The Bachelor star Colton Underwood eliminated Kirpa Sudick and Hannah Brown and also saw Heather Martin quit before hometown dates during Monday night's Season 23 broadcast on ABC.

Colton sent Hannah B. home during a one-on-one date and then ousted Kirpa on a group date in Denver, CO.


"That is not what I want, so honestly, I'm f-cking pissed. I don't think his actions and his words really add up," Hannah B. said following her exit.

"He says he wants somebody who challenges him, who is spontaneous and makes him laugh, is funny, has depth and heart... and be honest. I don't know who else it's going to be if it's not me. It's just really frustrating. The desire in my heart is just to be loved so fearlessly by somebody. I will not allow myself to not feel chosen every single day, and I'll wait until whenever that is."

As for Heather, she decided to leave the show during the group date because she wasn't ready to introduce Colton to her parents and family.

The Bachelor broadcast began with Colton venting in Nha Trang how Demi Burnett, Sydney Lotuaco and Katie Morton all warned him before exiting the show there was a person or persons who weren't ready for an engagement.

Colton feared being rejected by the woman he comes to love, and he was beginning to question everyone and everything.

Colton and the seven remaining ladies -- Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Cassie Randolph, Hanna B., Hannah Godwin, Heather, Kirpa, and Tayshia Adams -- then traveled to Denver, CO, for a week of dates. But first, Colton tried to find some clarity and receive some advice from Season 20 The Bachelor star Ben Higgins.

Ben told Colton the hardest part of the journey was yet to come given he was about to meet four different families, so he needed to sit down with every girl and ask her intentions.

Ben said Colton needed to find out where each woman stood in her feelings for him and her feelings about getting engaged or married.


For the first date of the week, Colton and Tayshia walked the city streets of Denver with the Bachelor's beloved dog, Sniper.
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Tayshia planned to tell Colton which women left on the show weren't ready to settle down based on what Katie had said before she left.

After walking Sniper, wine tasting, eating ice cream, shopping at a local market and more, Tayshia opened up to Colton about which bachelorettes he should be wary about.

Colton expressed how he wasn't afraid about Tayshia's "readiness" at all, but he worried about potentially making the wrong decision in the end. Colton then asked Tayshia what she had seen or heard from being around the other girls.

Tayshia didn't want to "tattletale," but she said Cassie and Caelynn weren't genuine and those are the women whom Demi, Sydney and Katie were referring to.

"They're already talking about being the next Bachelorette, and they also have said they didn't think they were going to be ready to get engaged at the end of this," Tayshia told the Bachelor, adding that the girls were excited for the parties after the show and they "still have a lot to figure out."

Colton admitted he was "terrified" to not have his love reciprocated, and he vented to the cameras how it sucked.


Colton had no questions about Caelynn and Cassie before, but now he was concerned about their motives. Colton confessed to cameras this admission might ruin the rest of his day.

That night, Colton and Tayshia cooked together, and she thought it was the best date ever because they could act like a regular couple. Colton did end up having fun, and then the pair discussed Tayshia's family and her thoughts on an upcoming hometown date.

Tayshia confessed her dad might be "a little apprehensive" and "closed off" because he's very protective of her, especially after the way her last relationship had ended because she had been so hurt.

"I won't be able to get down on one knee if I don't have a father's blessing at the end of this," Colton warned Tayshia.

Tayshia could see her father accepting her new relationship after "taking a minute," and with that being said, Colton offered her a rose. Tayshia was falling in love in with Colton, and she was ecstatic.

"Tonight, I started to fall in love with Tayshia, and her walking out with my last name on her jersey could possibly be a little foreshadowing to her taking my name in the future," Colton said in a confessional before the couple kissed on a bed in an apartment building.

"Tayshia is someone who I could see at the end of this. This date we had tonight is something I could see doing with Tayshia for the rest of my life."


The next day, Colton embarked on another one-on-one with Caelynn. Colton thought he was falling in love with Caelynn too, so he decided to share one of his passions with her -- snowboarding, which she had never done before.

Colton, however, was heartbroken over Tayshia's claim Caelynn was more concerned about being the Bachelorette than being his future fiance. Colton wanted to hear Caelynn's side of things in order to determine where her head and her heart were at.

Colton then expressed to Caelynn how his guard was up because Tayshia had warned him she "wasn't quite ready" to get engaged and had discussed becoming the next Bachelorette.

"Who me?" Caelynn asked.

Caelynn said it didn't make any sense to her and she was shaking over such allegations. Caelynn worried about losing Colton "over something completely fabricated." Caelynn insisted she's "100 percent ready" for marriage and the Bachelorette comment blew her mind.

