to also do a recap and, therefore, show the footage of previous episodes but I expected juicier stuff.

For instance, in the preview on the UPN web site, they said that there would be a fight between super-cry-baby-girl (Catie) and super-fake-girl (Camille).  I was expecting a fight kind of like what happened between super-fake-girl and super-Zen-girl (Yoanna).  Well, that wasn’t it.  Super-Zen-girl and super-cry-baby-girl were seen cleaning up the house because it was a mess.  However, super-fake-girl was on the phone for hours.  So, the two girls who were cleaning up were upset.  Super-cry-baby-girl was saying later how super-fake-girl’s explanations are always so long.  She was right on because super-fake-girl started by saying that the girls should have let her know that they were cleaning and how she had done two hours of cleaning the night before, yada yada yada…  She was blabbing on and on and on while doing nothing and super-cry-baby-girl was listening was sweeping the floor.  At one point, when super-fake-girl took a pause to breathe (which doesn’t happen often), super-cry-baby-girl told her:  “Well, Camille, I’m pretty sure you could just go and find something to clean.”  At this, super-fake-girl replied that that’s what she did the night before.  So that was the fight.  I don’t call this a fight!

I will mention other footage in somewhat of a random order because I don’t remember it!  For the first photo shoot, we see some girls imploring their mothers or their grandmothers to forgive them for what they were about to do.  We also see a bet between super-Persian-girl (Sara) and super-American-dudette (Heather):  super-Persian-girl bet five dollars that super-American-dudette would not run around the loft butt-naked.  Well, super-Persian-girl lost five bucks and was rolling on the floor laughing (literally).

Not long after the girls had learned how to walk, drag queens were invited to the loft to show the girls how to walk with flair.  I think that this footage should have been in the actual episode but this is a good episode to put it in also.  So, of course, the drag queens were very over-the-top but they still looked very confident and very fashionable in their crazy walks.  At one point, the girls try to imitate the drag queens and that’s pretty funny too.  The last thing we see is Tyra doing her signature walk and doing also funky stuff.  One of the drag queens was saying that, when Tyra walks, it’s like a symphony with the way she walks, the way her hair moves, the way her hips moves, etc.

We see some footage of super-judge-ex-top-model (Janice Dickinson) and super-makeup-dude (Jay Manuel) arguing over a girl.  Super-make-up-dude was saying that the girl looked like a porn-star.  Super-judge-ex-top-model replied, “So do you.”  Then, super-makeup-dude said, “That, coming from silicone valley over there.”  Final words from super-judge-ex-top-model “Look at your face and your bleached hair!”  Now that’s a fight!

When super-model-maker-dude (J. Alexander) came over to the loft and later brought out the psychic, he also did a refresher course on walking for the girls.  He told super-short-girl (Jenascia) that he had a problem with her shoulders.  Basically, she should bring them back in order to look taller.  At this, super-short-girl exclaimed “Ah!  I just have to shoot my boobs forward!”  She said that she wished they had told her this before.  Indeed, she probably wished it even more later on because that’s in the episode that she was cut.

When the psychic was there, super-Zen-girl (Yoanna) asked whether the psychic could feel her grandmother because her and her grandmother both liked fashion together and her grandma would wake up her on Saturday mornings for some show and she lost the weight and grandma would be so proud to see that super-Zen-girl is there and…  Well, super-Zen-girl was crying way too much to be able to speak anymore.  The psychic told her that the spirit of her grandmother will always be inside her heart and that’s what counts.

Before they had to do the photo shoot where they were hanging up on the ceiling of a crappy building, the Tyra mail talked about fears and one of those listed in the mail was the fear of snakes.  Super-Asian-girl (April) is really REALLY scared of snakes.  She could not even say the word!  So, when she heard the letter, she said that she wanted to go home.  When they got to the location, she was scared that they would creep up on her.  Super-short-girl (Jenascia) helped her to move forward but super-Asian-girl was really putting too much weight on super-short-girl and you had the feeling that they were about to collapse.  The girls tried to convince her that there were no snakes in sight.  When super-makeup-dude (Jay Manuel) explained the photo shoot and how they would be dangling from the ceiling, super-Asian-girl heaved a sigh of relief…  And then super-cry-baby-girl (Catie) got scared.

So, next week:
The girls are still in Milan and enjoying themselves.  We see that they have cute guys coming over and we see that super-shy-girl (Shandi) is kissing a boy.  Then, she is devastated because she cheated on her boyfriend and there is a big crisis between them and she says that she wants to die and she wants to go home and…  It will be an emotional episode.

On the UPN web site:
• The models invite some local Italian men over for dinner.
• One model succumbs to temptation (hum…  that would be super-shy-girl), then breaks down as she faces the consequences.
• One of the final four is eliminated and three remain (well, duh!).

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