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America's Next Top Model 2 - Episode 2 Summary

'The “Fight” Episode' By Isabelle Murray
Original Airdate: January 20, 2004

After super-mom (Anna) got eliminated, we see the girls going back to the loft.  They are all bummed out except for super-fake-girl (Camille) who just blabs and blabs and blabs.  She talks about how the industry is hard, with the bad comments that you get from everywhere, etc.  Then, she points to an ad on a big billboard and says that she worked on that and then goes back to talking about the competition and how she could talk about "me me me" but that's not the point.  You can tell that the other girls who were in the same car were getting annoyed, especially super-Zen-girl (Yoanna) who asks super-fake-girl (Camille) to be quiet for a while because she will meditate for the remainder of the drive.  Of course, super-fake-girl (Camille) doesn't stay quiet for too long.

Next day, the girls went to the gym...  Some girls had never done that before!  The super-trainer-dude (Martin Snow) tells them that they have to fight for this competition so he's going to teach them how to fight.  They do some kickboxing.  Nothing really to report here.

After the workout, the girls are measured and weighed.  Super-fake-girl’s (Camille) jaw drops when super-trainer-dude (Martin Snow) claims that she weighs 124lbs.  She says that it's not really saying that but super-trainer-dude says to his assistant to write down 124lbs.  Super-Zen-girl (Yoanna) is really scared of what the scale will say and she feels self-conscious about her body.  The scale says 138lbs.  Super-fake-girl (Camille) notices and comments on the fact that super-Zen-girl is self-conscious (it's going to be a recurring theme throughout the episode).  Super-boob-chick (Bethany) comments on how the measure of her bust is going to make the other girls talk.  Well, the measure is taken and it says 34".  Super-Asian-chick (April; she's not stressed out anymore so the nickname is shorter now) exclaims that this is not possible since her chest is 33".  Super-boob-chick (Bethany) says that there is one thing that the other girls fail to understand:  they are not okay with her boobs but she is okay with them...  Personally, I think that super-trainer-dude (Martin Snow) was not necessarily taking accurate measures but was kind of throwing the numbers out to make them react...

Next, they go to another place where they will learn how to walk with super-model-maker-dude (J. Alexander).  He comes out wearing this weird t-shirt that shows the upper body (minus the head) of a girl in a bikini.  He's not wearing any pants and he never does when he teaches the girls how to walk.  He then tells them that they will learn how to walk and this is how a model walks.  Out comes a super-model, Maggie Rizer.  She walks for the girls.  She does the real model walk and, after the second pass, she stops and smiles (which you never see a model do on the runway so it's kind of cool).

I don't know if they get some training or not but we see them walking individually.  This isn't clear because you can see that they did some cutting and putting in the order they wanted.  I think that girls had to both walk in a leotard and a couture gown.  The results:

• Super-shy-girl (Shandi) walks awfully.  She comments that she's very different from the other girls and doesn't even own a pair of high heels.  Super-model-maker-dude (J. Alexander) prays for some help for her.  He says that super-shy-girl always stares at her feet as if they are a guide but that's the best way to trip. 

• Super-young-cheerleader-like-chick (Heather) trips on the skirt of her couture dress and almost falls.

• Super-fake-girl (Camille) walks with a short skirt and a jacket and, when she arrives at the end of the runway, stops, unzips her jacket, poses, and walks back.  Super-model-maker-dude (J. Alexander) likes it and calls her "Miss Blinb-Bling" and comments that all black girls have that edgy attitude that he likes.  He even says that he would manage her today.  Super-Zen-girl (Yoanna) looks like she hates the comment that he just made. 

• Super-American-dudette (Catie) walks and walks really nicely.  Super-model-maker-dude (J. Alexander) comments that she is the only girl who really looks like she belongs on the runway and, for a moment there, he really had the impression that he was at a fashion show during the fashion week in New York. 

• Super-Persian-girl (Sara) walks with her mouth open.  Super-model-maker-dude (J. Alexander) comments on how she looks like a fish when she is doing that.

