TLC has announced I Can Make You Thin, a new reality series that will follow British weight-loss guru Paul McKenna as he takes his health techniques stateside, will premiere Sunday, March 16 at 9PM ET/PT.

I Can Make You Thin will showcase McKenna's "4 Golden Rules" -- simple and accessible techniques that McKenna claims will show viewers "how to control the mind's relationship with food" and shed pounds without leaving their couches.

"This is not a diet, " explained McKenna.  "It's about changing your life using simple psychological techniques which transform people's relationship with food forever. I am thrilled to bring this successful program to America for the first time."

Each episode of the five-part series will follow McKenna as he applies his rules to one of the major themes that commonly occur for those who struggle with weight:  emotional eating, addictions and cravings, motivation to exercise and metabolism, and self esteem and self-image.

In addition, I Can Make You Thin will also include a live studio audience, field segments, scientific research, and at-home strategies.

"Paul is a pioneer in the field of weight-loss, challenging and exercising the mind's relationship with food," said TLC programming executive Brant Pinvidic.  "Finally, American viewers will learn why the TV might be the most important weight-loss tool ever."

McKenna -- a best-selling non-fiction author and hypnotist who has worked with celebrities, athletes, musicians and business executive -- also starred in the U.K.'s version of I Can Make You Thin, which aired in 2006 and was the most-watched show in the history of Sky Television, a satellite television network available in Britian.  Its companion book is also the best-selling self-improvement book in British history.