Let's hope Burton Roberts' track record with his video game marketing strategies is better than that of his Survivor gameplay, otherwise he might soon be looking for new employment. Not happy with his tribe's undefeated challenge status, the 31 year-old marketing executive from San Francisco convinced his fellow tribemates to intentionally throw Episode 4's Immunity Challenge competition with plans to thin his tribe's numbers and reduce his potential post-merge competition.

There was just one problem with the plan -- unbeknownst to Burton, little did he know that he himself was among the group of castaways that several other members of his tribe were most looking forward to ousting! And once Jeff Probst revealed the challenge's other twist -- that Burton's Drake tribe would loose the services of its strongest member, Rupert, for a couple of days as a result of the challenge loss, Burton's fate seemed sealed. Ah Burton... that's what you get for getting ahead of yourself!

This week's correct Burton prediction bumped SurvivorBlows' Survivor: Pearl Islands prediction record to 4-0. In Spoiler Island fantasy game action, Episode 4 scores have been posted and the top spot in the overall leaderboard as been pared to a mere 31 players.

So what happens next week? Will Morgan give up their foolish efforts to build a sea wall of sand and wood to protect their shelter and instead just suck it up and relocate? How will the tribe react to Jon's revelation that contrary what was anticipated, Shawn actually voted for Burton? And how will Morgan fare now that is has super-Survivor Rupert among its members? Will they finally learn how to catch some fish? Check out our Survivor spoilers forum for the latest details on these and many other hot topics!