The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart featured Julia torn between two men, Brandon juggling several women, the arrival of three beautiful ladies, and the eventual elimination of Cheyenne, Mel and Mariana.

During the broadcast, the following three women arrived at the mansion to mix things up: Natascha, a 33-year-old pop singer from New York, NY; Mariana, a 23-year-old leasing agent from Dallas, TX; and Ruby, a 25-year-old private music instructor from Austin, TX.

And three ladies were eliminated at the season's second Rose Ceremony after they were denied roses by the men -- Cheyenne, a 23-year-old from Lawndale, CA; Mel, a 27-year-old waitress from Brooklyn, NY; and Mariana.


The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart broadcast began with Matt, a 32-year-old musician from Milford, CT, waking up and feeling relieved he was still around, despite not having made a sincere connection.

The guys were going to hand out roses this week, so he felt safe and secure.

Matt commented on the romantic relationships that were blossoming at the mansion -- including Bri, a 28-year-old waitress from Provo, UT, and Chris, a 30-year-old from Los Angeles, CA, as well as Bekah, a 25-year-old from Washington, D.C., and Danny, a 26-year-old from Sherman Oaks, CA.

Matt acknowledged Jamie, a 21-year-old hostess from Nashville, TN, and Trevor Holmes, a 29-year-old in social media marketing from Thousand Oaks, CA, also had a really good connection.

Trevor looked forward to spending more time with Jamie, but Brandon Mills, a 34-year-old in private security detail from Louisville, KY, admitted to the guys he wanted to date around and didn't feel committed to Savannah, a 25-year-old yoga instructor from Nashville, TN, although she had given him a rose.

Chris was then shown telling Bri that he thought she was "really pretty." It had been years since Chris felt "so strongly" about somebody, according to the musician.

"I've been let down emotionally a lot, and I haven't allowed too many relationships in my life that could let me down since I lost my dad. But Bri makes me feel like I can trust. It hasn't been too long, but maybe I can trust her," Chris said in a confessional.

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison suddenly arrived at the mansion and revealed there was an equal number of men and women remaining -- eight and eight. However, he disclosed that wasn't going to be the case for long because there would be newcomers showing up and mixing things up.

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Savannah wondered if relationships would be broken up, because at a minimum, some of them would be tested.

Julia felt definite chemistry with Sheridan, a 27-year-old musician from Austin, TX, but she admitted she was still vibing with and had interest in Brandon as well. 

Harrison dropped off a Date Card before he left, and it had the following name on it: Jamie.

Jamie therefore asked Trevor out on her date, and he was thrilled. The couple went to Venice Beach, enjoyed a picnic, and then performed together on the boardwalk.

Jamie and Trevor had yet to explore their musical connection, and Jamie worried Trevor wasn't going to think her voice was good enough. But Trevor tried to be supportive, saying he could just play the guitar or be her supporting vocals if she preferred it that way.

Trevor said he wanted Jamie to feel comfortable and so they worked on a song together. Jamie appreciated how Trevor was willing to let her shine, and they practiced "Girl Crush" by Little Big Town together.

Trevor gave her a kiss while singing, and Jamie gushed about how he was such a "sweet and amazing guy" as well as a gentleman. Jamie couldn't envision anything going wrong, but then Natascha arrived on a mission to find her future husband.

The beautiful blonde explained she doesn't "beat around the bush" and meant business.

"I want a grown-ass man. I'm not a diva, but I'm a diva," Natascha said.


Mel immediately freaked out upon seeing Natascha, and Sheridan acknowledged the newcomer really stood out. Natascha also revealed she's Chilean and French so she can sing in both French and Spanish.

Meanwhile, Jamie felt safe singing with Trevor as if they had been singing together forever. Jamie said she never expected to feel this strongly about someone so quickly, and she gushed about being in "a dream world" that was "too good to be true."

Jamie and Trevor earned almost one hundred dollars, and Jamie said if things continued down the same path, she could picture them being in a relationship "for sure."

"This is honestly the most romantic experience of my life," Jamie said before entering a hot tub with Trevor near the beach. "How is he single?! I don't know. Whatever girl let him go is your loss but my gain."

However, Natascha revealed to the cast back at the mansion that she's friends with Trevor's ex-girlfriend.

"I've heard all the things," Natascha disclosed. "I haven't met him ever, but his ex basically told me that there were indiscretions, which is why they broke up."

Natascha said most women had been lied to or betrayed before, and she painted Trevor as a liar. The girls just hoped Trevor was going to be honest and open with Jamie.

On Jamie and Trevor's date, Jamie revealed all of her ex-boyfriends had cheated on her, and then Trevor shared his last relationship ended a year-and-a-half prior to them meeting.


Jamie asked why his previous relationship didn't work out, and Trevor said he had made mistakes and isn't perfect but he and his ex -- who's also "not perfect" -- just weren't very compatible.

"I stayed in the relationship longer than I should have because I was afraid of hurting her," Trevor told Jamie. "But I ended up hurting her anyways in the long run."

