Trent Patterson's warrior heart wasn't enough to overcome his wounded knee, and the 39-year-old school safety and security coordinator from Endicott, NY became the eleventh contestant cut from The Biggest Loser: Couples during last night's broadcast of the NBC reality show's fifth season.

"I feel like I've stayed true to me and why I wanted to come here," said Trent after he asked to be booted due to his knee injury.  "I didn't come here for the money.  People get wrapped up in the game, and I think people lose sight of things.  I'm down 87 pounds.  I have a great start to the rest of my life.  So the way I see it, I've already won."

The Biggest Loser: Couples seventh episode began with Dan Evans feeling "betrayed" by his four fellow Blue Team members after they blind-sided him and his mom Jackie at the previous elimination, leading to her ouster. 

"She played the game.  So did we.  It is what it is," explained Mark Kruger.

Dan sought comfort with the Black Team and while some of its members wanted their trainer Jillian Michaels to work with Dan, she advised her squad to stay out of the Blue Team's affairs and focus on their weight-loss goals. 

Dan explained to Blue Team trainer Bob Harper that he felt he was next on the chopping block if his team were to lose the weigh-in, and Bob told him to get his head back into the game.  Taking Bob's advice, Dan realized if he wanted any chance of sticking around he'd have to develop a bond and relationship with the rest of the Blue Team. He explained to them that he understood they had to make a difficult decision when ousting his mom, and the group made amends.

As The Biggest Loser player-of-the-week at the previous weigh-in, Bernardo Salazar was met by the traditional reward selections that dealt with family, game play and luxury.  He chose game play and learned he'd receive "50% off at this week's challenge."

"What the hell does that mean?" wondered Bernie.

The two teams then met host Allison Sweeney by a chilly lake for a Reward Challenge, and she explained the rules.  Two pairs of contestants from each team would stand on parallel balance beams over water.  In between each pair was a rope, and hanging from it was the total amount of weight loss so far by that duo.  Each pair would have to keep their weight from falling in the water.  Last pair standing would win reward for their team.

Bernie's reward for being player-of-the-week came into focus, as he would only be holding half of the weight he had lost so far.  The winning team would get to give immunity at the next weigh-in to two people -- one from their team and one from the other team.  Since both teams had five members, the Blue Team decided to sit Trent while the Black Team decided to bench Kelly Fields.

The challenge commenced, with Mark and Dan holding 130 pounds and Jay Kruger and Roger Shultz holding 107 pounds for the Blue Team, while Maggie King and Paul Marks held 85 pounds and Bernie and Brittany Aberle held 72 pounds for the Black Team.

Jay and Roger went into the drink just over five minutes into the challenge and Mark and Dan followed after the 10-minute mark, giving the Black Team its second Reward Challenge victory in a row.  The Black Team would have until the next weigh-in to decide who to use the immunity on. 
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Needless to say, Bob wasn't too happy the Blue Team lost another challenge after also losing the previous weigh-in.  He was even more peeved when he learned what the reward they missed out on was.

"We are at the half-way mark now -- game play, manipulation -- it's got to happen in this house," he said.  "Do what you've got to do, because you guys are the strongest competitors in this whole house."

"It's not about [game play] for me," said Trent.  "I understand this is a game, but I don't care about the game.  If I go home, and not having learned anything or not having lost as much weight as I can, I feel like I failed.  I can't get wrapped up in the game."

Trent became emotional and Bob consoled him, telling him he's making his family proud.

"I love Trent because he is here for all the right reasons," said Bob.  "The more that Trent and I can work together, he'll be invincible."

Jillian decided that the Black Team would determine which member of her squad received immunity the "fair way," meaning she'd draw names out of a hat. Maggie was the last name pulled, and immunity went to her.

The Black Team then received a surprise, as Jillian introduced them to her mom, who is a psychotherapist.  Jillian's mom would speak to the Black Team members on an individual basis to find the roots of some of their unhealthy habits.  The Blue Team also had the option to meet with Jillian's mom, however considering it consists of five dudes they obviously didn't want to do it.  Instead they went on a hike, using the mantra "walk it out, not talk it out."

Both the Black Team's talk with Jillian's mom and the Blue Team's hike seemed therapeutic, however Trent's knee -- which had been bothering him since Week 2 of the competition -- was giving him some major problems and slowing his pace.

