The Voice debuted its Season 18 Battle Round with a new twist and coaches Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, John Legend and Blake Shelton determining six Battle winners during Monday night's broadcast on NBC.

The six artists who were shown winning their respective Battle performances were Joei Fulco, a 23-year-old from Lancaster, CA; Anaya Cheyenne, a 16-year-old from Atlanta, GA; Roderick Chambers, a 38-year-old from Miami, FL; Mike Jerel, a 31-year-old from Ashburn, GA; Levi Watkins, a 14-year-old from Birmingham, AL; and Allegra Miles, a 17-year-old from St. John, USVI.

In the Battle Round, which features pairs of team members duking it out for only one spot in the Knockout Round, each coach is afforded one Steal and one Save. In seasons past, each coach had two Steals to use.

A coach may Steal a losing Battle artist from another team and Save one member from his or her own team who also loses a Battle.

Todd Michael Hall, a 50-year-old from Saginaw, MI, was saved by his coach Blake on Monday night's show, and Michael Williams, an 18-year-old from Mason, OH, was saved by his coach Nick.

John also used his Steal during this episode to snag original "Team Nick" member Joanna Serenko, an 18-year-old from St. Louis, MO, for his own team.

In a The Voice first, host Carson Daly told the coaches the four Saves from this season will eventually compete in a four-way Knockout in which only one artist will survive and move on to the next round.

The team advisors for this season's Battle Round are Bebe Rexha serving "Team Blake," Ella Mai working with John, Dua Lipa advising "Team Kelly," and Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas working with their brother and "Team Nick."

Joei and Todd were up first for a Battle on behalf of Blake's team.

The pair performed "The Best" by Tina Turner.

John said the performance was "so fun" and "so good" and both of their voices fit the song perfectly. John couldn't believe Todd managed to hit such high notes with power and clarity.

Nick complimented Todd's "remarkable range" and said watching the performance was like taking 10 shots of caffeine. Nick also told Joei her vocals were consistent and cool, and he was intrigued by her.

After Nick admitted he was leaning more towards choosing Joei to advance, Kelly noted Todd's voice is "insane" and there's no one else like him on the show.
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Blake said there's "something magical" about Joei's voice and she's a mixture of famous icons, but he also pointed out Todd had worked hard to develop his impressive range.

"I'm just going to hope for the best here and roll the dice. The winner of this Battle is Joei," Blake announced, later adding that she won because of her "unique" talent and "charisma."

Blake chose to Save Todd, but before Kelly noticed that, she had attempted to Steal the singer. Kelly apparently waited too long to press her button, so Blake's only Save was utilized instead.

Blake said he believes Todd will be a force to be reckoned with in the four-way Knockout.

The next Battle pairing was between Chelle, a 19-year-old from Bargersville, IN, and Anaya Cheyenne, a 16-year-old from Atlanta, GA, for "Team Kelly."

The girls took the stage with "Scared To Be Lonely" by Dua Lipa.

Blake told Anaya she has "a diverse" way of singing with her head voice, chest voice and runs, and he found that really impressive. Blake also noticed some parts got away from Chelle.

John told Chelle that her performance was imprecise and Anaya executed some impressive vocal acrobatics. Nick thought Chelle has a real talent and gift, but he noted he wasn't even as comfortable onstage as Anaya seemed at age 16.

Kelly wanted to see which girl was going to push herself the most since they both have impressive ranges. Kelly told the girls to always own their moments and never rest.

"The winner of this Battle is Anaya," Kelly determined, later adding she is simply a perfect, coachable artist and receptive to criticism and suggestions.

John predicted Anaya was going to be one of Kelly's best artists this season, and Nick agreed the artist has some "real potential."

Nick's team then featured a Battle between Roderick and Joanna. The pair sang "When the Party's Over" by Billy Eilish.

Kelly called the duet "effortless, beautiful and passionate," and she complimented Nick given he's a first-time coach but helped to pull that off.

Kelly said it was "flawless," like something she'd see on an award show. Blake thought Joanna, a four-chair turn, brought her A-game but Roderick, a one-chair turn, really took advantage of this situation.

Blake noted he might pick Roderick because of "the shock factor," and John added both artists showed the grace, presence and restraint that the song required from them.

