The Bachelor's 24th season premiered with an intense and emotional reunion for Peter Weber and Hannah Brown in which they admitted they weren't over each other while Peter was supposed to be focused on his 30 bachelorettes during Monday night's three-hour episode on ABC.

After Peter met his 30 bachelorettes for Season 24, Hannah stepped out of a limo on Night 1 -- but only to return the wings clip Peter had given her when they met on The Bachelorette's fifteenth season.


However, when Hannah later returned to host a "sex stories" group date for Peter and nine of his bachelorettes, Hannah admitted to a producer she still cared for and loved Peter.

"But sometimes things just don't work," Hannah said, before breaking down into tears.

Hannah and Peter admit lingering feelings

Peter's confidence in his decision to star as the Bachelor was shaken at the sight of a distraught Hannah backstage.

He discovered the former The Bachelorette star -- who was competing on Dancing with the Stars at the time of filming -- crying alone in a quiet room, so Peter took a seat next to her on a sofa.

Peter first asked Hannah how she was doing, and she replied, "Not okay. I'm really sorry."

Hannah told Peter that she was happy for him and his new Bachelor gig, but she admitted it was "just a lot" and seeing him at the mansion on Night 1 was "terrible."

"A little bit of me was kind of hoping that you weren't just dropping something off, that you were coming in... but I appreciated you bringing the wings back, but you didn't have to do that... No matter what, you're always going to mean so much to me," Peter told her.

Peter recalled crying his eyes out in Greece when Hannah eliminated him while Hannah had mascara running down her face from bawling. Peter tried to comfort Hannah, but it seemed he didn't really know what to say.


"I don't know Peter. I question what I should've done. I question a lot," Hannah said through her tears. "But..."
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"You know how you asked [runner-up Tyler Cameron] out in the last episode? Did it ever cross your mind to maybe ask me for that instead? If not, [that's fine]. I just haven't asked you that and it's been on my mind for a long time," Peter said.

"There was still something when I saw you at [After the Final Rose]," confessed Hannah, who was single at that point because she had dumped her fiance Jed for having lied about the extent of his dating history prior to the show.

Peter said watching that episode unfold live and seeing Hannah ask Tyler out was pretty much the nail in the coffin for his relationship with Hannah because he didn't want to be her "third option."

Peter, however, noted it was tough to later discover Hannah had moved 20 minutes from where he lives in California.

"I thought that I was not confused, but now I don't know. I don't know. What the f-ck do I do right now? I don't know what I'm doing," Peter vented in frustration.

Peter then leaned into Hannah and asked, "What would you -- this is so insane. What would you say if I asked you to come and be part of that house?"

"I mean, maybe," Hannah answered. "Oh my gosh. There's a lot that I don't know."

"Do you regret sending me home at all in Crete?" Peter asked.

"Yeah, Peter. I question it all the time," Hannah said.


"I felt zero doubt. Even when you said Jed's name first, I was so sure that you were calling my name, and then obviously you didn't," Peter recalled.

"I told you that I had no doubts it was going to be you and Jed... that you were going to meet my family," Hannah insisted.

"You never told me that," Peter said.

"Yes I did," Hannah argued.

"No you didn't," Peter noted.

Hannah admitted she didn't want to change her mind about Jed because it was comfortable and "falling back into the same thing."

Hannah hated how many hearts -- including her own -- she had broken through her The Bachelorette experience.

Peter then recalled watching the live finale at his aunt's house with his parents.

"I was telling my parents, 'If she wants to try this again, I am 100 percent onboard. But my heart just sank when you asked Tyler out. And I love Tyler, and it's nothing against him," Peter said.

"Well, he was, like, reaching out and you didn't say anything," Hannah said.

"I didn't know where you were. I knew you were upset and dealing with this, so I didn't reach out to you and you didn't reach out to me. I didn't know if you just wanted to get past it... I thought you wanted to be the Bachelor."


Hannah continued, "And when I walked out there on [AFR] I felt a lot more than I thought I was going to. I didn't think there would be that much spark. Because I knew there was still something there."

Peter asked Hannah what that meant, but she didn't know what to say or what he was asking her.

Peter said he was "so confused" because he didn't know what Hannah wanted, but at the same time, he did want her to compete for his heart on the show.

