Top Model judges thought American model AzMarie was simply "too cool for school." 

AzMarie, a 5' 9 3/4" 24-year-old from Milwaukee, WI, became the sixth girl eliminated from America's Next Top Model: British Invasion during Wednesday night's broadcast on The CW.

"I feel great about my time here. I feel like the world got to see exactly what AzMarie was about -- got to see that very laid back person, and then they also got to see me working and see me transform into this beautiful creature. [Tyra Banks] found me in the midst of my journey and allowed me the platform to continue growing and for the world to see me, so that's definitely something I'm very thankful for," AzMarie said following her ouster from the reality franchise's eighteenth edition in which seven amateur American hopefuls battle seven all-stars and former Britain's Next Top Model contestants for the grand prize.

AzMarie, one of the five remaining American contestants, was eliminated from the sixth episode of America's Next Top Model: British Invasion after Top Model's judges reviewed the music videos the season's remaining nine finalists had starred in at their sixth challenge of the season, which required them to sing, perform and act in a music video about "booty tooching" while split into two girl groups: American girls versus British girls.

AzMarie ended up in the bottom two alongside fellow American contestant Kyle, a 5' 10" 20-year-old from Magnolia, TX. 

The sixth episode began with all the girls listening to the music for their videos, learning the lyrics and then recording the songs in a studio. Afterward, they gathered in a dance studio's room and were greeted by Tyra, who explained she was going to teach them some choreography and how to "booty tooch" for their videos. She asked them to put on shorts -- which had butt pads in them -- that read "booty tooch" across the back.

When Tyra completed a "booty tooch" inspection, she realized AzMarie's backside was flat and the model admitted she took the pads out.

"I draw a line with that," AzMarie said.

"You don't want to put it on?" Tyra asked.

"Yeah, I'm good," AzMarie confirmed.

"You refuse to put it on?" Tyra questioned.

"I refuse to put it on," AzMarie insisted.

"Okay, if you refuse to put it on, you can't do this teach," Tyra said.
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AzMarie said that was fine and then left the room, ultimately refusing to participate in the challenge.

The girls then performed in their music videos and both AzMarie and Kyle failed to impress Top Model photo shoot director Jay Manuel.

"Kyle really struggled with the choreography. She struggled with her sense of belonging in the group. As a result, I think Kyle pulled down the performance for the girls this week," Jay explained.

"AzMarie is talented. She's got a great look. She has to learn how to keep her ego in check. In the world of fashion, attitude can spread like a brush fire and then no one will touch you no matter how great you are," Jay said.

Later on, the girls arrived for the eighteenth season's sixth elimination panel where they were met by Top Model judges Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, and Kelly Cutrone, as well as guest judges Nadine Coyle and Jessica Sutta.

The judges first spoke to AzMarie about her individual takes during her groups music video's filming.

"I felt a lack of commitment from you... At the beginning of the video when you were walking down the street, you caught me. In the wrong way," Nigel said.

"I didn't really get your voice and what you were doing with your vocal. I would think that this would be a place where you would step out and really rock it and grind it and own it," Kelly explained.

"I have to be honest with you about the 'booty tooch teach.' You said there was a line that was crossed and you said you were not going to do it, which didn't make any sense to me because you've also been covered in maple syrup booty tooching looking over your shoulder. I don't understand how a butt pad was crossing the line," Tyra told AzMarie.

"I actually had a few days to think about it and first of all, I do want to apologize for saying that. It was a form of disrespect," she told Tyra.

"I do accept your apology, but it did feel like it was your mood in the moment as opposed to really standing for something," Tyra said.

Kyle's part in the video was then critiqued.

"I felt like you could have just chilled out a little bit more. I thought you were a little bit self-conscious," Nigel said.

"Great job. I like the whip," Nadine added.

"I look at that and I see your eyes a little disconnected -- a little dead in the face," Jessica said.

"The girls in the group, they're like pushing their personalities and they're like, 'Ah! In your face!' For me, that's what I would have liked to see -- you push it more. You worked that whip. I just wish you had that whip in mind that whole time," Tyra explained.

After panel critiques and the judges had time to deliberate on the girls' music videos in private, Tyra and the judges called the girls back in. Tyra then revealed the models in order of the best video takes to the worst of the week, and the British girls clearly had the better video.

Alisha, a 20-year-old from South London, England, received the first call-out.

Following Alisha, Tyra then revealed Sophie, Catherine, Annaliese, Seymone, Laura, Eboni -- leaving Kyle and AzMarie in the bottom two.

Seymone, Kyle, Laura, AzMarie, and Eboni were the American girls, while the rest were the British models.

Tyra then recapped both girls' issues before revealing which one would get to remain in the competition.

"It's quite interesting, because the judges think that you both have that model-in-the-dictionary amazing physicality. AzMarie, amazing, gorgeous photos -- making everybody go, 'Whoa. She is one to look out for.' But now, what the judges are seeing is somebody that still feels a little kind of 'too cool for school,'" Tyra told her.

"And Kyle, what you lack is that oomph, that push-through."

Tyra then revealed Kyle's photo, resulting in AzMarie's elimination.

"First, give me a hug. I thought you were going to be a finalist. I was like, 'She might win because she has that extra special something,' but it's more than just [looks], AzMarie," Tyra explained.  

"We have to commit and go and say, 'Yeah I know I look good but I'm also there and hungry and ready.' There's a world out there that's waiting for you, but just remember that those people still have your fate in their hands, so cooperate."