America's Next Top Model eliminated Jeremy Rohmer and Bianca "Kanani" Andaluz during The CW's broadcast of the twentieth season's seventh episode Friday night.

Jeremy, a 6' 3" 19-year-old nutritional supplement salesman from Mission Viejo, CA, and Kanani, a 5' 7 1/2" unemployed 19-year-old from Chicago, IL, were both eliminated from the competition after they found themselves in the bottom three alongside Phil Sullivan, a 6' 3 1/2" 24-year-old bartender from Lanesboro, MA.

"If I just had more experience, more knowledge, I feel like I could've made it farther. I feel like I let my mom down a tiny bit, but at the same time, I know she has my back through everything and I know that she's not disappointed and she's just really proud of me," Jeremy said following his ouster.

Jeremy and Kanani will join previously-eliminated contestants Alexandra "Alex" Agro, Mike Scocozza and Chlea Ramirez in the separate competition with the hopes of being voted back onto the show by Top Model fans.

"Now I just have to try to put my best foot forward and just try to focus and push it out. Even if I don't make it back into the house, I'm going to go home with the same drive I've had here. I can't stop. I have a daughter and I have to look out for her. She's depending on me," Kanani explained. 

The three models landed in the bottom based upon their challenge score and total combined scores from the judges and viewers for a photo shoot which required the models to individually pose for a head-shot while showing off their own custom Top Model-themed nail art. Photographer Franco Lacosta was behind the camera.

For the challenge, the contestants were instructed to work in teams of three and create their own country photo shoot campaign for the women's brand Emerson. They worked to impress fashion designer Jackie Fraser-Swan.

In the end, Kanani; Renee Bhagwandeen, a 5' 8" 24-year-old model from Ft. Lauderdale, FL; and Jourdan Miller, a 6' 0" unemployed 19-year-old from Bend, OR, won. The girls posed on a tractor, pretending they were adopted siblings who live as a family on a farm.

Jeremy received seven points from Top Model creator and judge Tyra Banks and five points from both fellow judges Kelly Cutrone and Rob Evans. He also earned seven points from the challenge and a 7.0 fan vote, making his overall score 31.00.

Kanani received five points from both Tyra and Rob and nine additional points from Kelly. Added to her challenge score of nine points and 5.9 fan vote, Kanani's overall score was 33.90.

Phil was deemed safe with his overall score of 34.10. He received eight points from Tyra and seven points from both Kelly and Rob. He racked in six points for the challenge and a 6.1 fan vote.

Best photo of the week went to Jourdan, who was the person to receive the highest overall score of 44.2.
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Tyra's call-out order was as follows: Jourdan, Marvin Cortes, Cory Hindorff, Chris Hernandez, Don Walls, Renee, Nina Burns, Jiana Davis, and finally Phil, Kanani, and Jeremy.