Peter was shocked when he saw Hannah again on Night 1 and didn't know what to do or how to proceed.

"This is the first week this whole thing is starting and I'm obviously not 100 percent where I thought I was," Peter admitted. "I don't know what to do."

Peter then broke down into tears in a confessional.

"I can't help how my heart feels. I look at her and I just don't want to stop looking at her and I want to just kiss her and just have had all this work out. And it didn't. And I know it didn't," Peter explained to cameras.

"I just feel like such a jerk because I have such awesome girls here expecting to meet someone that was truly ready to have this work for them as well. And -- I don't know."

Who got eliminated?

In addition to the jaw-dropping conversation between Hannah and Peter, Peter also eliminated a whopping eight bachelorettes from his lineup of ladies during the first Rose Ceremony of the season.

Peter chose to send Eunice Cho, a 23-year-old flight attendant from Chicago, IL; Kylie Ramos, a 26-year-old entertainment sales associate from Santa Monica, CA; Maurissa Gunn, a 23-year-old patient care coordinator and former Miss Montana Teen USA 2013 from Atlanta, GA; and Katrina Badowski, a 28-year-old NFL football team dancer from Chicago, IL, packing.


Peter also denied roses to Jade Gillibrand, a 26-year-old flight attendant from Mesa, AZ; Megan Hops, a 26-year-old flight attendant from San Francisco, CA; Avonlea Elkins, a 27-year-old cattle rancher and model from Fort Worth, TX; and Jenna Serrano, a 22-year-old nursing student from New Lenox, IL.

Back to the beginning

The Bachelor broadcast began with a look back to when Peter had his heart broken by Hannah Brown on Season 15 of The Bachelorette.

Peter's mother Barbara Weber said Peter was "madly, head over heels in love" with Hannah Brown and so it was hard to watch her son come home from his journey on The Bachelorette.

However, Peter was looking forward to finding that once-in-a-lifetime and forever type of love, which is what his beloved parents had found with each other.

Peter felt lucky to grow up in a family with so much love, and he hoped to have a family of his own one day. He wanted to find a girl who could become his best friend and has a kind, sweet heart.

Peter had "such a good feeling" about being the Bachelor, and he was "so excited and so hopeful" he'd find love again.

"I'm going to go find my wife," Peter told the cameras.

Viewers meet the bachelorettes

Viewers were then introduced to several of the women competing for Peter's heart this season.


Alexa Caves, a 27-year-old esthetician from Chicago, IL, said she owns a business of waxing and finds her job fulfilling.

Hannah Ann Sluss, a 23-year-old model from Knoxville, TN, has gotten to travel and meet new people, but she claims to be a normal girl with strong family values.

Tammy Ly, a 24-year-old house flipper from Syracuse, NY, is also a fighter, wrestler and real estate agent. She's happy with what she has achieved at a young age and says she's a jet-setter who loves traveling.

Victoria Paul, a 27-year-old nurse from Alexandria, LA, enjoys taking care of patients and helping others.

Growing up, Victoria P. was her sister's primary caregiver because their father had passed away when Victoria was only two years old and their mother had fallen into addiction.

Victoria P. said she had to grow up fast and young because there were times when she didn't have shoes that fit or know where her next meal would come from. However, Victoria P.'s mother appears to be doing well now.

Kelley Flanagan, a 27-year-old attorney from Chicago, IL, works with her entire family and has "super overprotective" brothers. She apparently saw Peter in the lobby of a hotel once in California when he was there for his 10-year high school reunion and she was attending a friend's wedding.

"That was a major sign being sent to me, saying, 'Hey, you should really do this,'" Kelley told the cameras.

Madison Prewett, a 23-year-old foster parent recruiter from Auburn, AL, was a high school basketball star who loves a good challenge -- and challenging others -- and has a super close relationship with her father.

Madison thought Peter was sweet and genuine before going on the show, so she was thrilled to meet and date him.


Maurissa works for two plastic surgeons. She loves making women feel great about their looks, especially since she had gained and lost about 80 pounds after her pageant days.

Maurissa said she's now confident and in control of her life, so she's ready to find a life partner.

Peter meets the bachelorettes

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison then greeted Peter at The Bachelor mansion in Malibu and asked of Hannah, "Are you over it? Are you over Hannah?"