Colton therefore heard two totally different stories, but Caelynn was "confused" and "frustrated." She argued she would never put herself "through this emotional hell" if she didn't want to get engaged at the end of this.

Caelynn said those words never left her mouth, and she vented to cameras about how Tayshia was "insecure" and lying.

"I'm the only one that's falling in love with Colton, so f-ck her," Caelynn said. "Dude, I better get a rose because I will call that stupid b-tch out."


At dinner that night, Colton was distracted and didn't know what to think. He was more confused than ever with the ever-important hometown dates right around the corner.

All Caelynn could do was try to convince Colton she cared about him and wanted to get engaged, married and welcome children.

Caelynn then shared with Colton how she was falling in love with him, and Colton was beginning to trust his instincts. His confidence in their romance was growing, and then he let go of his doubts and offered Caelynn a rose.

Colton told Caelynn he was falling in love with her as well and no longer had any questions about her. Colton was going with his heart, and he was certain she was ready and on the show for him.

"I know I am falling in love with her. I know I am crazy about her and I know how I feel about her," Colton told the cameras.

The couple was then serenaded by country music artist Brett Young, and it was a very romantic conclusion to their date.

"I am in love with Colton. I believe Colton will get married and have kids together. I am very excited to spend the rest of my life with Colton," Colton said in a confessional.


Caelynn ultimately determined Tayshia was "fake" and "nasty" and they were no longer friends. The next day, she confronted Tayshia about her allegations, and the girl had a heated conversation.

Tayshia said she only addressed Katie's claims when Colton asked her for her thoughts, but Caelynn was done with Tayshia regardless and said she was going to stop caring about what the girls thought and said about her.

The following day, Colton brought Hannah B. on a one-on-one date, which is exactly what she needed to feel good about taking him home to meet her family. Hannah G. and Cassie, however, were really bummed about his date choices and had anxiety going into the group date.

For their one-on-one date, Colton actually surprised Hannah B. by letting her meet his parents. Hannah B. was so flattered Colton would want her to meet his loved ones, and she expressed to his family about how she could absolutely envision a future with him.

Colton's dad Scott then advised Colton not to trust others' comments. Scott said he needed to follow his gut and instinct because that never served him wrong before. Scott also added Colton shouldn't second guess his decisions on this journey.

As the guys spoke, Hannah B. admitted to Colton's mom that she was in love with the Bachelor, but Colton confessed to his dad he wasn't there yet with her.

After the visit, Colton was quiet -- so much so that Hannah B. had to ask the Bachelor if he was okay. Colton needed the evening portion of the date to figure out whether he could fall in love with Hannah B. in return.


That night, the couple enjoyed a romantic dinner. Colton asked Hannah B. why she was so confident in her love for him, and she explained she doesn't date just to date, that she dates for marriage.

Hannah B. said there's nothing she'd be missing out on by settling down at this stage in her life and falling in love with him was "a really good feeling."

Colton appreciated Hannah B.'s openness and vulnerability, but he realized he couldn't match her feelings and may not be able to get there.

"Am I ready for us? I don't know if I'm there, and going into hometowns, I can't shake your father's hand and look him in the eye if I know I have any doubts in our relationship," Colton told Hannah B., letting her go.

"I know you got everything I could give you here. I am a little confused as to what you want, but I'm glad to know that now. I wouldn't want you to come meet my family if you feel that way. I don't deserve that," Hannah told him.

Colton then told Hannah B. she was going to make a man incredibly happy, and he walked her out after an awkward hug.

Colton felt awful to break Hannah B.'s heart because she had done everything he asked throughout this process.

Before leaving, Hannah B. advised Colton to "listen to people about things and people's intentions." Hannah B., once again, validated Colton's doubts and concerns. He hoped he wasn't setting himself up for a disaster.


The next day, Colton was prepared for an emotionally taxing group date with Hannah G., Kirpa, Cassie and Heather because he was going to have to let two of them go.

Cassie thought it was sad other girls were trying to advance in the competition by tearing others down. Her intent that day was therefore to assure Colton that she was on the show for him.

Colton and the girls took in the scenic sights by riding a train, and he didn't know what to expect from the date.

Colton announced he wanted, more than anything, an engagement at the end of this, so he asked each girl individually whether she felt confident in where their connection and relationship was at.

Heather realized introducing Colton to her family was a huge deal because it would signify that she could see her future with him. However, they hadn't spent a ton of time together on the show, and so Heather decided to leave.

"Right now, I just don't think it's fair to you to take you to my hometown if I don't know 100 percent confidently that I'm ready for that," Heather told the Bachelor.

