Bravo has announced that it has picked up Queer Eye for the Straight Girl, a spin-off series from the same folks behind the network's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy series, for broadcast as part of its 2004-2005 schedule.

Similar to its signature "Fab 5" series, Straight Girl, will feature a team of gay stylists who will "make-better" Los Angeles-area women whose lives and looks need a little enhancement. From "drab to fab" each episode will feature a makeover sure to impress and inspire a complete lifestyle change in the subject, as well as the viewers.

"It's something our female fans have been requesting since Queer Eye became a hit," Bravo President Jeff Gaspin told Daily Variety, adding that he is not worried about oversaturating the network's programming with roaming groups of gay fashion mavens. "Straight Girl goes on the air a year and a half after the original launched, so I think enough time will have passed."

Beyond being based on the opposite coast, Straight Girl will also differ from its New York-based Straight Guy series in one other way. Rather than featuring a quintet of gay men, Straight Girl is expected to center around only three gay men -- all of which are currently still being cast. Additionally the group's focus are expected to be a bit more advanced than those of the "Fab 5," Queer Eye creator David Collins explained to Variety. "Guys need the basics, the 101 information, whereas women are much more discriminating." "They know the basics, they want options, ways to amp it up a little. However, the Queer Eye make-better philosophy will still be intact."

Queer Eye for the Straight Girl is expected to premiere on Bravo in early 2005. An initial run of thirteen episodes has been ordered. As with the original series, Queer Eye for the Straight Girl is produced by Scout Productions for Bravo. Executive producers for Scout Productions are David Collins and Michael Williams. Co-executive producer is David Metzler.