The Bachelorette featured Tayshia Adams scolding her bachelors for questioning her integrity after Noah Erb threw his competition under the bus and then eliminating Chasen Nick, Joe Park, Jordan Chapman, and Kenny Braasch during Tuesday night's Season 16 episode on ABC.

At Tayshia's second Rose Ceremony of the season, she ousted Joe, a 36-year-old anesthesiologist from New York City, NY; Jordan, a 26-year-old software account executive from New York, NY; Kenny, a 39-year-old boyband manager from Chicago, IL; and Chasen, a 31-year-old IT account executive from San Diego, CA.


The Bachelorette star's decisions left 12 men in the running for her heart.

The guys still on the show are Bennett Jordan, a 36-year-old wealth management consultant from New York City, NY; Ben Smith, a 29-year-old Army Ranger veteran from Venice, CA; Blake Moynes, a 29-year-old wildlife manager from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; and Brendan Morais, a 30-year-old commercial roofer from Milford, MA.

Demar Jackson, a 26-year-old spin cycling instructor from Scottsdale, AZ; Ed Waisbrot, a 36-year-old health care salesman from Miami, FL; Ivan Hall, a 28-year-old aeronautical engineer from Dallas, TX; and Noah, a 25-year-old from Tulsa, OK, also advanced.

And the next episode will also feature Riley Christian, a 30-year-old attorney from Long Island City, NY; Spencer Robertson, a 30-year-old from La Jolla, CA; Uzoma "Eazy" Nwachukwu, a 29-year-old sports marketing agent from Newport Beach, CA; and Zac Clark, a 36-year-old addiction specialist from Haddonfield, NJ.

The Bachelorette Episode 7

The Bachelorette broadcast began with Bennett expressing how he was annoyed with Noah for stealing Tayshia away on a previous group date and receiving a rose at the conclusion of it.

Ben was also frustrated with himself for not being more aggressive in pulling Tayshia aside for some private alone time.

Chris Harrison then met with the group of guys and explained Tayshia likes "bold" and that's why Noah earned a rose.

Chris then told Bennett, Ivan, Blake, Riley, Demar, Kenny and Zac they could compete for an unbelievably romantic and intimate one-on-one date with Tayshia that evening by writing Tayshia a love song and performing it for her. The person to best serenade Tayshia and melt her heart would win the alone time.


Ivan rapped some beautiful lyrics to Tayshia while most of the men sang out of tune and just got some laughs. Demar sang a catchy song on guitar about Tayshia being his mocha latte and summer crush.

Tayshia said Ivan's song spoke to her heart and he also sang it close to her, which pulled her into the moment. Ivan therefore won the extra time, and he was thrilled.

Tayshia invited Ivan to her room. Tayshia said Ivan isn't the typical type of guy she'd go for because he's a little shy, but she looked forward to hanging out with him and having fun just spending quality time together.

Tayshia and Ivan played games in her suite, and Ivan said he felt like the luckiest man in the world. Ivan said Tayshia looked beautiful and sexy as ever, even though she was just wearing her comfortable nighttime clothes.

The couple had a pillow fight, ordered room service and played Twister. Ivan said being with Tayshia made him feel like a new, energized man. He called her "a beautiful soul" and said Tayshia had "so much to offer."

Ivan told Tayshia that she breathed life into him and brought out the best in him, and Tayshia put her guard down for Ivan and felt great and comfortable around him.

Ivan and Tayshia then talked about being biracial given Ivan is Filipino and black and Tayshia is black and Mexican. Tayshia said she didn't have many men of mixed descent to relate to growing up and it was nice to talk to someone with a similar upbringing.

Meanwhile, a Date Card arrived for Zac, Kenny, Demar, Bennett, Riley, and Blake.

Noah complained about now receiving more time with Tayshia, and Bennett called him "greedy" since he already had a rose and didn't need the time with Tayshia.

But Noah said it wasn't about the rose, that it was about getting to know Tayshia better. Bennett said Noah misunderstood him and that Noah was walking a fine line.

