The Biggest Loser's twelfth season eliminated Mike "Coach" Danley during Tuesday night's broadcast of the NBC reality weight-loss competition's fourth episode.

Mike, a 62-year-old high school teacher and football coach from Spencerville, IN, became the fourth contestant ousted from the competition's twelfth season after his Blue team lost the fourth week's weigh-in by posting a lower total weight-loss percentage than the Black and Red teams -- which then forced the Blue team contestants to vote off one of their own members.

"My overall experience at the ranch has been amazing. I learned a lot by being here. I had a real soft spot in my heart for [Anna Kournikova]. She's done a great job at training us, and as we progressed week by week by week, we got better and stronger. I attribute that to her," Mike said following his ouster.

"I wish I could have stayed longer, but I know that I will carry it on and things will change for me when I get back home. I think the number one message I want to get out is that age doesn't matter. Anybody can do it, but you have to have a purpose. You have to have a vision and you have to set goals, because if you don't do that, it's too easy to fall backwards."

The Biggest Loser's fourth twelfth-season episode began following the elimination of Patrick Ferrari, a 26-year-old mental health adult foster care worker from Albany, OR, after the competition's Week 3 weigh-in.

The next day, the show's three teams divided by their ages and trainers -- veteran trainer Bob Harper worked with the Black team which consisted of contestants between the ages of 31 and 49, new trainer Anna trained with the Blue team comprised of members over the age of 50 and new trainer Dolvett Quince worked with the youngest group all under the age of 30 on the Red team -- each got to work out with a former The Biggest Loser contestant.

The Black team worked out with The Biggest Loser eleventh-season runner-up Hannah Ward in the gym, the Red team took a five-mile hike and were responsible for carrying a total of 50 pounds along the way with tenth-season contestant Adam Hurtado, and the Blue team ran sprints on the beach with eleventh-season contestant Marci Crozier.

The following day, the three teams met with The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney, who revealed they would be competing in the week's challenge. Alison explained the contestants would be competing as teams in a line relay. Each team was responsible for carrying a box along the course. The person in the back of the line on each team held the box and was required to pass it to the contestant in front of them in line and then run to the front of the line.

The cycle would continue for the entire relay until its finish, and the teams must work their way through the harsh weather conditions of rain, snow and wind. The winning team would receive letters from home, which were all placed in the box they were carrying.
The line relay finally came down to the Black and Red teams racing uphill to reach Alison at the finish line. The Black team ended up winning the challenge, but Alison announced that all teams would be allowed to read their letters from home. However, because the Black team won, they were given a special bonus and also received video chats with their loved ones from home.

Later on, the teams participated in their last chance workouts. Anna took her Blue team to workout on the tennis court, Bob took his Black team swimming to do exercises in the pool and Dolvett took his Red team into the gym for intense training.

That night, The Biggest Loser's fourth twelfth-season elimination weigh-in commenced.

Alison explained the team with the lowest weight-loss percentage would lose the weigh-in and be put up for elimination. She said the person who achieved the highest weight-loss percentage on the losing team would receive immunity, but all the team's contestants must then vote off one of its other members.

Mike was the first member on Anna's Blue team to step on the scale. He started off the week weighing 273 pounds and dropped to 268 pounds after he lost five pounds.
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Rebecca "Becky" Comet, a 51-year-old math teacher from Benton, AR, lost two pounds after dropping from 214 pounds to 212 pounds, while Bonnie Griffin, a 63-year-old retired payroll supervisor from Picayune, MS, shed seven pounds after falling from 240 to 233 pounds.

The Blue team lost a total of 14 pounds and posted a 1.93% weight-loss percentage.

It was then time for Bob's Black team to weigh-in, and Joe Mitchell, a 46-year-old home health therapist from Knoxville, TN, stepped on the scale and lost a total of six pounds over the course of the week. He fell from 307 to 301 pounds.

Sunny Sinclair, a 41-year-old fifth grade teacher from Frisco, TX, started off the week weighing 245 pounds and dropped to 241 pounds, losing four pounds. Antone Davis, a 44-year-old restaurant manager and former NFL player from Knoxville, TN, was the next person to step on the scale and shed eight pounds after falling from 389 pounds to 381 pounds.

John Rhode, a 40-year-old special education teacher and football coach from Mesa, AZ, then weighed-in and dropped from 375 pounds to 366 pounds after shedding nine pounds, while Jennifer Rumple, a 39-year-old television producer from Alameda, CA, lost seven pounds after falling from 289 pounds to 282 pounds.

Bob's Black team lost a total of 34 pounds and posted a 2.12% weight-loss percentage, making them safe safety from elimination for the fourth time this season.

Dolvett's Red team was the last team to weigh-in.

Courtney Rainville, a 24-year-old internet marketing specialist from Scottsdale, AZ, lost three pounds after she fell from 240 pounds to 237 pounds, while Jessica Limpert, a 26-year-old travel nurse from San Francisco, CA, dropped from 221 pounds to 219 pounds after losing only two pounds.

Vencent "Vinny" Hickerson, a 27-year-old songwriter and entertainer from Nashville, TN, shed eight pounds after falling from 390 to 382 pounds, while Ramone Medeiros, a 27-year-old tattoo artist from Florence, CO, lost 11 pounds after dropping from 322 pounds to 311 pounds.

Dolvett's Red team lost a total of 24 pounds and posted a 2.05% weight-loss percentage.

Alison then announced Anna's Blue team would face elimination, but Bonnie received immunity for posting the highest weight-loss percentage on her team.  

The remaining Blue team members, Mike and Becky, were then given time to deliberate and both contestants announced they weren't ready to go home yet. Becky said she had a lot more to do physically and mentally, while Mike reminded Bonnie he was the leader on the team.

Bonnie then revealed her vote and she voted to oust Mike from The Biggest Loser competition.

In a post-elimination update, Mike, who started The Biggest Loser weighing 309 pounds, said he currently weighs 239 pounds. He explained he has become a better football coach because he can participate in drills and jog with the team, and also said he has grown closer to his wife because they make an effort to exercise together.

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