U.S. reality TV fans have a choice of pawnshops on Monday nights, with TruTV's "Hardcore Pawn" up against the History Channel's "Pawn Stars."

"Hardcore Pawn" premieres on Aug. 16, the Detroit Free Press reports. Two pilot episodes were shown in December.

The show features American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit and its owner, Les Gold, who runs the store with his wife Lili and children Seth Gold and Ashley Broad. Gold promises the show features "Detroit as it really is" with all transactions between his family and employees and their customers real ones.

Gold said being a reality TV star is not a road to riches, saying he was paid almost nothing for putting in 10- to 12-hour days during filming.

But he could find another way to make money if he follows the example of the owners of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. "Pawn Stars" has made the store a tourist attraction, and visitors buy T-shirts and hats even if they do not need emergency loans to do so.