John sided with Joanna, but Nick obviously had the last say.

Nick acknowledged it was "exhilarating" to watch Roderick grow and he was very proud of the work he had done onstage. Nick was also so proud to work with Joanna.

"I'm in the toughest position I've been in [ever] in my life right now, trying to decide between the two of you. But I have to go with a gut feeling. The winner of this Battle is Roderick," Nick declared.

Nick appreciated Roderick's ability to take direction and predicted he could become a huge star.

John, however, opted to use his one Steal in the Battles for Joanna, adding her to his team.

The next Battle pairing from "Team Legend" was between Mike and Zach Day, a 26-year-old from Stearns, KY.

The guys were asked to sing "Adorn" by Miguel, and Zach admitted it was going to be a challenge to try to be sexy onstage.

Nick told Mike and Zach it was "a true Battle" and they one-upped each other at every turn. He said both men appeared "shockingly confident" and he had no idea what decision John should make.

John bragged he had "an embarrassment of riches" on his team, and Kelly noted both guys had intricate vocal deliveries and confident. She was shocked by Zach's sound but called Mike "fearless." Kelly admittedly didn't have a favorite.

Blake said neither guy screwed up and Mike definitely proved what he's capable of vocally on a technical level, but he also applauded Zach for having "kicked the door down and sang the hell out of the song." Blake advised John to choose the guy that filled an open lane on his team.

John felt he was sitting at the Grammys watching an incredible performance and the guys delivered it "convincingly."

"You made my decision exceptionally difficult... I am going to make my decision just based on an edge that I fell one of you has when it comes to a tone that I enjoy listening to, and just appeals to me by a hair -- just slightly more -- because nothing else really separated you guys that much. The winner of this Battle is Mike," John explained.

John thought Mike's voice sounded perfect and cool and he brought some "swagger" to the stage.

Blake was then shown pairing Levi with Jamal Corrie, a 27-year-old from San Francisco, CA.

Blake instructed the guys to sing "Counting Stars" by OneRepublic.

John liked the higher register in Jamal's voice but admitted there was "a lot of imprecision," while Levi showed off his low and high range. John figured Levi would mess up since he's a kid -- but he never did.

After John said he'd lean toward Levi for this Battle, Nick confessed he wasn't sure why Levi wasn't on his team. Nick apologized for not turning his chair around for Levi in the Blind Auditions.

Nick loved Jamal's energy but was clearly favoring Levi in this Battle.

Kelly said the panel was "shortchanging" Jamal because even though his performance wasn't perfect, she takes passion over perfection every time and thought it was really good.

Blake appreciated Jamal's energy but noted he had some pitch issues and maybe ran out of breath sometimes. Blake said if Jamal's performance in rehearsal was the same as in the Battle, he'd be hearing better feedback, and he noted Levi is so impressive for his age.

"I've got to make a decision. The winner of this Battle is Levi," Blake announced, later adding the world has yet to hear everything Levi can do, both vocally and artistically.

The next Battle for "Team Nick" belonged to Allegra and Michael, who serenaded the coaches with "How Will I Know" by Sam Smith.

Kelly yelled the Battle was "so good" and couldn't believe John and Blake didn't give them a standing ovation. Kelly was taken aback with Michael's falsetto, but she was also "in love" with Allegra's voice and tone.

Kelly gave Allegra "the edge," saying her "tone is a finale tone," and Blake complimented the pair on "a killer performance."

Blake admitted he'd pick Allegra because it's rare for someone to come along with such a unique and special tone to his or her voice, but John said he got some Nick-Jonas vibes from Michael.

John said Michael had power and control but Allegra's tone is simply magical.

Nick was apparently blown away by the level in which Allegra and Michael had connected, and he revealed that he had witnessed something very special in watching these two perform together.

"I think I have to go with a gut feeling here. The winner of this Battle is Allegra," Nick said, later adding that she's an "inspiring vocalist" and "storyteller."

Nick could imagine Allegra getting to the finals of The Voice, but the coach wasn't ready to give up on Michael just yet.

Nick chose to Save Michael and send him into the four-way Knockout as his representative.
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