The Bachelorette creator Mike Fleiss continues to live tweet as Season 12 starring Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher films, and the tweets include some juicy details.

"Some of the conversations today have been TVMA... #Bachelorette," Fleiss tweeted March 23, referring to the "TV-MA" television rating which means the TV program may only be suitable for mature audiences and not children under 17.

"According to our producers, yesterday's group date was 'the most dramatic-- ever!'" he wrote March 24. "JoJo is doing great. Happy and enjoying her journey!!!"

The following day, Fleiss teased, "One of the guys just discovered JoJo's birthmark."

He later followed that up with, "Substantial screen time for @chrisbharrison tonite. You know what that means... #Bachelorette."

On March 26, Fleiss revealed it was "a fun day at the mansion" for Fletcher.

"Pool party! 17 dudes. Six packs everywhere. #Bachelorette," he wrote.

Later that day, Fleiss dropped a bomb on Twitter.

"JoJo told me that she sees marriage material in 6 or 7 of the guys... I think she is gonna find love!!! #Bachelorette," Fleiss tweeted.

Afterward, Fletcher and her suitors took "off to the most exotic and romantic destinations in the world!!!"

But Fleiss admitted, "Some of the guys don't like each other. Should be an interesting 5-hour flight... #Bachelorette."

After pointing out that the Dallas real estate developer ate an entire box of Peeps on Easter, Fleiss wrote, "Today's date is going to the dogs... In a good way... #Bachelorette."

Also on March 28, Fleiss joked, "Hot tub!!!... No @jimmykimmel was not in the tub, this time. As far as we know... #TheBachelorette."

Fleiss then noticeably changed the hashtag from just "Bachelorette" to "The Bachelorette."

As of yesterday, Fletcher's "kiss total" was up to 5.5. When a follower asked Fleiss if someone "pulled a [Lace Morris]" -- meaning someone could've surprised and pecked the Bachelorette on the lips right out of the limo -- the executive producer replied, "Perhaps."

On Tuesday, Fleiss tweeted, "If JoJo sheds any tears today, she'll have to wipe them away with a Terrible Towel... #TheBachelorette."

A "terrible towel" refers to the rally towel associated with the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers team.

"Group date today. One of the guys has a distinct advantage... #TheBachelorette," he wrote.

The Bachelorette's twelfth season is set to premiere Monday, May 23 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.