The Bachelor star Sean Lowe admits his decision to give Tierra LiCausi the group date's rose was hasty and there was a side to the bachelorette he hadn't seen yet up to that point.   

"I'll admit my decision to give her the rose was a symbolic Band-Aid. I wanted Tierra to be happy and I wanted to fix whatever was wrong with her. Isn't that what boyfriends are supposed to do? It was obviously a rash decision that was not received well by the other women. But please keep in mind I had not seen the Tierra they had," Lowe wrote on his People blog.

"I don't know what it was about Tierra, but I definitely felt a connection with her that goes back to the first night and I didn't like seeing her upset. Once again, I did my best to reassure her of my feelings... What I didn't know was how much the other women disliked her. For the most part, Tierra was all smiles around me so I didn't know she was showing the women another side."

Amanda Meyer was in a similar boat, as many of the girls in the house thought she was "weird" and had a "negative energy" although she always seemed to perk up around Lowe. In the end though, their chemistry apparently wasn't strong enough. 

"I sent Amanda home because I just didn't feel a lasting connection with her. Until the show aired, I had no idea that she was a source of drama in the house. Amanda was always very sweet around me and I wish her all the best in the future," Lowe said, adding that he also lacked romantic feelings for Leslie Hughes
"The conversation was effortless and she made me laugh a lot, but I never found the spark I was looking for. Sending her home was one of the more difficult things I had to do all season because I knew she didn't see it coming. I admired and respected Leslie for so many reasons, but I knew she wasn't the one for me."

Sparks were flying, however, with bachelorette Selma Alameri -- who was raised in a strict Arabic culture and acknowledged she'd prefer not to kiss a guy in public in fear it would upset her traditional mother -- according to Lowe.

"It surprised me because she is so affectionate. After hearing about her mom's beliefs, I completely understood. She was in a tough spot and wanted to kiss me but she had too much respect for her mom," said The Bachelor star.

"The no-kissing thing made our relationship more exciting because I had something to look forward to. Plus, Selma's heart and personality were more than enough. Selma left with a rose and with a piece of my heart. Once again, I was starting to fall for another woman."

Lowe also noted he was on his way to developing strong feelings for Catherine Giudici.

"[The cocktail reception was a] big turning point for Catherine and me. She always stood out in my mind as someone very unique and different. She tapped into my inner nerd, which I loved, but I was afraid that she was putting me in the 'friend zone' because every time I tried to show her affection, it didn't feel like she would reciprocate. And yes, that's right everyone -- I'm a nerd. Deal with it," Lowe wrote.

"I was surprised when Catherine gave me the card with a kiss of lipstick on it. I'd call that 'aggressive friend zone.' She told me she wanted to kiss me but couldn't while the other girls were in sight. She was so nervous that she buried her head in my chest and wouldn't look up."

Added the Bachelor, "After a few seconds I told her, 'It's okay to look up,' and then we had our first kiss. What you didn't see was her excitement after. She was giddy and suggested that we frolic -- definitely the first time I received that request, so I obliged. We skipped around the driveway... and then played 'Dungeons and Dragons' (not really)."