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America's Next Top Model 2 - Episode 7 Summary

'The' By Isabelle Murray
Original Airdate: February 24, 2004

Now that super-cry-baby-girl (Catie) is gone, the girls are getting tougher both on themselves and when looking at the other competitors.  Super-Persian-girl (Sara) says that she wants this more than any other girls and she knows this for a fact.  I don’t know how she can think to know this when she is not inside the other girls’ heads but maybe she had some clues that we didn’t see.  Super-Asian-girl (April) is criticized for overanalyzing everything. 

Super-Zen-girl (Yoanna) asks super-Asian-girl many questions like does she really want to be a model or does she only want to win, would she rather be an actress, etc.  Actually, super-Zen-girl’s (Yoanna) attitude towards super-Asian-girl (April) was similar in a way to the one she had with super-fake-girl (Camille) at the beginning of the season.  Maybe that’s her way to cope with competition.  Oh, and let’s not forget super-Zen-girl’s comment on how she would be devastated if super-Asian-girl were to win because she just wants to win and not be a model.  Super-Zen-girl says that she realized with super-cry-baby-girl’s elimination how quickly the tables can turn on someone.  She also confides that she would like to be in indie European magazines because that’s what she always wanted.  When you look at her, she really has the style that would enable her to do just that.  She goes on saying that, when little girls were starting to notice boys, she was worried about what her Barbie was going to wear, what she would wear, etc.  She has always had a passion for fashion for as long as she can remember.

The girls have Tyra mail.  It says that they should be ready to spend a lot of energy.  They go to a dance studio.  Super-shy-girl (Shandi) says that she has never had any dance lessons and is a bit worried right now.  Super-frizzy-girl (Mercedes) is delighted because she loves to dance.  Super-Persian-girl (Sara) is afraid that this is going to be her downfall because she had three knee surgeries to even be able to walk correctly so she thinks that dancing will be very hard on her knee.  Some girls wonder why study dancing, what does it have to do with modeling.  At the studio, they meet super-choreographer-dude, Tony Michaels, who is renowned for his work with many artists.  He tells the girls that dancers and models have a lot in common because their bodies are their instruments. 

Super-choreographer-dude (Tony Michaels) then asks each girl to show them how they dance “sexy-like.”  Super-Persian-girl (Sara) is first.  She dances while her hands are traveling on her body, her chest, her hips, you get the picture.  There is one flaw to her dance, according to super-choreographer-dude:  her eyes are cast down so there is no connectivity.  Super-fake-girl (Camille) dances not too badly at first but then goes on the floor and does funky things with her legs and it just does not come across as cool.  The other girls are giggling while watching her.  Super-Zen-girl (Yoanna) dances, well, Zen-like.  It’s kind of funky, kind of weird, but cool anyway and that’s the important thing.  Super-shy-girl (Shandi) starts dancing.  It’s weird at first but really cool.  Super-choreographer-dude comments on how, when you first look at super-shy-girl, you don’t immediately think “supermodel” but if you glance at her a second time, you get that she’s really good.  He also comments that she was the sexiest.

Then, super-choreographer-dude (Tony Michaels) asks the girls to dance around him, basically as if they were in a photo shoot.  Well, the girls all have their styles, some are more comfortable, others are not.  Super-choreographer-dude says afterwards that super-shy-girl (Shandi) was the only one who did “levels” in that she did not just stay around his face but danced all around his body and that’s what the girls needed to do… 

When the girls go to the car, super-shy-girl thinks that it’s kind of surreal that she was considered sexy when she has been told numerous times by her friends and family that she would be lucky if someone would ever propose to her and that she’d end up as an old spinster with like forty cats.  Geez!  Her family is really weird!  No one should ever be told things like that!

Back at the loft, super-shy-girl (Shandi) has received a package from her boyfriend.  There are letters and pictures of him and the cat and she just plain feels loved.  She’s happy.  She says that she has been going out with her boyfriend for about 2 years now and she loves him a lot and they are the best of friends.  Super-shy-girl calls her boyfriend to thank him.  He then asks her if she remembers a certain girl that he knew before her.  Well, it so happens that he ran into her and her husband is the manager of a certain movie theater so he will go to the movies with her.  Super-shy-girl is immediately jealous and has a fit.  Her boyfriend asks, in an incredulous voice, whether he was not allowed to go to the movies anymore.  Super-shy-girl does not directly answer but says that she is against him going to the movies with another girl.  He explains that the girl in question is married and has a bid with the husband and, what, does she think that he will sleep with the married girl?  Super-shy-girl then says that it happens that married women cheat on their husbands.  Boyfriend tries to explain, one more time, that it’s only a movie.  She doesn’t understand.  She then says to the camera that she was hurt by the fact that her boyfriend was going to the movies with someone else, a girl, and that it was “their thing” and she’d never think of doing it with someone else.  Hmmm…  that’s pushing it, girl!

Anyway, it just so happens that that night, super-fake-girl (Camille), super-frizzy-girl (Mercedes), and super-Persian-girl (Sara) were going out to a club so super-shy-girl (Shandi) decided to join them.  Super-shy-girl was surprised because a guy started dancing next to her and started flirting with her.  He starts off by saying that the four of them were the most beautiful girls there that night.  Super-shy-girl was not used to that kind of attention because she had never had it before.  The guy kept asking for her phone number but she always refused to give it to him.

At the apartment, super-Persian-girl (Sara) called her mom because she needed to vent:  her knee was killing her and she was scared that it would be her downfall for this week’s competition. 

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