"You've got to teach these young kids some manners sometimes," Bennett told the cameras.

Back on Tayshia and Ivan's date, the couple sat by the pool and Ivan said his family would love Tayshia. Ivan said his father taught him how to be a man and his mother taught him how to be sweet and caring. Tayshia said her mother is an angel and taught her to rely on her faith through everything.


Ivan said he had to set a good example for his younger brother growing up but then his little brother took a dark turn and got wrapped up in partying, drugs and drinking.

Ivan said his brother spent four years in prison and his girlfriend had a kid shortly before he was incarcerated. Ivan's niece couldn’t even touch her father behind bars, but Ivan said he stepped up as a second father to the child.

Ivan broke down into tears and Tayshia nearly cried herself listening to his story. Ivan said his relationship with his brother was still the best thing to ever happen to him and they're best friends. His brother got released from prison last year and is now back with his family.

Ivan said correction officers beat him up in jail and George Floyd's death really affected him because it's not okay for people to hurt others regardless of the reason.

Tayshia in turn opened up to Ivan and shared her perspective on the Black Lives Matter movement. Tayshia expressed how people don’t look like her in Orange County and she's tried so hard her whole life to blend in. Tayshia said people yelling "Black Lives Matter" hit her hard because she’s been trying to prove that for so long.

Ivan told Tayshia they had a beautiful love story developing, and Tayshia said, "I've never had this before." Tayshia could tell Ivan really understood her and she said it meant the world to her.

Tayshia then gave Ivan a rose. She told him that he made her feel safe and they had something special that she had never experienced before. The couple kissed at the end of their date, and Ivan said he was on Cloud 9. Ivan could see himself being "in love" and down on one knee at the end of the process.

Tayshia called Ivan giving, thoughtful, charismatic and kind, and she realized they had so much in common. Tayshia said she never met a man like Ivan before. The couple then watched a slideshow of Tayshia's childhood photos.

"We could have a really beautiful relationship. I'm excited about him," Tayshia said.


The next day, Zac, Kenny, Demar, Bennett, Riley, and Blake met Tayshia, who then welcomed two of her best friends, The Bachelorette's Season 14 star Becca Kufrin and The Bachelor alum Sydney Lotuaco.

Becca said it's important to be truthful and daring in relationships, so the guys were asked to play "Truth or Dare" -- Tayshia-style.

Sydney said Tayshia is spontaneous, fun and outgoing, and so she needs a man who will match her.

The men were told their limits would be tested physically, mentally and emotionally.

For the "Dare" portion of the day, the guys were split into pairs and given a map as well as a camera to document proof they've completed dares around The Bachelorette resort in Palm Springs.

The teams were Bennett and Demar, Kenny and Blake, and Zac and Riley.

The guys were asked to drink smoothies with unappetizing ingredients such as cow intestines and water scorpion, have Chris Harrison autograph their butts, and give their best orgasm on the hotel phone -- which was heard by everyone on the property.

After hearing Kenny's orgasm, Becca joked she'd probably take him to the hospital after hearing that. And after hearing Blake's sexual sounds, Eazy laughed about how he has a dark side and needs to go to church.

And finally, each guy had to eat a full habanero pepper and then pretend to propose marriage to Tayshia while they were sweating and gagging.

Zac promised to always be there for Tayshia in good times and bad, and Blake said he wants to be the 85-year-old couple sitting on a park bench kissing. Bennett told Tayshia that she'd be the partner of his dreams in life.

Bennett said his feelings for Tayshia were starting to surprise him and he could envision popping the question for real one day. Bennett said he hadn't felt this way since he was 18-years-old.

That night, the men were asked to open up to Tayshia and reveal some truths.


Bennett revealed to Tayshia he had been engaged once before -- "fully engaged and dialed up for a wedding." Bennett explained he had called off the wedding because he grew up witnessing bad marriages and bad relationships.

Bennett said once he got close to the wedding, he realized things weren't right and he never wanted to get married for the wrong reasons.

