The Bachelorette star Tayshia Adams eliminated Uzoma "Eazy" Nwachukwu, developed stronger connections with Zac Clark and Ben Smith, and embarked on a dreaded two-on-one date with rivals Bennett Jordan and Noah Erb during the Season 16 episode Tuesday night on ABC.

Eazy, a 29-year-old sports marketing agent from Newport Beach, CA, was sent packing during his first one-on-one date with Tayshia, who friendzoned and couldn't picture him as her romantic partner for life.


"What just happened? It went from great to goodbye in no time. I thought that this was, like, who I was supposed to end up with and would be the love of my life and everything would be great," Eazy vented following his ouster.

"I don't know if I've ever been more disappointed," he added in tears. "Oh man."

The Bachelorette broadcast began with 12 men still in the running for Tayshia's heart.

The remaining men included Bennett, a 36-year-old wealth management consultant from New York City, NY; Ben, a 29-year-old Army Ranger veteran from Venice, CA; Blake Moynes, a 29-year-old wildlife manager from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; and Brendan Morais, a 30-year-old commercial roofer from Milford, MA.

Demar Jackson, a 26-year-old spin cycling instructor from Scottsdale, AZ; Ed Waisbrot, a 36-year-old health care salesman from Miami, FL; Ivan Hall, a 28-year-old aeronautical engineer from Dallas, TX; and Noah, a 25-year-old registered travel nurse from Tulsa, OK, were also still around.

And the rest of the guys left were Riley Christian, a 30-year-old attorney from Long Island City, NY; Spencer Robertson, a 30-year-old from La Jolla, CA; and Zac, a 36-year-old addiction specialist from Haddonfield, NJ.

The Bachelorette Episode 8

The episode kicked off with Season 12 The Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher showing up at Tayshia's suite at La Quinta Resort & Club to discuss Tayshia's journey thus far to find love.

Tayshia admitted it was really hard for her to hurt the men's feelings and she was becoming overwhelmed with strong feelings she had already developed for multiple guys at once.


JoJo also advised Tayshia not to overthink things or try envision her decision in the end because she could get in her own way.

And Tayshia acknowledged she may not want to get engaged at the Final Rose Ceremony because she shouldn't get caught up in the moment and make such a major life decision after several weeks.

Tayshia wanted her next engagement to become a marriage that will last forever, and JoJo agreed Tayshia should follow her heart and do what feels right to her regardless of the pressure she may feel to accept a marriage proposal.

Tayshia's 12 remaining bachelors then received a visit from The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison.

The men learned there would be two one-on-one dates as well as a group date, and Chris explained he'd be stepping away for a few days to drop his son off at college.

JoJo therefore took over for Chris and dropped off the Date Card.

The first guy to receive a one-on-one date with Tayshia was Zac, who was hoping Tayshia would "take the good with the bad" once she discovered more about his past.

For their date, Tayshia -- who was "intrigued" by Zac -- asked the bachelor to play dress-up. The couple posed for a wedding photo shoot with Franco Lacosta behind the camera.

Franco asked Tayshia and Zac to be "authentic" because the camera wouldn't lie, and Zac could tell that Tayshia seemed "shook" and was having thoughts given she had previously married and divorced her college sweetheart.

Tayshia insisted she was ready and the photo shoot would be fun and exciting, but Tayshia started second-guessing how she would feel in a wedding dress again once it became time to take the photos.

Tayshia noted how getting married is a really big deal, and Zac also admitted getting dressed up in a tuxedo for wedding photos was "insane."


Tayshia looked stunning in a lace, form-fitted gown with a low neckline and back, and Zac said "beautiful" wasn't a strong enough adjective to describe her. Zac told Tayshia he wanted their dynamic to be real, and Tayshia tried not to be hesitant in their interactions.

Tayshia and Zac just laughed through the photo shoot, and Tayshia said Zac made her feel more comfortable than she ever thought she'd feel. Tayshia freaked out a little bit, but the pair enjoyed some kisses.

"The way he looks at me, it says so much... I tried to envision Zac being the person I'm at the altar with at the end of this, and I'm not going to lie, it didn't scare me! That didn't scare me at all," Tayshia told the cameras.

