The Bachelor star Ben Flajnik says he had a breakthrough moment during his date with bachelorette Lindzi Cox in Switzerland.

"For the first time, I truly felt in love with this woman and was really looking forward to dinner to see if she was feeling the same way," Flajnik wrote on his People blog about the date, which viewers saw during last night's The Bachelor broadcast.

"[Then at dinner], Lindzi surprised me with her openness and honesty, and I began to feel more for her in that moment than I ever had before. Our feelings for each other are real and genuine."

While Flajnik has seemingly been the most physically drawn to bachelorette Courtney Robertson throughout The Bachelor's currently-airing sixteenth season, he expressed how Cox isn't any less beautiful and was in fact very attractive in more ways than one. 

"She is always up for anything, and that is a really attractive quality. Speaking of attractive, sometimes I'm awestruck when looking at Lindzi. I find her to be so beautiful, even when I put her in a helmet and harness and dangle her from a rope," The Bachelor star said, referencing how the couple went rappelling during their date in Switzerland.

Flajnik explained he continued to fall for Cox because he appreciated how she became increasingly more vulnerable throughout her journey on the show and showed him both a fun and serious side when appropriate.

"Lindzi really started to open up to me even more. I know it's hard for her and that she likes to go for the joke before the serious moment. Sometimes it's great to be with someone who is so playful and light-hearted, but I also want to be married to someone who I can have serious discussions with and will tell me how she really feels. The last few weeks, Lindzi has been doing that," he said.

Flajnik's feelings for Cox and Robertson were apparently strong enough to outweigh his connection with bachelorette Nicki Sterling, whom he raved about despite eliminating her during Monday night's episode.

"I felt even closer to her than I ever had before. She is a woman who I really feel would have transitioned nicely into my life, and she is strong, supportive, confident, sexy and a blast to be with. Unfortunately, there are two other women here who I feel the same way about," he said of Sterling.

"I couldn't verbalize my feelings the way I wanted to when Nicki left. I wanted to tell her all of the wonderful things I loved about her, but I was afraid it would hurt her even more. I hope Nicki knows how much I care for her and how I feel like the luckiest guy to have had the relationship we had together."

Flajnik added he had trouble giving his bachelorettes closure in general, as he admitted he wasn't really ready for some of his relationships to be over.

"I can see why Kacie went home confused. Honestly, all of the women [eliminated] should feel that way because I wasn't necessarily at the end of the road in those relationships. I have incredibly strong feelings for all of them and would have dated them longer if the situation had been different," The Bachelor star said.
About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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