"I'm overwhelmed with emotions, and it's really, really cool to see this whole process and journey work out. I see it, I feel it and the potential love and the possibility of it is beyond exciting. It's the most exhilarating thing I've ever been a part of," Bennett told the cameras.

Tayshia asked Blake to disclose what an ex-girlfriend might warn her about, but Blake said he has maintained good relationships with all of his exes. Tayshia appreciated Blake bringing down his walls, and she said she loved seeing his softer side.

Tayshia questioned Riley on whether he'd be able to prioritize his wife and kids over his career as an attorney, and Riley assured the Bachelorette that family is the most important thing in the world to her.

Riley said he'd definitely take care of their five kids, referencing how Tayshia previously said she'd like to have a huge family with about five children.

Demar opened up about how he's afraid of divorce because his mother had gotten divorced twice and Demar had to grow up with two different dads coming into and out of her life, which was difficult.

Tayshia then hopped in the hot tub with Zac, who admitted he only got quiet at times because Tayshia made him nervous.

Zac told Tayshia that he liked how she treated other people and he really wanted to build a life with somebody. When asked what scares him about marriage, Zac said it's all about working as a team to get through challenges and issues.

"I'm crushing on Tayshia. It's, like, surreal. There are real feelings and there is real chemistry. You feel all the butterflies. I feel all the feels, which is what I think they call it these days, and I do not want it to end," Zac gushed.

Tayshia ended up giving the group-date rose to Zac because their time together meant a lot to her.


"Zac and I have chemistry, and it's intriguing to me because I want to get to know more about him. It also feels very comfortable, like we've known each other for a while," Tayshia shared.

Meanwhile, Ben was frustrated about not getting any time with Tayshia over the course of the week. Ben worried that he had "blown it" with Tayshia and left her disappointed in his lack of effort.

Ben was prepared to step up to the plate and show Tayshia he really cared about her, so he snuck off to her room in the middle of the night on "a secret mission" so they could chat.

But Ed had the same idea! Ed planned to go over to Tayshia's suite and "pull out the whole bag of tricks," and both guys were feeling very nervous and excited simultaneously.

However, Ben showed up at the correct place and Ed accidentally knocked on Chris Harrison's door at 2:30AM!

Chris told Ed that Tayshia was on the other side of the resort, and then Chris offered the poor guy a drink and a little awkward conversation afterwards.

When Ben sat down with Tayshia, he apologized for letting the Bachelorette down at a previous afterparty for not fighting for her and pulling her aside to talk.

Tayshia wanted Ben to show up for her and noted how other guys had jumped at the chance to make a connection with her. Ben explained how he had planned to have a night cap with Tayshia at the afterparty but he waited too long and missed the opportunity.

"My guard is up. I was terrified walking over here... You got your point across. You better believe I'll be the first one to grab your hand tomorrow and probably every other time I'm able to... I'm here, I showed up right now," Ben said.

Tayshia decided to forgive Ben because she could tell he really meant what he said.

Ben then surprised her with champagne and strawberries and kissed her. Tayshia said their relationship progressed the most that night because Ben found her at the right moment.

Ed couldn't find Tayshia's room and so he went back to his room without any time with Tayshia.

The following day, Noah admitted the passive-aggressive comments and "tiny little jabs" from the guys here or there was getting tiresome and annoying. But Ed still thought Noah was "a joke" and needed to "back off" since Tayshia was "never going to pick the guy."

Ed said this process was not all fun and games heading to the cocktail party at which Noah, Ivan and Zac already had roses.

"Noah is juvenile and ridiculous for a woman of Tayshia's stature, beauty and prowess to end up with a guy like Noah," Bennett vented to the cameras.


Ben asked to speak with Tayshia first at the cocktail, and the guys gave him props for stepping up because they apparently didn't know he had spent time with Tayshia in her room the night prior.

"[Ben] says all the right things. He looks at me like I'm the only person in the world. Like, I don't want to be anywhere else than with Ben when I'm with Ben," Tayshia said.

