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America's Next Top Model 2 - Episode 8 Summary

'The “Go-See” Episode' By Isabelle Murray
Original Airdate: March 2, 2004

At the start of this episode, super-Zen-girl (Yoanna) says how she is self-conscious of her body.  She is scared that the fact that she is not thin enough might be her downfall.  Meanwhile, super-fake-girl (Camille) is pondering what the psychic told her:  that she doesn’t reach out to people.  So she decides to do whatever she needs to do to win, i.e., make friends with the other girls, even super-Zen-girl.  At one point, super-Asian-girl (April) comments that, she does not know what happened but suddenly super-Zen-girl and super-fake-girl were friends.  We see the two of them in the confessional acting out as top models and having fun.  They call themselves “Ebony & Ivory.”  It’s funny.  However, you got to wonder what happened to super-fake-girl.  Anyway, super-frizzy-girl (Mercedes) tells us that she is really happy because all the bickering and fighting has ended.  When we saw footage of “Ebony & Ivory” getting along better, we can see that super-frizzy-girl played an important part in the reconciliation; she was kind of a mediator between the two.

They have Tyra mail.  They are told that they will go to the house of Tyra, Heidi, and Giselle.  The girls are really excited because they will get to meet these top models.  Well, their excitement subsided when they saw that the house in question is really IMG modeling agency.  They meet again super-manager-dude (Kyle Hagler) that they met in Episode 6.  He tells them that they see about 100 persons per day at the agency and they sign maybe two persons per year.  Super-shy-girl (Shandi) realizes how lucky they are to even be here, given the odds.  So, super-manager-dude explains to the girls the principle of the “go-sees.”  We saw those in the first season.  The “go-sees” are basically when the model goes to meet designers, photographers, and people in the industry and presents herself with the hope to have a contract with them.  They need to present themselves in a certain way to make the person that they are meeting want them.  You basically have to make them care within 1 minute.  Super-manager-dude asks them questions as if they were on a go-see.

The girls go out for lunch in Little Italy where they are to meet Tyra.  When Tyra arrives, she raps a little song that ends with an explanation that the girls are going to Milan.  All the girls are happy.  Super-frizzy-girl (Mercedes) confides that this is a dream come true because she has always wanted to go to Milan.  She even goes so far as saying that this news is better than sex.  She changes her mind and says maybe not.  She changes her mind again and says, “Well, I don’t know.”  Tyra then tells them that Milan is different for the US because you need to be edgier.  Oh, and there is a catch:  the girls have to be ready within 1 hour!  They run back to the apartment and pack as much stuff as they can as fast as they can.  Super-Asian-girl (April) says that she is thinking of the different possible scenarios while in Milan to know what to pack.  The luggage is ready and near the door.  Super-Zen-girl (Yoanna) blesses all the luggage and wishes for it to not get lost.  It is kind of cute, actually.

They arrive in Milan and it is 2:30am, New York time, or 8:30am in Milan.  As they are in the airport, someone approaches them and gives them Tyra mail.  They have to go to a modeling agency right now.  The girls are exhausted but are in awe at the beautiful landscape of the city.  At the agency, they meet super-president-dude (David Brown) who explains to them that he manages only top models:  Tyra, Giselle, Heidi, etc.  The girls are very impressed.  Super-frizzy-girl (Mercedes) says that she looked at the pictures on the wall of all these renowned top models and she thinks that she could belong there.  The girls are given their portfolios so that they can show their pictures to the people.  Super-shy-girl (Shandi) comments on how, when looking at the picture, it all starts to take form for her.

Now, on to the challenge of the week.  They have five go-sees that they need to do during the day.  They will have a means of transportation:  here comes five vespas with five cute Italian guys.  The guys will drive the girls around town.  I guess that they did not want to replicate last year where Adrianne got hit on by an old pops and did not go to the last go-see.  Anyway, the girls are off to meet industry people.  Talk about no time to rest!!!  Amazingly, they all looked very good for girls that had virtually no sleep, had traveled on an airplane, and had to make a good impression on potential employers.  I wish that I was like that again!  The girl who will have the best reviews will win the challenge.

We only see two “go-sees” persons.  The first lady says about super-Zen-girl (Yoanna) that she has a funky body with shoulders that are too square, her breasts are too weird and virtually nonexistent but she has a beautiful face.  Super-shy-girl (Shandi) does not too bad and asks how she did.  The lady answered that she did okay.  Super-fake-girl (Camille) comes across as very strong.

Next, we see the last go-see and it is markedly different.  The lady interviewing them does not speak English so there is a guy that translates.  The lady is mean, uninterested, a cold hard bitch.  The girls are being interrogated in a mean tone:  “How old are you?”  “Do you always walk that way? (said with a snicker)”  “Why should we take you?  You have little to no experience!”  Ich!  Talk about hard treatment!  When it was super-Asian-girl’s (April) turn, the guy asks her to quickly point in her what she represents.  Super-Asian-girl points at pictures and talks about what she represents in them.  She was really good, of course.  Super-shy-girl (Shandi) did really well too but I will talk about what happened later.  After she left the go-see, she said that that lady was a “meany” and she put on a pout.  Super-Zen-girl (Yoanna) managed well and, when she left, she said that the lady was harsh but that she was not going to cry about it.  As usual, super-fake-girl (Camille) was very aggressive.  More on this later.

At the end of the go-sees, the girls have to go back to the modeling agency.  We see super-fake-girl (Camille) with her boy.  Maybe she was tired but she started to sound human.  She really liked this guy and was all sweet with him.  We have never seen that side of her before!

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