The Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis has opened up about his hometown dates with Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley, calling one of them "not easy."

When Galavis visited Crawley and met her family in Sacramento, CA, he said his experience was "very interesting" to say the least, as Crawley is one of six sisters. Galavis met her siblings, her mother, and a brother-in-law.

"Opening the door at Clare's sister's house and seeing a bunch of women and just one guy was kind of funny. In my country, we would say, "Dichoso entre todas las mujeres," ("Blessed among these women"), but sometimes it is kind of with a sarcastic tone because [it] is not easy," Galavis wrote in his People blog.

"Her mom cooked some Mexican food (which I love), and Clare had her special recipe, with no cheese, because of her allergies to it. My conversations with her sisters were very nice. They all understood the situation pretty well, especially her mom, whom I had a great time speaking Spanish with. At the end of our talk, she even told me I was welcome in her house whether or not I choose Clare at the end of my adventure."

Galavis admitted it got "a little tense" when Crawley's sister Laura became protective and skeptical, but he felt he was able to quickly smooth things over during their private conversation.

Before meeting her family, Galavis spent some time with Crawley alone in a park, where she told him emotional stories about her deceased father whom she loved and dearly respected. One story included how her father had shared a first dance with Crawley prior to his passing, pretending it was on her wedding day.

"The fact that her dad told her to pick a song right away and danced with her made me swallow hard, I almost cried. He was such an amazing person," Galavis said.

Afterwards, the couple went for ice cream and Crawley gave Galavis a haircut, which Monday night's episode did not feature.

Galavis also seemed to have a wonderful time meeting Ferrell's family during her hometown date in Kansas City, MO.

"[Nikki] looked amazing. It was like three days before her birthday, so I decided to give her a little present. She was very excited," Galavis explained.

After eating some barbecue ribs, Ferrell decided to test Galavis' cowboy skills at a local bar.

"It was my first time on a mechanical bull, and I don't think I did that badly. I have to tell you guys a secret -- I was such a rookie on the bull that when it moved, it kind of squeezed my nuts," he admitted.
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Galavis was then introduced to Ferrell's very welcoming family.

"Meeting Nikki's family was great. Her mom is so funny, and her dad reminds me of my dad -- very smart, honest, wise and cares for his children. Her brothers also were great. Eric, the youngest one, talked to me for a bit, and he was like, 'Whatever my sister wants is okay.' However, her other brother Alex was very concerned about my intentions with his sister," Galavis wrote in his blog.

"Her dad told me something that I really appreciated. He told me he wanted the guy who proposed to his daughter to be 100 percent sure he is ready for marriage. I told him that in this situation that would be very difficult, but I respected his opinion 100 percent."