The Bachelorette spoilers publicly disclosed by Rachel Lindsay herself have already revealed she found love and got engaged during her season -- so who won her heart, and which bachelors got rejected during the process?

[Spoiler Warning: Please stop reading immediately if you want to be surprised by the ending of Rachel's season of The Bachelorette]

Rachel ended up with Bryan Abasolo, a 37-year-old chiropractor from Miami, FL, at the conclusion of her season of The Bachelorette, according to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone.

Bryan allegedly proposed marriage to Rachel at the final Rose Ceremony that took place in Spain and was filmed in May, and she gladly accepted.

According to the Bachelorette, she's still with her final bachelor pick and and very happy.

"My sources... are sure she's with Bryan," Carbone wrote in a June 5 post. "And so am I. If they are wrong, I'm wrong."

Peter Kraus, a 31-year-old business owner from Madison, WI, allegedly finished as Rachel's runner-up. Peter is already falling for Rachel halfway through the season, so he was probably shocked and very hurt to be sent packing.

A couple of weeks before The Bachelorette's thirteenth season premiered on May 22, Carbone actually released a different set of spoilers that announced the wrong winner.

Carbone initially claimed Peter won Rachel's heart, so fans were led to believe for weeks that he put the Neil Lane diamond engagement ring on her finger.

According to the spoiler blogger, Eric Bigger, a 29-year-old personal trainer from Los Angeles, CA, claimed third place in the competition.

Eric was allegedly eliminated in Spain after Rachel's round of overnight Fantasy Suite dates with her Final 3 bachelors. Before that, Eric also got to meet Rachel's family in her hometown of Dallas, TX.

Rachel's hometown date was different from seasons past because it's typically only the Final 2 suitors who meet the Bachelorette's family.

The reason for the change, Carbone claims, is because Rachel's sister was pregnant when the finale filmed and so she couldn't travel to Spain for the meet and greet.

Dean was allegedly ousted from the competition at the Final 4 Rose Ceremony filmed in Dallas on April 27. Dean introduced Rachel to his family during a visit to Aspen, CO, on April 24.

As for the other three guys, Bryan's hometown date took place in Miami on April 20, Peter's date filmed in Madison, WI, on April 22, and Eric brought Rachel to meet his family in Baltimore, MD, on April 26.

Now let's recap what we know about these four bachelors so far from watching the first half of Rachel's The Bachelorette season on TV.

Bryan is the Spanish-speaking Colombian chiropractor, who gave Rachel her first kiss of the season -- as well as a couple of relaxing massages.

Rachel has been turned on my his confidence and directness, but she worries he's too good to be true since he's so charming and always manages to say and do the right thing.

Bryan and Rachel were recently shown enjoying a one-on-one date together in Oslo, Norway.

They faced their fears and rappelled down an Olympic ski jump 187 feet up in the air, and then they sat down for a romantic dinner, when Bryan revealed he was falling in love with the Bachelorette.

Rachel seems completely smitten with Bryan, and he's already envisioning marrying her and having children with her. At 37-years-old, Bryan insists he is ready to settle down and not messing around.

Peter has also received a one-on-one date with Rachel already. The pair went to BarkFest with Rachel's dog Copper, and after dinner, Rachel and Peter watched fireworks together in Los Angeles.

Rachel saw fireworks in the sky but later wrote in her blog that sparks also ignited in her heart. Since then, Peter has snagged special alone time with Rachel, including a hot and steamy makeout session in a hot tub one night.

Eric was briefly depicted as a villain on The Bachelorette due to his outspoken and candid nature, but he recently had a blast one a one-on-one date with Rachel in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Eric impressed Rachel with his ability to relax, have fun and make things easy for her.

Rachel was also touched when Eric admitted to her that he was falling for her after never having been in love before.

Eric said he didn't receive love from his family as a child, so for most of his life, he has run away from the opportunity and often felt alone.

And then there is Dean, who memorably rode with Rachel in the Goodyear blimp during Rachel's time in South Carolina.

Dean conquered his fears with Rachel that day and later opened up to her about his mother's passing when he was only 15-years-old.

Dean revealed his family fell apart after his mother's death and so he can't wait to become a father and start a family of his own.

The next The Bachelorette episode will feature the six remaining contestants traveling to Geneva, Switzerland.

The two guys who finished just shy of the Final 4 were Adam Gottschalk, a 27-year-old real estate agent from Dallas, TX, and Matthew "Matt" Munson, a 32-year-old construction sales representative from Meriden, CT.

In Geneva, Peter, Bryan and Dean will all receive one-on-one dates, while Adam, Matt and Eric will get stuck on a group date.

According to Carbone, both Adam and Matt will then be eliminated by Rachel at the next Rose Ceremony.

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