After a slight hesitation, Peter replied, "I am. I am. I would not be here tonight if I wasn't ready to put that behind me and move forward. I'm so hopeful that at the end of this, I can find that love."

Peter was then introduced to his 30 bachelorettes for Season 24, and the first set of ladies to pull up in a limo swooned over the sight of Peter in the driveway.

When Alayah Benavidez, a 24-year-old Miss Texas 2019 from San Antonio, TX, stepped out, Peter just said, "Wow," at the sight of her revealing low-cut dress and long brown hair.

Alayah gave Peter a letter from her grandmother Rosemary, and Alayah quickly learned Rose is a family name for Peter as well considering one of his grandmothers is named Rose.

"Wow," Peter repeated on Alayah's way out. "That's a way to start the night."


Peter then met Sydney Hightower, a 24-year-old retail marketing manager from Birmingham, AL, and Hannah Ann, who hoped Peter would have space in his heart for another Hannah.

After introducing herself, Peter vented to the cameras about the stunning Hannah Ann, "I'm in trouble! Oh boy!" And Hannah Ann immediately gushed she was in love.

Peter also thought Lauren Jones, a 26-year-old marketing executive from Glendale, CA, looked "gorgeous" in her black, sparkly jumpsuit.

Introductions continued, and some of the standout first impressions belonged to Eunice, who wore a giant set of white wings on her back; Madison, who arrived in a giant paper airplane; Courtney Perry, a 26-year-old cosmetologist from Venice, FL, who rode in on a tiny airplane; and Kiarra Norman, a 23-year-old nanny from Kennesaw, GA, who had been zipped inside a suitcase and popped out.

Lexi Buchanan, a 26-year-old marketing coordinator from New York, NY, showed up in a sexy, red Corvette, and Deandra Kanu, a 23-year-old home care coordinator from Plano, TX, appeared dressed as a windmill and asked Peter if he was up for a fifth round, referring to how he had slept with Hannah Brown four times in a windmill during his Fantasy Suite date in Greece.

Kylie Ramos, a 26-year-old entertainment sales associate from Santa Monica, CA, offered Peter a strip of condoms, and Katrina told Peter, "You're going to fall in love with my hairless -- p-ssy -- cat," before showing him a frame photo of her hairless cat.

Jenna Serrano, a 22-year-old nursing student from New Lenox, IL, arrived at the mansion with her "emotional support cow," and Victoria Fuller, a 25-year-old medical sales representative from Virginia Beach, VA, told Peter that she has a dry sense of humor -- "but that's about the only thing that is dry."


Victoria F. wanted to establish herself in the very beginning, and so she was annoyed she had to be known as Victoria F. and not just Victoria.

Savannah Mullins, a 27-year-old realtor and MLB baseball team dancer from Houston, TX, blindfolded Peter and boldly kissed him on the lips. She was proud of herself for "coming out guns blazing."

And Kelley thought she and Peter had an immediate spark.

Peter said he remembered meeting Kelley in the hotel lobby about a month prior and actually hoped she'd be one of the bachelorettes on his season. The pair even shared a little dance outside the mansion to remember old times.

The other girls immediately became jealous thinking Kelley had a leg up on everyone else in the competition since she had met Peter before and gushed about "fate" bringing them back together again.

Hannah Brown also comes out of a Night 1 limo

Finally, Hannah Brown stepped out of a limo, and Peter's jaw dropped to the floor.

Hannah was speechless and Peter kept nervously laughing and repeating, "This is so weird," when they reunited at the spot where they had also initially met.

Hannah admitted she was nervous as well, and the other girls watched from a distance angry and confused.

Hannah said she had "mixed emotions" upon hearing Peter would star as the Bachelor, but she decided to just return the wings he had given her on Night 1 of The Bachelorette's fifteenth season. Hannah told Peter that he was going to be great as the show's lead.

Night 1 cocktail party

Peter subsequently addressed his groups of bachelorettes and confessed he had truly fallen in love with Hannah Brown. Peter spoke with a shaky voice, but he said he was optimistic he might be able to find love again as well as some magic in this process.

During the cocktail party, Alayah and Peter read the sweet letter from her grandmother together, which revealed Alayah is a hopeless romantic who's very real and enjoys a good book.


