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America's Next Top Model 2 - Episode 1 Summary

'The “Introduction” Episode' By Isabelle Murray
Original Airdate: January 13, 2004

The girls have had instructions to present themselves at a center spot within New York City.  It was at the corner of such a street and such a street.  There were 4 groups of 3 girls.  A bus pulls up and picks each group (each group is at a different spot).  Of course, the girls introduce themselves so that's how we learn a bit more about them. 

Nothing much to report here except that there are 4 girls that kind of jump up at you: 

1) super-shy-girl (Shandi) who is a mousy little person hiding behind glasses.  I already like her because she reminds me of me and friends when I was a teen:  geeky-like.  Other girls were bitching behind her back saying that she was so "plain", how come Tyra picked her? 

2) super-mom (Anna) who is a girl of 24, is married, and has a 2-year old son.  Now that's cool!  She is on the plus size of things but she still looks very good.

3) super-Zen-girl (Yoanna) explains that she has always wanted to be a model and, although she was slender, thought that she was not thin enough to pose as a photographer would like her to pose...  so she hired a personal trainer and lost 50 lbs prior to applying for ANTM!  I was impressed!

4) super-fake-girl (Camille) was just appalling to us and to the other contestants.  She was bragging on about how she was a runner up in this pageant and she has taken classes to become a model so she can help them on how to walk, dress, do their hair, makeup, etc.  Man, she came off as a total bitch.  Now, you know that she'll be going down!  Super-young-cheerleader-like-chick (Heather) actually said in those cuts where you see them off the show "I don't know everyone yet and one should not judge but I'm going to anyway:  Camille looks like such a fake!"

By the way, super-young-cheerleader-like-chick (Heather) has kind of dropped out of school (i.e., she has a GED and is not going to college) because she wants to pursue a modeling career.  She said: "College will still be there.  Modeling will not.  It's now for me."

Okay.  The bus drives them to the harbor.  There is a big military ship there.  One chick complains that she hopes that they will serve food because she is starving!.  The girls are afraid that it will either be a boot camp training or that they will stay on a ship this season.  Well, no.  They get on board the ship and meet Tyra.  She tells them that she is putting them straight on the runway with no training no nothing.  She wants to see the potential that they have; she wants to see them "raw".  They will be walking the runway in front of marines and firefighters so Tyra tells them that, at least, it's people who don't know a good walk from a bad walk...  Well, the girls' jaws dropped, of course. 

They go to a room where they meet super-model-maker-dude (J. Alexander).  He was there in the first season and he's the guy who taught the girls how to walk.  He gives them no indication whatsoever as to how they should be walking on the runway.  He tells them that they will be modeling 3 outfits.  They have 30 minutes to do their hair and makeup per instructions and dress up.  They each have their own outfits identified with their names and have instructions on the hair, etc.  The girls are all in line and super-model-maker-dude (J. Alexander) tells them that they have to remember this order because it is the order that they will come out.  It's a mad rush, of course.  All girls are lined up except for super-stressed-out-Asian-chick (April) who is fumbling with her clothes and she suddenly realizes that she has the second outfit on instead of the first so she tries to changes as fast as she can.  Super-short-girl (Jenascia; she's 5'7" so she's short; she's gorgeous, though) goes to help super-stressed-out-Asian-chick (April) while the latter is crying and still trying to change...  Super-stressed-out-Asian-chick (April) says on camera "10 minutes into the competition and I fail...  Way to go, girl!"  They finally are all ready.

They come out and you can definitely see that they are indeed very "raw"...  Ich!  Some girls did not know how to walk in high heels!  Most girls did not know what to do at the end of the runway.  Tyra was explaining at the camera that, normally, one should take one pose (and it needs to be a pause) and not fidget like in a photo shoot.  She also said that she could feel that some girls were thinking that they were "all that" but they were soooo wrong!  The marines did not seem to care about any of this for obvious reasons.

After the fashion show, they all went back to the dressing room.  Some girls, namely super-shy-girl (Shandi), were saying that they were just happy that they did not fall on the runway.  Super-fake-girl (Camille) thought that she was fabulous.  Then, entered super-model-maker-dude (J. Alexander) who said "All right!  We're gonna have to work hard on those walks because, quite frankly, you all sucked big time!"  The girls who were just happy not to have fallen were smiling but other girls who thought that they had done well, especially super-fake-girl (Camille), were gritting their teeth.  Super-model-maker-dude (J. Alexander) then gave them keys to their new home.

The girls are now in a loft in New York.  On the second floor of the loft are the bedrooms.  It's very girly-like.  The girls go everywhere and examine everything.  There is food on the table so they start eating after the tour of the loft.  The girl who was hungry before the runway thing was happy that there was food (gosh, I don't remember who the girl is).  The girls have a plan to decide which bedroom each girl will take.  First, those who are NOT interested in a room will let everyone know about that and then they will choose based on that and girls who don't care at all will choose last...  well, it was chaos when they were saying that.  Super-fake-girl (Camille) said, in a very bitchy tone, that she ABSOLUTELY does not want to sleep on the pull-out bed because the mattress is often not good on those and she won't get a good beauty sleep, etc.  The other girls were appalled...

Then, they have a visit by Tyra.  She tells them that she hand-picked them and that they were all worthy to be there.  Super-mom (Anna) asks what advice Tyra can give them to win this competition.  Tyra answered that she needs someone who lives, breathes, sleeps for this.  She needs someone who would go "If I don't do this, I think I'm going to die" because that's the kind of dedication that is needed to be successful in the modeling business.  She, herself, had to work her butt off to get to where she is.  As a symbol of their worthiness of being there, Tyra pulls boxes and gives one to each girl, saying that she designed these herself, only for them:  It's a pendant with a chain...  cute.

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