Riley then made Tayshia sign a contract that they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend, and he asked her to seal the deal with a kiss.

Tayshia called Riley "a gentle, genuine soul," and Brendan told Tayshia that he really missed her that week.

Tayshia was having a great night, building multiple connections with her guys, until Noah expressed some things that had been on his mind. Noah admitted he was "getting a lot of heat" from the guys for spontaneously joining the wrestling group date.

"What I think we have has been electric and nothing short of that. The other night kind of solidified that for me, but it's kind of been implied you gave me the rose just to kind of shake things up," Noah said.

"There has been a lot of rolling eyes and talking about how I don't deserve it and Tayshia is doing that for the show to kind of get us going, and things like that."

Tayshia replied, "You're joking?!"

Tayshia said she did not give out a rose "for show" and she had really appreciated Noah's bold move that day and their subsequent conversation. Tayshia determined the other guys were just jealous of her connection with Noah.

"I'm cool with gossip, but what's been bothering me the most is mocking the fact that you gave me a rose would mean you're not taking it seriously," Noah explained, adding that it was frustrating to hear the other men "discredit" her thought process through the journey.

Tayshia didn't like her integrity being questioned and how some guys apparently thought her intention was to start drama on the show, so she quickly became "pissed off."

Noah refused to drop any names when Tayshia asked for them, but Noah hinted the most outspoken guys weren't great with confrontation.

"I have no need to have you in my life if you are going to question my integrity when all I've been is nothing but vulnerable and honest with you. So if that's the way you feel, I'm not going to waste my time on you anymore," Tayshia lamented in a confessional.


Tayshia then asked all the guys to gather in one room, and she gave them a piece of her mind.

Tayshia admitted to the group she wasn't happy because her integrity was being questioned and people thought her decision-making may not be intentional and she was giving out roses to certain people to spark drama in the house.

Tayshia wanted to make it clear that she was being her honest and true self as well as "very intentional" in her actions.

"If you guys think I'm just trying to start drama in the house for no reason, because I simply have a connection with some people, y'all need to grow up," Tayshia stated firmly.

"I'm a grown woman and I can make decisions based off of what I want to do, and if you're going to be questioning me, I'll gladly walk you outside. K? I'll see you guys at the Rose Ceremony."

Tayshia therefore canceled the rest of the cocktail party, and the men were left speculating who had opened his mouth.

Noah admitted it was him, and then he explained what he had said to the Bachelorette.

"To me, saying, 'He got the rose just because he doesn't actually deserve it. She doesn't like him.' That advertently is questioning her judgement and why she's here," Noah explained.

Noah said he had tried to bring up his issues with the group but people wouldn't speak their minds. Eazy, however, argued Noah did not try to talk to one person and he should have come to him directly with his problems.


Eazy and Ed were angry at Noah for ruining Tayshia's night and not talking to them man-to-man over the last few days when he had numerous chances to do so.

Bennett said arguing with Noah was like fighting with a 14-year-old and there was "a zero percent chance" he'd end up with Tayshia. Bennett added that Tayshia deserved an apology and he was robbed out of time with Tayshia.

"I am here for love, not for breastfeeding Noah," Bennett griped.

Ed said, "Your day will come, Noah," and Chasen called him "pathetic" and very "high school."

Tayshia entered the Rose Ceremony with a better mindset, but she admitted the guys had hurt her. She didn't even say a word once she stood in front of the group, which showed how mad she was.

Tayshia then handed out roses to Ben, Eazy, Riley, Brendan, Bennett, Blake, Demar, Spencer, and Ed.

Tayshia therefore eliminated Kenny, Jordan, Joe, and Chasen.

"I felt that I could have seen a potential future with her, but I didn't get that chance. Noah, you ended up with the rose, buddy. So when he wakes up tomorrow, things are going to be different in the house amongst the guys, and the truth is going to come out," Chasen said in his final words.

The remaining men then toasted to becoming better men for Tayshia.


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