Jenelle Evans has reportedly suffered a miscarriage.

The 21-year-old Teen Mom 2 star "was just now released from Onslow County Hospital" and she "suffered a lot of bleeding, is drained and [ex-fiance Gary Head] is there to comfort her," a source told E! News late last week.

Evans' Twitter has been consistent with the source's claims, as she admitted on Sunday she was very upset about something.

"Super depressed, Brunswick County homebound soon <3," tweeted Evans, who filed four assault charges last Wednesday against husband Courtland Rogers, the baby's father. 

On Friday, Evans tweeted, "And this is the end I think... F-CKKKKKKKKK. Feel light headed... THANK FUCKING GOD [Gary] IS HERE FOR ME."

Around the same time, Head tweeted, "With [Jenelle] at the hospital. Hopefully she gets better. I think I'm about to vomit or faint... All this blood. I'm surprised she's still standing. I'm surprised I'm still standing."

While Head apparently stayed by Evans' side during the incident, he was quick to squash rumors he's dating Evans again.

"I'm the only friend she has besides Tori. I can't believe people are thinking we are hooking up," he recently wrote on Twitter. "Well she knew i loved her but she had someone lined up before we even ended. I dont have time for some1 who doesnt want me. Im done caring. I tried. Ill move on."

In response to both parties' stream of messages, Rogers tweeted that Head and Evans "deserve each other." Late last night, he also posted a photo of himself with a new girl and bragged she is "sooo much sexier than jenelle" and he's "in love."

Evans was seven weeks pregnant at the time of her alleged miscarriage.

The reality TV star got engaged to Head in May of last year but called off the engagement a few months later during the summer. She got engaged again shortly afterwards to Rogers in November. The couple then wed in early December in a quickie ceremony.