Madison told Peter he seemed genuine and vulnerable and so she was so happy when he was picked as the Bachelor, and Peter quickly learned many of the ladies were sweet, adorable and fun.

Peter felt a spark with multiple women right off the bat, and so he had so much hope the show would work for him.

Peter and Hannah Ann bonded over the love they have for their families, and Hannah Ann gifted him with a painting she had painted with her dad of the Great Smoky Mountains. Peter went in for a kiss with Hannah Ann, and she admitted he had given her butterflies.

Tammy could tell Peter likes a bold girl so she put him in handcuffs and searched him. She also went in for a kiss, and Peter laughed about how he never expected to kiss so many women on Night 1.

Peter also felt chemistry with Mykenna Dorn, a 22-year-old fashion blogger from Langley, British Columbia, Canada, whom he kissed by the cozy fireplace.

Hannah Ann later interrupted Peter's conversations with other women to show she can be bold although she's normally not aggressive. Hannah Ann even asked him flat out for a kiss during her third meeting with him, which frustrated the other women.

Hannah Ann said she didn't want to get caught up in the drama but she goes after what she wants.

Victoria F. got a moment with Peter that passed her by far too quickly, so she broke down into tears saying the meeting did not reach her expectations.

Peter was then shown telling Kelley she's the biggest sweetheart and he couldn't understand how she's still on the market single. He said Kelley made his heart beat fast, and he clearly had a little crush on her ever since they first met in the hotel.


However, Peter gave Hannah Ann the First Impression Rose because he loved hearing about her family and receiving the painting she had made for him. With that being said, they sealed the deal -- with another kiss.

"I cannot believe I got the First Impression Rose. I knew when I met him there was an instant connection and just looking in his eyes, I knew what I felt in my heart. Actually seeing it confirmed means the absolute world to me," Hannah Ann said in a confessional.

Mykenna was really disappointed to have not received the first rose because she had really put herself out there. Mykenna wished she had stolen more time with the Bachelor.

Peter sends eight bachelorettes home

In the early morning hours the following day, the first Rose Ceremony of the season commenced.

Peter handed out roses in the following order: Victoria P.; Madison; Kelley; Lexi; Savannah; Lauren; Tammy; Alayah; Jasmine Nguyen, a 25-year-old client relations manager from Houston, TX; Sydney; Natasha Parker, a 31-year-old event planner from New York, NY; Mykenna; Deandra Kanu, a 23-year-old home care coordinator from Plano, TX; Sarah Coffin, a 24-year-old medical radiographer from Knoxville, TN; and Alexa.

Peter then gave roses to Kelsey Weier, a 28-year-old professional clothier and former Miss Iowa USA 2017 from Des Moines, IA; Payton Moran, a 23-year-old business development representative from Wellesley, MA; Kiarra; Courtney Perry, a 26-year-old cosmetologist from Venice, FL; Shiann Lewis, a 27-year-old administrative assistant from Las Vegas, NV; and Victoria F.

Eight women therefore didn't make the cut and were sent home.

Peter goes on his first group date

Later on, Peter was shown enjoying his first group date of the season.

The bachelorettes who were invited on the first group date were Courtney, Deandra, Hannah Ann, Jasmine, Kelley, Shiann, Tammy, Victoria F., and Victoria P.

For the date that took place in the Los Angeles area, the ladies had to participate in "flight school" with the following special guests leading a set of drills: Veteran Marine Corps pilot Alisa Johnson and Katie Higgins Cook, the first female pilot in the Navy's elite Blue Angels demonstration squad.

The girls were required to take a math test, learn some aviation terminology, twist and turn upside down in a crazy contraption, and race through an obstacle course.

Victoria P. was really scared of being flipped upside down, saying she gets motion sickness very easily. However, she still followed through with the activity, and Peter was impressed by her bravery -- even though she apparently threw up afterward.

The obstacle course was comprised of spinning, inflating life vests, a wind tunnel, going through security, changing into uniform in a tight airplane bathroom, pedaling mini airplane bikes and more.

The winner of the competition would get to be Peter's co-pilot for a romantic flight, and all the girls wanted the job. But the course proved to be no easy task.

In the end, it was a showdown between Tammy and Kelley. Kelley drove straight through the course on her bike instead of navigating the course, so she ultimately won. Tammy felt upset because Kelley had cheated to win.

