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America's Next Top Model 2 - Episode 4 Summary

'The “Image” Episode' By Isabelle Murray
Original Airdate: February 3, 2004

Almost each girl says that she needs to up her game if she wants to stay...  Then, we learn that super-frizzy-girl (Mercedes) is struggling because she has a illness that she is hiding:  she has lupus.  She is taking medication that is making her hair fall and basically sucks up her energy.  She hasn't said anything to anyone yet because she doesn't want anyone to feel pity for her and because she is scared that the judges (and anyone who sees her) will not want her to stay because of her condition, thinking that she cannot do this.

The next day, they go to the gym where they meet again super-Italian-trainer-dude (Martin Snow).  Again, it's kickboxing that they are doing.  They have a contest of "last person standing" where they have to punch and punch and punch until only one person is left.  All the girls quit at one point or another, leaving super-fake-girl (Camille) and super-Asian-girl (April) in the run.  Super-fake-girl later comments on how she felt kind of bad because all the other girls started cheering on super-Asian-girl and not one girl was cheering her.  Super-Italian-trainer-dude (Martin Snow) sees that neither girl is giving up so he asks them to go in the ring and do 5 push-ups.  Super-Asian-girl (April) is doing them better than super-fake-girl but all the push-ups are done anyway.  Then, super-Italian-trainer-dude asks them to just stand in the up position of the push-ups and stay there.  They stay...  and stay... until super-fake-girl gives up.  Meanwhile, super-Asian-girl commented on how she learned that, if you suck up the pain, you can endure anything.

When they arrive back at the apartment, they have Tyra mail.  It says that they should be dressed to represent their personalities and be ready early the next morning.  They arrive at the location for their next thing (no clue where it is really) and they see Tyra who introduces them to super-image-maker-guy (Simon Doonan) who is the creative director at Barney’s New York and has made window dressing an art form.  Apparently, he's the king of image.  We kind of guessed it with the description that they gave us. 

Both him and Tyra comment on how, when in New York, the chances of you, just walking down the street and meeting someone from the industry, are great.  Therefore, you want to look great at any time and you still want your personality to come out.  Tyra shows them pictures of when she made the "worst dressed list" to awards.  On one picture, she was wearing a beautiful skirt with just a bikini top.  She says that she doesn't know what she was thinking but that the critics were right:  it was awful.  Then, she shows another dress that she wore when she was asked to do a pre-award show:  it's a wedding gown but in lilac.  Critics commented on how she looked like the good witch from the Wizard of Oz.

So super-image-maker-guy asks each girl to step up and describe her look and he's going to comment on her (I'm talking about them mostly in random order 'cause I don't remember in which order they went).

• Super-Asian-girl (April) was first.  She was wearing something white that was kind of Asian but kind of not Asian.  It's something that only a superb body can wear.  Anyway, she was saying that she is comfortable with her body so she likes to show skin.  Super-image-maker-guy (Simon Doonan) commented on how he likes the idea but that's not a style.  A style would be like hippie but still showing skin or something like that.

• Super-fake-girl (Camille) commented on how she's half-Jamaican so she likes to wear colors from her country.  She was wearing black pants, fluo-green shoes, a yellow top, a red leather jacket and some sort of Jamaican flag on her bootie.  She was talking about how the green in her shoes was for "earth", the yellow for sunshine, the red for “blood spilled”, etc.  Other girls commented (on camera later) how she came across as making it way too complicated.  Super-image-maker-guy (Simon Doonan) said that she was way too obsessed with colors and should keep it more simple.

• Super-short-girl (Jenascia):  I don't remember what she was wearing but the guy liked it.

• Super-frizzy-girl (Mercedes) said that she comes from a Latino community so she often likes to put fresh flowers in her hair.  She was dressed in a cute black dress and had great flowers in her hair.  Super-image-maker-guy (Simon Doonan) commented that this was unique and fun and, if he saw her on the street, he would definitely remember her because of that flower in her hair.

• Super-Persian-girl (Sara):  Again, I don't remember what she was wearing but the guy liked it.

• Super-shy-girl (Shandi) says that she loves anything vintage so that's what she's wearing.  She's actually wearing a red top that goes across her shoulders and a blue skirt with colored dots.  Super-image-maker-guy (Simon Doonan) likes the fact that she has her own thing going on.  Tyra comments on how she would prefer if super-shy-girl was showing a bit more skin.

• Super-American-girl (Catie) says that she has a new hair cut and now she is adjusting to what she should wear with that.  She said that she thinks that what she was wearing was doing the job.  Her clothes were awful in my opinion.  She was wearing a bright yellow top, a VERY short jeans skirt, black leg warmers that were going up above her knees with stilettos.  Super-image-maker-guy (Simon Doonan) commented on how her style looked like a hooker.  He advised her to go look at the corner of such and such and see what the girls look like there and stay as far away from that style as she can.  She was taken aback by that comment.

• Super-cool-black-dudette (Xiomara) was wearing a black skirt, a little red top that was just covering her boobs, a cardigan, a cap, and large hoop earrings.  Both super-image-maker-guy and Tyra loved the look because it was unique, a bit flamboyant but still pretty.

• Super-Zen-girl (Yoanna) was wearing something that everyone liked.

Super-image-maker-guy (Simon Doonan) commented then on how the girls have to learn to be very critical of themselves, particularly miss super-American-girl (Catie).  He saw that she had had a hard time with the critic he had done of her style, she turned red and was irate, in his opinion.  Then, she started talking back to him.  She said how he said that she was a "ho".  He replied that this was not true.  He didn't call her a "ho", he said that her style was and it's a big difference.  She then complained that if it would have been just him and her talking...  He interrupted asking her if she really thought that there was no work involved in becoming a model, if she thought that she would be served tea that she would sip with her pinky in the air.  No.  It's hard work and she better understand that if she wants to succeed.  She started crying.  Meanwhile, you could see that Tyra was not at all pleased with super-American-girl.  Tyra had this frown on her face and she looked almost ashamed of the conduct of "one of her girls".  The other girls commented on how they thought that super-American-girl (Catie) was an actress and was playing the crying card.

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