The Bachelorette bachelor Sean Lowe, a 28-year-old insurance agent from Dallas, TX, was ousted by Bachelorette Emily Maynard during the eighth season's ninth Rose Ceremony at the end of Monday night's broadcast, determining Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Jef Holm as Emily's Final 2 bachelors.

When we talked to Sean last, he seemed in high spirits to discuss an earlier The Bachelorette episode in which he and Emily enjoyed a one-on-one date -- which he had referred to as one of the best days of his life -- and strengthened their relationship in London. However, during his conference call with reporters on Thursday, Sean was singing a different tune after the woman he loved and had every intention of marrying sent him home unexpectedly and broke his heart.

During Thursday's call, Sean talked to Reality TV World about his The Bachelorette experience and emotional exit. To read what he had to say, click here.

Below are some additional highlights from ABC's transcript of the rest of Sean's call with reporters -- including why he said watching Emily's dates with Arie and Jef was "therapeutic," whether he felt any relief about dodging the responsibilities of being a husband and stepfather so quickly and what he would say to Emily right now if given the chance.

What's the biggest thing you've learned from watching the episodes back, or from reading things online, what's been the biggest shock or surprise to you?

Sean Lowe: Honestly, I don't think that there's been any big shocks or surprises, but the one thing that has happened that I wasn't really expecting was, you know, watching her relationships with Jef and Arie in particular. It's been pretty therapeutic for me. 

You know, obviously it was tough for me to go through all of that stuff, and ultimately, I had my heart broken there at the end.  But, to go back and watch her interact with these other guys, I think it was healthy for me as far as getting over the relationship and everything.  So, that was kind of surprising, and ultimately, I think that was good for me to see.

Emily seemed concerned about some of the things she heard when she came home to meet your family like the comment about you treating girlfriends like buddies.  Do you think that hometown date ultimately had anything to do with you being eliminated when you were?

Sean Lowe: No, I don't think it had anything to do with that at all.  In fact, I think I clarified that on our date in Curacao.  And I believe my family was just talking about one in particular girlfriend, and it was true, I did treat her more like a buddy. 

And honestly, I shouldn't have let that relationship last as long as I did -- although I cared for that girl very much, I just knew that I wasn't going to end up with her.  So, I think after our date in Curacao, Emily made a comment like, "I thought it was you," after that date.  And she actually reiterated that later on as well, so I don't think the hometown date had anything to do with me leaving.

We actually wanted to follow up on what you were just saying about how it was therapeutic watching Jef and Arie's relationships develop.  Can you talk a little bit more about what you mean by that?

Sean Lowe: Sure.  I mean, in my head after I left all I knew was what Emily and I had together.  And I had no idea what she had with Jef and Arie because, frankly, I didn't ask Jef and Arie when we were going through this together.  And I didn't really want to know.  So, I just kind of blocked that out, and I pretended that it was just me and Emily the whole time. 

So, to see her have such strong feelings for two other guys, it helped me because I might have built it up more than it really was in my head -- thinking Emily and I had this strong relationship and I'm pretty sure she made a mistake, and so on.

At the end of the day, I think her relationship with Jef and Arie was just as strong, if not stronger.  So, it was good for me to see that, and that just helped me move on a little quicker.

Who do you think she's going to pick?

Sean Lowe: I honestly think it's anybody's guess.  Those guys are very similar in a lot of ways, and they also have a lot of glaring differences as well, so at the end of the day they're both great guys.  There's no way I could pick.  I don't know.

Looking back, were you at all relieved that you weren't getting engaged and about to be a step-father, or was that really hard to get over?

Sean Lowe: You know, it was pretty difficult to get over, and that was the first time I had ever experienced heartbreak in my life.  I was certainly prepared to be a step-father and to get married. 

And now that we've had some time and distance, I think that she ultimately made the right decision, and she's not the one that I'm not supposed to be with for the rest of my life.  So, in a way, I'm thankful that it ended where it did for me, and I think she made the right decision.

You said earlier that Arie and Jef kind of have a lot of similarities and some differences between the two of them.  So what is one thing about each guy that you think is a reason that Emily is falling for them?  And is there one thing about each one of the guys that you think is holding her back from them?

Sean Lowe:  You know, Jef is his own person, which would probably be an attractive quality to most women.  You know, he's really funny, and he's fun to be around.  And Arie's kind of his own person too.  He's got that European flare to him where he's not the macho American guy -- like we're so use to seeing -- and he's also got a great sense of humor. 

So, I think the common bond that Jef and Arie both have is that they're funny guys and they're easy to be around.  So, I could see why Emily fell for both of those guys.

I know this season, there's such really cool guys and you seemed like you got along pretty well with the exception of one or two.  But, was there something that you guys did in your down time off-camera that you look back on and laugh about? 

Sean Lowe:  I think we did a lot of funny things and ultimately, it was just guys being guys.  So, in our down time we were either cutting up and cracking jokes or wrestling, or you know, doing things that guys do.  We would throw the football around every chance we got, or like in Charlotte, we would hang out by the pool and grill steaks, you know, guys being guys.

