Another year, another American Idol contestant ruining their chance at stardom by being stupid.

Based on the previews for next week's final "Group 4" semi-finalist competition that were shown during the close of Wednesday's broadcast, this year's "Darwin Award" winner is 20-year-old Donnie Williams of Livermore, CA, who following his Monday arrest has been removed from the competition and replaced by popular regional finalist George Huff.

Williams, who was scheduled to compete as one of the eight contestants in next week's final Idol group semi-final competition, was arrested for drunk driving and speeding early Monday morning after his vehicle zipped past a police cruiser at approximately 100 MPH while returning from a party congratulating him on his Final 32 appearance. Upon being pulled over, Williams -- quite prophetically in hindsight -- reported exclaimed "You're ruining my life!" to the officer.

On Tuesday a FOX representative had told Williams' local Contra Costa Times newspaper that they did not know how the arrest might affect the singer's future on the program. However by Wednesday evening, that was clearly no longer the case, with Williams having been pulled from both the broadcast promo clip and the program's official website.

Hope the party was worth it, Donnie.