Zac and Tayshia had multiple costume changes, and Zac said he was starting to have strong feelings for Tayshia. Zac said he never expected to feel this way on a reality show and he was wondering if he and Tayshia had found "true love."

Tayshia later sat down with Zac and revealed she had been married before, and Zac said he was also married -- for a year. Tayshia said it was "cool" they had that in common and Zac must have a good idea of what he wants or doesn't want in his next wife.

Tayshia said she and Zac had a connection that extended beyond the physical and they had so much more to talk about. She called him "a total surprise."

"He's what I've said I've been looking for -- someone who's older and more mature, someone who has life under their belt and someone who is established and super close with their family," Tayshia shared in a confessional.

"I'm just so excited to get to know him, and I think we have something you just can't explain, like, we are drawn to each other."

Over a romantic dinner that night, Zac said he graduated college and wasn't feeling well. He discovered he had a brain tumor and the experience was "strange" because as a result of the surgery, he was introduced to pain medication and drugs.


Zac said he then decided to get married as the next step and his former wife "did nothing wrong."

"At that point, I was drinking and doing drugs and partying. I was just selfish. I was hanging out with some sketchy people and it just wasn't pretty. I got arrested, I got a DUI and my wife left me. She was like, 'This is over,'" Zac recalled.

"And then for the next eight months, it got pretty gnarly. I was in a bad way. It was pretty scary... There were moments when I was not sure if I'd make it to tomorrow... I [felt] hopeless."

Zac confessed to stealing one of his father's checks for money at one point, which resulted in bank teller calling his father, who picked Zac up.

"At that moment, I had some spiritual, crazy moment of clarity. I was like, 'Okay, it's time,' and I ended up in rehab for four-and-a-half months. And now, I'm on the board at that rehab [facility]."

Tayshia could sense all along there was more to Zac because he was so mature and seemed wise and experienced, and so she thanked him for being open, honest and vulnerable about his struggles.

Meanwhile, Bennett called Noah "out of his element" and said there was "no shot in hell" he'd end up with Tayshia as her boyfriend or fiance.

Tayshia said Zac's story made him special and she could tell he's an incredible guy, so she offered him the date's rose.

Tayshia told the cameras she was in "awe" of Zac for overcoming such a dark time in his life and keeping a smile on his face, and Zac gushed about believing in miracles.

Zac believed he could witness another miracle by finding true love with Tayshia during a pandemic, and then the pair hopped on a Ferris wheel together. Tayshia said she felt butterflies, which was a feel she had been missing for a while.


"Zac definitely embodies all of the qualities I'm looking for in this entire journey. My heart is racing and I have shortness of breath. I am falling for Zac, absolutely, and life is so good," Tayshia gushed.

Meanwhile, a Date Card arrived for Spencer, Ivan, Ed, Blake, Brendan, Riley, Demar, Bennett, Ben and Noah.

Eazy was thrilled about receiving a one-on-one.

For Tayshia's next group date, her group of guys was asked to paint nude models, and they were just happy they didn't have to get naked themselves.

The men were also required to create a work of art using clay while blindfolded.

Tayshia said she was looking for a man who could really put himself out there, and Bennett rose to the occasion by kissing Tayshia when they were both blindfolded.

Noah and Bennett's rivalry became obvious to everyone in the room during the activities.

The final task was for the men to express themselves in a deep manner through creative self-portraits, and the winner would receive some extra alone time with Tayshia that evening.

Ben was afraid to expose his innermost thoughts and feelings and wasn't sure he'd be able to do it, but Tayshia hoped the men could break down their walls and make the activity personal.

Bennett revealed he had grown up without privilege, and Ivan shared how his father had endured two cancers in his life as well as a heart attack. Ivan admitted his biggest fear was his father dying young and not seeing the man he's become.

Brendan told Tayshia that he wanted her to be his partner in life more than anything and through it all, and then Blake painted turtledoves since they fly and travel in pairs, which represented the united and strong family he desires.

Riley's painting signified the quality time he got to spend with his family, and finally, it was Ben's turn and he changed into a white robe.