• The last girl we see walk is super-Zen-girl (Yoanna).  I thought that super-shy-girl (Shandi) walked awfully but it paled in comparison with how super-Zen-girl walked.  She would bend her knees at every step (trying to put one foot in front of the other) and she basically looked like a horse (super-model-maker-dude made that comment later).  He tells her, in front of everybody that her walk is as useful as a flashlight with no batteries in the dark.  Super-fake-girl (Camille) laughs loudly at that (well, the other girls also laughed but not as loudly).

Back at the loft, super-fake-girl (Camille) comments to another girl that, if super-Zen-girl (Yoanna) wants to win, she has to change the way that she walks, etc.  Super-Zen-girl kind of hears and says to super-fake-girl that, if she has something to say to her, she should say it to her face.  Super-fake-girl says that she has never talked behind her back (hmmm...  didn't you just do that?) and that super-Zen-girl should trust her that, if she had issues with her, she would say it to her face.  Super-Zen-girl replies that she doesn't trust her on that.  The other girls are scattering away from the storm.

They have Tyra mail.  They are to meet with a fashion designer, Carmen Marc Valvo (a dude), and walk for him.  When they arrive there, the designer-dude tells them that some gowns have been picked for them and they have to wear them and walk for him.  He warns them that some dresses will fit perfectly, others won't, but that's normal:  that's the way it is when you model dresses for a designer.  He also tells them that this is a contest.  He will pick the one whom he thinks walked best and she will be invited to his home that night where he is having a party.  Super-Zen-girl (Yoanna) knows who this designer is and she says that she would love to go to that party.  Before they put on their dresses, he says to super-Zen-girl (Yoanna) that she is wearing too much makeup and that only ugly girls wear too much makeup (she did wear too much that day).  He also tells her that, if she was coming to a casting with that much makeup, he wouldn't pick her.  After:

• Super-shy-girl (Shandi) walks.  She is doing better than she did the last time but designer-dude (Carmen Marc Valvo) comments on how she looks too timid.

• Designer-dude comments on how he thinks that super-Zen-girl (Yoanna) needs to build confidence in herself and be looser in her walk.

• He likes the way that super-American-dudette (Catie) walks and the way she positions her arms.  (Before she walks, she says "Here I am, wearing this dress that is worth thousands.  I've never had anything that was worth that much!  I cannot believe this!")

• He says to super-fake-girl (Camille) that he liked the way that she walked.  However, at the end of the runway, when the guy was taking pictures (I forgot to mention that part:  at the end of the runway, they were to pose for a photographer), she just milked it, milked it, milked it, and it looked like she would never leave.  She shoots back that super-model-maker-dude (J. Alexander) told her to spend more time at the end of the runway and that's why she did this.  Designer-dude (Carmen Marc Valvo) is taken aback and says that she should learn to take the comments from everyone and then develop her own walk based on that.  Designer-dude says later that he was really surprised at the way that super-fake-girl (Camille) replied to him and he did not like that.  Super-Zen-girl (Yoanna) expressed how she was ashamed of the way that super-fake-girl (Camille) answered to designer-dude (Carmen Marc Valvo).  She says that super-fake-girl should have said, instead, something like "Thank you for your comment" and just leave it at that.  Super-Zen-girl says that one should not rebuke a top designer like that.  Other girls comment on how this reaction is typical of super-fake-girl (Camille):  she has to blame someone or have an excuse for when things are not perfect and cannot possibly be wrong.

• One girl (I don't remember who) complains that her dress is like 2 feet too long.  Designer-dude says that it will be all right.  She walks and manages it not too badly.

Designer-dude (Carmen Marc Valvo) decides on who is going to win this contest.  He picks super-American-dudette (Catie) because she seemed the most at ease in her walk, her arms were positioned perfectly, it was all about the dress, and she looked like she had been doing this for years.  He tells her to pick 2 friends right away to accompany her to the party.  She chooses super-frizzy-chick (Mercedes) and super-fake-girl (Camille) because they are her roommates.  Super-Zen-girl (Yoanna) is not too pleased with super-American-dudette's (Catie) choice in super-fake-girl (Camille).  As they are driving back to the loft, super-Zen-girl (Yoanna) advises super-American-dudette (Catie) that choosing super-fake-girl (Camille) might not have been a good idea because she might try to steel her thunder.  Super-American-dudette is flabbergasted at this.  Other girls in the car agree that it's a good possibility.  Super-American-dudette says that she didn't know how the other girls felt about super-fake-girl.

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