The Bachelor spoilers give away the ending of Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season weeks before Season 22's finale, so look no further for the details on Arie's final decisions and current relationship status.

Arie eliminated Seinne Fleming and Bekah Martinez in Tuscany, Italy, and viewers also saw Jacqueline Trumbull quit.

The 36-year-old pro racing driver turned real estate agent therefore narrowed down his search for love to only four bachelorette: Kendall Long, Lauren Burnham, Tia Booth, and Becca Kufrin.

With only four ladies remaining, they will be afforded the chance to take Arie home to meet their families in the next February 19 broadcast on ABC.

So who survives the hometown dates, the subsequent overnight Fantasy Suite dates, and then the ultimate Final Rose Ceremony?

[Spoiler Warning: Please stop reading now if you don't want to learn whether Arie got engaged and is still dating The Bachelor season's winner].

According to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone, Arie did in fact propose marriage at the Final Rose Ceremony that filmed in Cusco, Peru in November 2017.

The winner who received Arie's final rose and a Neil Lane diamond engagement ring was allegedly Becca.

And the woman who finished in second place as Arie's runner-up was Lauren, says Carbone.

Arie therefore ended The Bachelor process by getting engaged to the woman of his dreams. However, the Bachelor reportedly pulled a Mesnick!

As fans probably recall, one of the most dramatic moments in show history was when former The Bachelor star Jason Mesnick dumped his fiancee, Melissa Rycroft, during After the Final Rose and then begged his runner-up, Molly Malaney, to take him back live on national television. (Molly did give Jason a second chance, and now they're happily married).

The only difference between Arie and Jason? Arie already dumped Becca, Carbone claims, and Lauren took Arie back as the show has been airing on ABC. So when Arie appears on the live After the Final Rose special in March, it's expected Lauren will be his girlfriend.

Arie allegedly broke up with Becca, however, on-camera, and so the footage will air as part of The Bachelor finale. Arie's reconciliation with Lauren was also reportedly taped for the show.
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So what the heck happened?! Carbone says Arie began having second thoughts about popping the question to Becca in the month-and-a-half between when filming Season 22 wrapped and the show premiered on January 1, 2018.

Arie allegedly determined he had made a mistake, and so he called Lauren on the phone on the night of his season's debut.

A source told Carbone on January 16 that "Arie broke up with Becca" and was "heading to Virginia to film." Virginia is where Lauren's mother lives, and sure enough, a photo surfaced hours later of ABC vans parked in the driveway of the mother's house.

"This is what happened. It's not wrong... If you honestly think I'm reporting this based off a hunch, or some wishful thinking, or something to stir the pot, then you don't know how I function," Carbone bragged in his blog.

"The guy who whined to us about not being in love for five years since [Emily Maynard]. The guy who's now a matured man and is 'not looking for someone to date, is looking for my wife,' couldn't give it more than TWO MONTHS to [Becca] who had an ex-boyfriend show up, propose to her, have her REJECT IT, and then accept Arie's proposal."

(To read what happens when Becca's ex-boyfriend shows up on The Bachelor and attempts to win her back, click here).

But let's rewind a little bit and dig into what happens on The Bachelor from this point forward, starting with the February 19 episode airing at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

Arie teased that the four women's hometown dates will be tense, pressure-filled and uncomfortable.

"Meeting the families was even more stressful and dramatic than I anticipated," Arie wrote in his People blog. "You'll see people question my past, my intentions and my character. I'm forced to confront rumors and try to win people over who don't want me dating their daughter."

Arie will travel to Los Angeles first for Kendall, an analytical and unconventional bachelorette, and he'll experience "one of most bizarre dates in Bachelor history," according to the network.

Afterward, Arie goes to Weiner, AR, for Tia, a feisty southern belle. Next up, Arie will travel to Prior Lake, MN, where he'll join the humble and down-to-earth Becca and her "no-nonsense midwestern family" for the day.

And Arie's last stop will be Virginia Beach, VA, where Lauren and her family await him with some intimidating questions. ABC says Arie's hometown date with Lauren will be his "biggest test yet" of the season because her parents of very skeptical of his intentions.

At the subsequent Rose Ceremony in Los Angeles, ABC says, "[Arie] can imagine each woman as his wife. He has no idea who he will let go. After finally gathering his nerve, he does something totally unexpected, leaving one woman shocked and devastated. Her heartbreak forces him to re-examine his decision."

In Arie's blog, he called this elimination "one of the single hardest decisions of my entire life."

According to Carbone, Arie ousts Tia after her hometown date. This decision leaves Arie with Kendall, Lauren and Becca.

Arie and the three ladies will allegedly then head to Ica, Peru, where the bachelorettes will each enjoy an overnight Fantasy Suite date with Arie.

Following Arie's romantic and possibly intimate night with Kendall, Carbone says the Bachelor sends her home. This sets up the Becca vs. Lauren finale.

Below is the list of four bachelorettes who are still in the running for Arie's heart on The Bachelor:

- Becca Kufrin, a 27-year-old publicist from Minneapolis, MN

- Kendall Long, a 26-year-old creative director from Los Angeles, CA

- Lauren Burnham, a 25-year-old technology salesperson from Dallas, TX

- Tia Booth, a 26-year-old physical therapist from Weiner, AR