Ben said it was hard for him to express his emotions and so he got naked for Tayshia "figuratively and literally."


"I'm going to let my guard down. This is me showing up for you," Ben said.

"As myself, I'm going to give this all to you -- the physical body and also everything I inside. Because what you see is only a small part of who I am, and I am so excited to share that with you."

Tayshia was extremely overwhelmed by Ben's performance, saying she didn't expect that at all and it must have been scary for him to expose himself like that.

Tayshia ran off the set and cried because she felt totally overwhelmed by what the men were offering her. Tayshia realized in that moment she was dating "real men."

Tayshia was so appreciative and called herself "the luckiest girl in the world." Tayshia told the guys that they were changing her and she wanted to hang out with each and every one of them that night. Tayshia couldn't choose just one winner.

That evening at the afterparty, the momentum continued and Tayshia couldn't believe she had 10 vulnerable guys to date.

Riley pulled Tayshia aside for a chat first, and he revealed his parents divorced when he was young and he lived with his father. Riley said his father's claims wedged a divide between his mother and himself but they were able to talk things out later in life.

Riley said his relationship with his mother has been "perfect ever since," and Tayshia called Riley "incredible, attractive, sweet and thoughtful."

"He's all of the above," Tayshia gushed. "He's been coming out of his shell and I'm really excited about the direction that we're going."

Ben then told Tayshia his feelings for her were something he had never experienced before in his life. Ben revealed he had an eating disorder for 15 years because he used to be "the fat kid" and girls didn't like him when he was bigger.

Ben revealed he stopped eating and started working out all the time, losing over 70 pounds.

Ben apparently had bulimia in his twenties and only his sister knew about his struggle. Ben said his sister saved his life and now he feels comfortable with himself and his body.


Ben said that's why he chose a career in health, diet, nutrition and exercise, and Tayshia noted that Ben opening up made her like him even more and feel closer to him.

At the end of the night, Tayshia gave her rose to Ben, saying, "You showed up, and I see you." Ben said his feelings for Tayshia were continuing to grow and become more intense.

Tayshia then announced she was going to "get to the bottom" of Noah and Bennett's dynamic.

Spencer said Bennett had the tendency to talk down to people, including Noah.

Bennett, for example, made fun of Noah for asking him how to spell "privilege" during the group date, and Noah said he was tired of Bennett's little jabs here or there.

Bennett also called Noah a "juvenile" drama-starter who needed a babysitter on the show.

The next day, Eazy and Tayshia enjoyed a one-on-one date and Eazy said he felt like he had known Tayshia forever and he couldn't get enough of her smile and energy. Tayshia said Eazy just made her super happy and he always got her laughing.

However, Tayshia wanted to break through with Eazy on a romantic level given they had already developed a friendship.

For their date at night, Tayshia and Eazy went ghost hunting on the property, which was rumored to be haunted by a wealthy oil baron, and Tayshia joked that she couldn't wait to hear the former football player scream like a little girl.

Tayshia asked Eazy to protect her, and he was definitely up for the challenge.

Tayshia and Eazy were terrified on their date, which featured creepy dolls, moving rocking chairs, falling picture frames, and Tayshia nearly peeing in her pants.

Eazy tried to be Tayshia's rock and felt confident about their relationship. They laughed and screamed together, and Eazy said he enjoyed the whole date and wasn't scared to express how he felt about her.

"I think it's the right time. I know it's been a short amount of time, but I feel like I'm falling in love with this girl," Eazy said in a confessional.


He added, "I'm never going to leave something unsaid. I just have to be real with what I'm feeling... and speak from the heart. It may not be right, but I just can't lie about how I'm feeling."

At dinner that night, Eazy told Tayshia that he was invested in the process and gained strong feelings for her almost immediately.

Tayshia said she loved Eazy's energy, and then Eazy acknowledged about their connection, "When you know you know."

"I honestly feel like I'm falling in love with you, and that's real and it's so strong and apparent," Eazy shared with the Bachelorette.

"I can't lie about it. I feel like with love, there is no time. There are no rules or boundaries or method -- it just is, and you feel it in your bones."