"It's difficult," said Trent.  "I've been dealing with a bad knee since I've been here.  On a scale of 1 to 10, it's probably an 8.  It's like being in a football game and not being able to go 100%."

The two teams then participated in their last-chance workouts, and Maggie described the Blue Team as the "biggest group of dumb jocks."  The Blue Team then lived up to the stereotype, with Roger comparing them to a football team -- giving each member a position no less.

The Biggest Loser: Couples' seventh weigh-in then commenced.  The team with the highest weight-loss percentage would be safe from elimination, while the losing squad would have to eliminate one of their members.  The Black Team revealed Maggie would have immunity and decided to give Jay immunity on the Blue Team.  Jay realized the only reason he got immunity was because the Black Team saw him as the "least amount of a threat."

The Black Team was the first to weigh-in.  Kelly started the week at 233 and lost eight pounds; Paul began at 251 and dropped 10 pounds; Bernie started at 223 and shed seven pounds; Brittany began at 189 and lost one pound; and Maggie started at 206 and dropped two pounds.

The Black Team's combined weight loss following their third week competing as a team was 28 pounds, or a 2.54% weight-loss percentage.  Since Maggie, Bernie and Brittany are tight in the competition and Paul posted the Black Team's best numbers of the week, Kelly knew she'd be booted if her squad lost the weigh-in.

The Blue Team would have to lose a combined 35 pounds to overtake the Black Team.  Dan started the week at 244 and lost seven pounds; Roger began at 301 and dropped nine pounds; Trent started at 357 and shed eight pounds; Mark began at 221 and lost six pounds; and Jay started at 248 and lost four pounds.

The Blue Team's combined weight loss following their third week competing as a team was 34 pounds -- one pound short of what they needed -- for a 2.48% weight-loss percentage.   Since Roger had the highest percentage of weight loss for the Blue Team, he was safe from elimination along with Jay, who felt he let his team down.

With only an hour to make their decision, members of the Blue Team gathered and began to discuss their options.

"You guys know what I've been dealing with.  The pain.  Just trying to fight through the injuries," said Trent.  "I'm doing the best that I can, but obviously my numbers are starting to drop.  Eights, sevens, fives -- that's not going to work for me to be in this competition.  I just want you guys to go ahead and send me home so I can get myself together.  I'll go home and get myself taken care of."

"That's what you want?" asked Roger, who entered the competition as Trent's partner.

Trent answered in the affirmative, and while Mark wanted to insure that was the best decision for the team, it clearly was considering Trent's injury. 

"I just wanted to take that stress off you guys," said Trent.  "I didn't want you guys to have to stress through this process about who you're going to vote off."

Once it was agreed upon, everybody gave Trent a hug and he let them know they didn't let him down.

"You guys know my stance on it is for me to get healthy -- it's not about the money for me -- it was about me jump-starting what I needed to do for me," said Trent.  "I'm dealing with an injury.  You guys have seen me walking around... I don't have to explain it to you guys.  I'm going to continue, so don't think I'm going to slack off."

The Blue Team then reconvened to cast their elimination votes, and Trent received his wish and was sent packing.

"The person I'm voting for today I've known for a long time... 21 years," said Roger before revealing he voted for his buddy.  "You know, we played football together.  We've been through a lot of battles.  Trent's been by my side so many times.  We have that bond -- and I was telling somebody earlier today, 'Trent doesn't talk because we can communicate without talking.  We've been around each other so much, that's why he doesn't have to talk!  I'll talk!'  But this vote is his wish.  He's got a warrior's heart and he knows that it's getting harder and harder for him to keep up.  He's got to get his knee fixed."

"Roger and I, we played a lot of ball together," said Trent following his ouster.  "We were side by side in the trenches, and our experience here has been really special. I'm very happy to have been a part of it and to have shared it with Roger."

After Trent exited, the Black Team joined the Blue Team in the elimination room and Allison had a surprise for them.

"You are about to experience a The Biggest Loser first," explained Allison.  "What could be the most difficult challenge you have had to face yet.  You are all going back to the scene of the crime.  The one place that could prevent you from losing the weight that you need to lose to help you reach your goals... You're going home."

The Biggest Loser: Couples' next episode will air Tuesday, February 19 at 8PM ET/PT on NBC.