"Do you have WiFi up here? Because I feel a strong connection," Kelley joked during her flight, before telling the cameras she and Peter had picked up right where they had left off.

After Kelley enjoyed her private flight, Tammy called her out for cheating in front of a group of girls, but Kelley insisted she was just going with the flow and wasn't aware the rules were so strict. Kelley felt she had "a bunch of targets" on her back.

During the second half of the date, Peter thanked Victoria P. for putting so much effort into the date despite being afraid and feeling sick. Victoria P. explained that since she's a nurse, she's always helping others and so it felt great to have him rush to her aide.

Peter then picked a few flowers from the set and made a bouquet, which he handed to Victoria P. Peter clearly remembered a man had never given the bachelorette flowers before.

Meanwhile, the second Date Card of the season arrived for Madison at the mansion. Madison learned she'd be accompanying Peter on the first one-on-one date of the season.

Peter and Kelley then enjoyed a moment inside the same hotel where they had met. Peter said he had "a blast" with Kelley and asked her not to let a target on her back affect her attitude in the competition or their relationship.

Peter then picked Kelley up and put her on a counter, where he kissed her passionately.

Afterward, Peter gave the first group-date rose to Kelley. He confirmed their first spark had lit up again, and the other women were clearly jealous.

Madison Prewett gets the first one-on-one date

The next day, Peter embarked on a solo date with Madison, and Peter admitted he must have "a thing for southern girls."

Peter brought Madison to his parents' house, where his parents -- Barbara and Peter Weber Sr. -- were renewing their wedding vows after 31 years of marriage. Madison felt "so overwhelmed and honored" to attend the ceremony, which Peter officiated.

Madison told Peter's mother that she really liked Peter and felt like she had known him her whole life. Barbara thought Peter seemed "in awe" of Madison, which made her really happy.


At the end of the reception, Madison caught the bouquet, and she thought it was a great sign of things to come. Madison couldn't believe how comfortable she had felt with Peter's family and friends, saying it "felt like home" for her.

Madison wanted a lasting, unconditional love like what her parents have, similar to what Peter has been searching for. She didn't expect to have feelings for Peter so soon and admitted it was going to be really hard to share him.

"I can see your heart already, and I will do whatever I can to protect that and guard that for you. I'm just trying to live with you in the present right now... and not think about anyone else," Peter said, adding that Madison made that very easy to do.

Madison confessed she's a very cautious person who moves slowly in relationships, but she told Peter that she trusted him. In turn, she wanted Peter to trust his own heart and intuition.

Madison told Peter that she just wanted him to find his perfect match and she simply thought he's incredible. The date had exceeded her expectations and went beyond.

With that being said, Peter offered the date's rose to Madison, and he noted it was "a perfect first date." He was so glad Madison appreciated the meaning behind the day.

The date, however, wasn't over. Peter had one more surprise for Madison and it was a private concert by Tenille Arts. Peter felt so lucky to have Madison in his arms, and he said he was with "the most beautiful girl."

"This is a fairy tale," Peter said of his day with the brunette beauty, which ended with his family joining the pair at the concert.

Peter goes on his second group date

Meanwhile, the ladies at the mansion received a Date Card with the following names on it: Lauren, Sydney, Payton, Natasha, Alexa, Kelsey, Mykenna, Alayah, and Savannah.

Peter said he had no idea what the season's second group date entailed, and everyone then walked into a theater, where Hannah Brown was standing on the stage next to a shadow of a windmill.

The girls felt awkward to be in Hannah Brown's presence, especially when Hannah began recalling her intimate past with Peter and sharing her story of the windmill.


"I'm starting to think [during my season], 'Is he just a nice guy?' Let's just say he proved me wrong, and then proved me wrong again, and then again, and then again in the morning! Yeah, four f-cking times!" Hannah announced.

Hannah then asked each of the bachelorettes to share a personal story about sex, either a memorable time or a fantasy, in front of a live audience. Hannah told the girls having confidence about one's sexuality brings confidence to a relationship.

But as the girls rehearsed for their show, that's when Hannah ran off crying and Peter found her.

The Bachelor episode ended with Peter and Hannah's conversation and will be continued next week.

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