Apparently taking a cue from its own previous For Love Or Money reality dating show, the one of the producers of NBC's upcoming Average Joe has revealed that in anticipation of hit ratings, the network has already filmed a second edition of the expected buzzworthy series before the first edition premieres on Monday, November 3.

Hosted by Celebrity Mole Hawaii winner Kathy Griffin, the series stars former beauty queen, NFL cheerleader, and Meet My Folks contestant Melana Scantlin as she attempts to "find love" from among sixteen "average joe" bachelors -- guys with great hearts, but admittedly average looks.

Although the two shows are from different production companies, in an interview with the New York Daily News, Average Joe executive producer Stuart Krasnow promises many of the same types of twists and turns that were present in the network's For Love Or Money hit summer series and inspired by FOX's original Joe Millionaire series. In fact, given that Average Joe was originally announced in April 2003 for a Summer 2003 broadcast on the same day as NBC announced plans for its For Love Or Money series, the fact that the two series share equally twisted premises should come as no surprise. In hindsight, neither should the fact that NBC apparently opted to follow the same production strategy as they used during FLOM and film a second edition of the series before the first edition was broadcast.

Who knows... in light of FOX's enormous ratings flop with this week's premiere of The Next Joe Millionaire, perhaps NBC is doing the smart thing in being prepared to immediately strike while the ratings iron might be hot. It certainly seemed to work for them this past summer.