And I can't think of one particular funny thing that I would put out there for the whole world to hear.  I'll just leave it at this, we had a great time and I made so many good friendships along the way, and that's one of the things I was really not expecting to get out of this whole thing. So that was really cool.

Out of the two guys left, which guy seems less prepared to get married at this point and time? Does either guy have jitters?

Sean Lowe:  I think they're both equally prepared, honestly.  They're both in stages of their lives where they could take on being a father, and certainly being a great husband as well.  So, I wouldn't say one is less prepared than the other.

Did either Jef or Arie show that they have fears, or hesitations behind closed doors when they weren't around Emily?

Sean Lowe:  No, not that I saw.  In fact, I was kind of expecting for guys to open up and say how they really felt about the whole process when cameras weren't on, and in the case of Jef and Arie, they both did tell us how they really felt.  But, it was always, "I'm prepared to be a dad and prepared to marry Emily."  So, they certainly didn't say anything negatively towards being a father.

If you could talk to Emily right now, what would you ask her, and do you have anything you want to say to her?

Sean Lowe:  The only thing that I would say to Emily is I wish nothing but the best for you, and the feelings that I had in Curacao and opening up and telling her that I loved her, they were real, and I don't take those back. 

But, I know she had to do what was best for her, and I'm at a point in my life now where I understand that.  And I know it was best for me also.  So, like I said, I wish nothing but the best for her.  And as far as questions go, I really don't have any questions.  I think all of my questions have been answered.

What have you learned from your relationship with Emily that you'll take and use in your future relationships?

Sean Lowe:  Well, the first thing is, Emily really showed me what I want out of life.  That was the first time where I thought to myself, "I want to spend the rest of my life with this one person."  And that was such a good feeling, and I want to find that with someone else.  So, hopefully I do find that love that will ultimately last forever and hopefully that comes around sooner, rather than later.

Can you give me three reasons you think you would be a great Bachelor?

Sean Lowe:  That's good.  I don't want to sound like I'm selling myself, but I think people have come to understand that I'm genuine, I'm loving, and ultimately I want to find love.  So, I think those three would probably be three pretty good reasons.

Now the other person who's rumored to be up for the Bachelor is Roberto Martinez. Do you think you'd make a more entertaining Bachelor than him?

Sean Lowe:  Actually, I have no idea.  I didn't watch Roberto's season.  I'm sure he's great, but I couldn't tell you if he would be more entertaining or I would.

When you took Emily to your hometown, you kind of played a prank on her -- actually, a couple. And you said that Arie and Jef seem to have a sense of humor as well.  Do you find yourself a really funny person, usually?

Sean Lowe:  I would like to think so.  I like to think so... They started showing that trailer like a week prior to the episode airing, so for that week, I just had to suck it up.  People were calling me a loser, you know, "He's 28-years-old and still living with his mom and dad." And I wanted to say something so badly, but I just couldn't.  So, I had to be a loser for a week.

Who are you closest with out of all the previously-eliminated bachelors along with Arie and Jef?

Sean Lowe:  I was closest to [John Wolfner] and [Doug Clerget], and I was close to [Alejandro Velez].  And believe it or not, I was pretty close to [Ryan Bowers] as well.

I just wanted to ask what you thought of the whole TV experience.  Did you like being on TV?  And would you like to be on even another show, if not The Bachelor?

Sean Lowe: I thought the TV experience was cool, a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I have no desire to be on TV. I'm not one of those guys who's going to keep chasing 15 additional minutes of fame.  You know, I had a great time doing The Bachelorette, and I'm happy living my normal life, going to work every day -- no complaints there.  So, I don't think I'm going to search for any other shows to be a part of.

How do you feel about your co-stars doing the Bachelor Pad?  Are you going to watch them?

Sean Lowe:  I've got to watch them.  [Tony Pieper], and [Chris Bukowski], and [Kalon McMahon], those are three entertaining guys.  And I know Tony didn't get a lot of air time, so I'll be anxious to see if he has a bigger presence on Bachelor Pad.  And now, I'm kind of a part of this big Bachelor family, and it's just kind of cool to see what the other previous cast members are up to.  So, I'll definitely be tuning in.

So, have you met any of the former The Bachelorette stars?

Sean Lowe:  Well, I met DeAnna Pappas not too long ago.  And then, I met a lot of Bachelor contestants -- the bachelorettes who were on The Bachelor.  So, I've had a chance to meet several ladies that have been on the show.

Do you think you would ever go on a date with one of them?  Since you guys do have all of this in common, this whole experience.  Would you try it out? 

Sean Lowe:  I wouldn't rule it out.  If she was sweet and genuine and was honestly interested in getting to know me, I wouldn't rule it out.

But if Emily is engaged, do you think you would attend the wedding if you were invited, and why or why not?

Sean Lowe:  I don't think I would attend and only because I think it would be a little bit weird for the groom whether it's Arie or Jef, if a guy was there that she recently had a relationship with.  So, out of respect to the groom, I would not attend.

If the groom did say it was okay, and it was all in good fun, would you still go?

Sean Lowe:  In that case I would think about it, sure.

Above are some additional highlights from ABC's transcript of the rest of Sean's call with reporters. To read what he had to tell Reality TV World, click here.