Tayshia called Eazy "a solid and good man" and said he deserved so much. But then Tayshia grabbed the rose on the table and said, "Unfortunately, I can't give you this rose, because I'm not there where you are, and I don't know if I can get there."

Tayshia said she didn't want Eazy to continue pouring his soul out to her only for her to cut him at a Rose Ceremony later on and break his heart.

Eazy appeared disappointed and then Tayshia walked him out hand-in-hand. Eazy asked Tayshia if she was sure about her decision, and she confirmed, "I am," before hugging him goodbye.

Tayshia said she felt really bad and hated hurting people, and the men were surprised to see Eazy's suitcase being taken away because they thought he had a very natural connection with Tayshia that was full of laughter.

Both Eazy and Tayshia cried after Eazy left The Bachelorette resort, and it was a heavy moment for them both.

But the next day was a new day for Tayshia, who wanted to end the Noah and Bennett drama. Tayshia said she wanted parts of each of them and was tired of the "petty drama" everyone had to deal with because of them.


JoJo then met with the guys and explained that a cocktail party would still commence later that evening -- but first, Noah and Bennett must join Tayshia for a two-on-one date because The Bachelorette star was concerned about tension between them.

Bennett said he was "equally perplexed" as Tayshia seemed to be about why tension existed between Noah and himself, but Noah told JoJo that the whole group could see what was going on.

"Tayshia did tell me that at this point, it isn't possible for her to keep both of you here, so she'd like to see you both tonight before the cocktail party and there will be a rose there," JoJo explained.

"So one of you will stay and unfortunately one of you will go home."

Bennett felt confident he'd receive the rose, calling this two-on-one date a "snack" or "appetizer" before the main course.

But Noah was also convinced Bennett was going to get sent home even though he's an intelligent and "slick guy." Noah believed Bennett probably felt intimidated by his connection with Tayshia.

Ed called Bennett "dismissive, condescending and arrogant," but he seemed to be rooting for Bennett at the same time.

"I crush life under pressure. Noah will see in fact that is the truth as he flies home to Oklahoma," Bennett noted in a confessional.

Bennett then gave Noah a wrapped gift to supposedly squash any beef or tension they might have had between them.

Bennett first gifted Noah with a red bandana because they both had former cowboy days and he said he didn't want any bad blood between them going forward.

Bennett also gave Noah mustached socks, saying Noah should only wear a mustache on his feet. (Bennett was clearly knocking the fact Noah came onto the show with a mustache that Tayshia asked him to shave).

And finally, Bennett gave Noah a book on emotional intelligence, saying that he hoped the present would be impactful for Noah and teach him self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.


"I think you are deficient in three of those four. Self-management, I think, is your best I've seen," Bennett explained.

Noah called them "fake gifts," but Bennett insisted they were real and emotional intelligence is something that is learned over time. Bennett claimed he lacked emotional intelligence at Noah's age.

Bennett said Noah had made a trend of talking about other people or things during his conversations with Tayshia while he had never done that.

"I am not trying to belittle you. I am literally trying to love you up," Bennett insisted.

Noah believed he had been 100 percent true and genuine with Tayshia and he didn't need to be a Harvard grad to have a chance with Tayshia.

Bennett accused Noah of championing how he had acted thus far in the journey, and Noah thought Bennett's gesture was just a smug way of saying what he wanted to say.

Bennett repeated how Noah had "a zero percent chance of walking away with Tayshia," and Noah said if Tayshia heard him say that, she would definitely send Bennett home immediately.

Tayshia then joined the men and said she liked both of the men and had feelings for them both but she was frustrated and over their "petty issues."

Bennett told Tayshia that he felt no ill will or tension towards Noah, but Noah pointed out how Bennett had questioned Tayshia's decision to keep him around multiple times.

Bennett said it felt like he was arguing with an 11-year-old, and Tayshia said it sounded like "teenage-boy drama."

Tayshia told Bennett that he was essentially questioning her integrity, but Bennett replied, "I don't actually believe that I am."

Tayshia then asked the men to reveal what was in the sparkly gold and white gift box Bennett had brought on the date, and the episode ended on a cliffhanger.


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