Colton told Heather it was the right thing to do, and so the pair had a very mutual and amicable breakup. Heather then hopped on the train and headed home.

But Kirpa was never worried about Heather apparently; she was worried about Cassie.

Based on rumors and observations, Kirpa did not think Cassie was ready for a lifelong commitment, and she had no problem telling Colton about the situation if he was going to ask her about it. Kirpa didn't want Colton to end up blindsided in the end.


Colton then sat down with Cassie and hoped to find answers. He admitted he was "shocked" by the women's accusations and hearing her name brought up in those rumors terrified him.

"I'm so shocked at any of those things any of those girls would say. I don't want you to believe that. I am telling you I would not be here if it weren't for you," Cassie told Colton.

"I don't know why girls are making stuff up like that, and I feel so helpless because there's no truth to it. I don't know why somebody would make something like that up; I haven't done anything... I don't know how to defend myself... I'm here for you and I wouldn't be here if I didn't really, really see something with you."

Cassie cried and told Colton she thought he was "amazing" and he would "fit right in" with her family. Colton's gut was telling him that she was being honest.

When Kirpa got her alone time with Colton, Kirpa suggested Cassie was just going through the motions. Kirpa said she was concerned Cassie and Caelynn weren't ready to get engaged.

Kirpa explained that after Colton gave his speech in Vietnam about women being on the show for the right reasons after Katie left, Caelynn and Cassie were the only two girls who "started to panic" and "got very defensive."

Kirpa said that was telling because they wouldn't have gotten defensive if everything was right in their hearts.

Colton, once again, didn't know the truth.

Once Hannah G. went off with Colton, Kirpa and Cassie began an intense conversation.

"If Katie felt strongly enough to tell Colton people still aren't here for the right reasons or they're not ready [for marriage], she wouldn't have made that up," Kirpa told Cassie.

"Why would you go and spend your time with Colton talking about me?" Cassie asked.

"I think he needs to know all the facts!" Kirpa admitted.

"A lie?!" Cassie yelled.

"It's not a lie," insisted Kirpa.

"It is a lie," Cassie argued. "I'm telling you right now."

Kirpa then explained to Cassie, "Katie told the girls -- and if you have a problem with it, then you need to call Katie up and talk to her about it... [Colton] says he trusts Katie, and if he trusts Katie..."

Cassie interjected by repeatedly saying, "whatever," which then led Kirpa to say, "You don't have anything to back it up, and it's so strange."

"You don't have anything to back it up!" Cassie argued. "This is just so dumb to me because it's so not true."

After Kirpa pointed out her concerns were not flippant, she said, "It's not a dumb situation when Colton's heart is on the line! It's not okay!"

"Exactly, so why are you bringing up things that aren't true?!" Cassie yelled.

"Things I've seen that are red flags to me, I'm going to bring up to him... I'm not f-cking with him. I have his best interests at heart," Kirpa explained. "He asked, 'Hey, what's your take on this?' And I told him."

"This all reeks of desperation to me," Cassie noted, before blaming Kirpa for spreading lies.

Kirpa said she simply expressed her opinion to Colton, and then Cassie vented to the cameras, "It's either true or it's not true. It's not your opinion! Like, in my opinion, you're an idiot!"

Colton wasn't sure what to do with his two roses, so he decided to continue his conversations with the women into the evening portion of the date. Colton was desperate for clarity.

That night, when Colton arrived for the dinner, he pulled Hannah G. aside. Colton apparently found the clarity he needed about her after taking some time to himself to reflect on things.

While Hannah received her rose, Kirpa and Cassie sat at the dinner table in awkward silence.

When Colton was trying to make his mind up, Caelynn suddenly showed up to the date and asked to speak with Colton. She said the women were telling him lies and tearing each other down.

As much as Caelynn would love to be the last woman standing, she told Colton loving someone is about telling the truth and she didn't want to see him send a woman home whom he was connecting with due to other people's "bullsh-t."

Colton seemed to take Caelynn's advice to heart because once their conversation ended, he gave Cassie the last available rose.

"I told Colton what I thought and gave my opinions and concerns, but I'm sure Caelynn coming in probably helped sway the decision. He's an adult and he can make his own decisions," Kirpa said following her ouster in tears.

"For me, there will be that 'what if?' because it could have been something really good. I was really hoping Colton would come home and meet my family. That would have been nice."

The episode ended with Cassie and Colton enjoying a romantic moment. together at Union Station. He realized it's not about the "she said, she said thing," but rather what his gut was telling him to do.

"I just know how I feel about Cassie. I can picture my future with her... and I am falling in love with her," Colton told the cameras.

Cassie called receiving a rose the most amazing ending to the most confusing week ever.

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