Julia became worried about Jamie since they had become close friends, and Julia knew this news wasn't going to sit well with her pal. Julia just hoped Jamie's experience on Listen to Your Heart wasn't going to be ruined.

Natascha said she had to watch her friend hurt and she didn't want that for Jamie considering Trevor allegedly knew "how to manipulate."

"If this guy has no problem cheating on a girl after two-and-a-half years of an intense, serious relationship, what the hell is he going to do after meeting a girl for a couple of dates?" Natascha told the cameras.

"I'm 10 years older than this girl Jamie. I wish I had a girl come to me during those moments when I was in my twenties listening to some guy tell me all this bullsh-t. If I can prevent that for the next girl, I'll be that."

But Jamie said she had one of the best dates of her life with Trevor, and she was feeling very connected to him. She believed Trevor was a genuine person, but Natascha insisted Trevor was the exact opposite.

When Trevor returned from his date, Natascha demanded he speak with her right away. While Trevor said she looked familiar, he claimed he didn't recognize her or know who she was.


Natascha revealed she was friends with his ex, Sierra, but Trevor didn't seem phased.

"She told me that you lied to her -- and that you cheated on her," Natascha said.

Trevor swallowed hard, as a group of women warned Jamie that Trevor might've cheated on a serious girlfriend in the past.

"All you know if what she has told you about our relationship," Trevor countered during his conversation with Natascha, who insisted Sierra felt totally betrayed.

Trevor claimed he "never physically cheated on" Sierra but he was unhappy and should have left the relationship sooner. Trevor claimed he "emotionally cheated," but Natascha argued that was "even worse."

Trevor denied lying to and cheating on his former girlfriend, but he dodged details as Natascha pressed harder and harder for them.

"I told you that 'yes' that there was some emotional cheating," Trevor confirmed.

"Was there lying?" Natascha asked.

"Yes, yes there was," Trevor reluctantly confessed.

Meanwhile, Jamie cried because unfaithfulness was her one dealbreaker given multiple guys had cheated on her in the past. She really liked Trevor and didn't want to be let down by a man again.

Natascha told Trevor to tell Jamie the truth, and he insisted that was his intent the entire time. Natascha had a hard time believing that, but she seemed content with the fact Trevor was taking responsibility for his actions, or at least some of them.


The next Date Card then arrived and it belonged to Bri, who obviously asked Chris on a date.

Rudi, a 24-year-old studio vocalist from San Antonio, TX, had been hoping for a date to establish a connection with someone, but Bri and Chris felt on top of the world.

This was Bri's first real date since her engagement to another man ended.

For their date, Bri and Chris went to an iconic guitar and music center, which Chris called "a candy store" for a musician. The couple had the whole store to themselves, and they played around with different instruments and were giddy around each other.

Savannah knew Bri's romance with Chris was "real," and Bekah just hoped Bri would be able to trust Chris.

Bri said she communicates through song, and so she sang a "moody" tune to Chris as he played the guitar. Bri freestyled and sang about how she wanted to tell Chris everything but couldn't yet, and Chris acknowledged he knew how she felt but was so grateful to have received her rose.

There was still so much Chris wanted to know about Bri, but he said her layers were shedding slowly but surely. And with that being said, Bri revealed she had been engaged once before but it didn't work out.

When Bri picked out her wedding dress and informed her former fiance of that, he allegedly told her, "Don't buy it," which she called "cruel." Bri said she'd never do that to someone she loves.

"I'm still willing to just find out what love is with you, whatever that entails, because I think I might be falling in love with you. And that scares me, but I don't care," Bri cried to Chris. "Anyway, I know it's a lot to drop on you."

"Thank you. You're so strong for sharing that. It's so scary to admit, but I think I'm falling for you too," Chris replied.

The couple kissed and Chris said he was fine with the fact Bri had been engaged before. Chris was thankful for the opportunity to hold a piece of Bri's heart, and then they sang "Can't Help Falling In Love" together again on the piano.

Meanwhile, Rudi was worried about Jamie, and she didn't want a picture to be painted on Trevor that wasn't true -- if Natascha's claims weren't true.

Trevor then pulled Jamie aside to talk and owned up to emotional cheating, saying his ex had found text messages in his phone with another girl. Trevor said he didn't physically cheat but his behavior was still wrong and that he just wanted to be honest.

Jamie admitted cheating was a dealbreaker for her and it scared her because Trevor had felt like home to her. Trevor promised Jamie their connection was true and sincere, but she was guarded and afraid because she really wanted things to work out.

Trevor felt he and Jamie were "just scratching the surface," and he didn't want their romance to end because of something that had happened nearly two years ago. Jamie therefore chose to trust the man Trevor was now claiming to be, telling the cameras, "We'll see!"

Mel then said Brandon made her "brain crunch" and "heart feel warm," which she noted was a great combination.

A Date Card subsequently arrived for Sheridan, and he chose to take Julia out on a date.

Julia said Sheridan had been zeroed in on her since Night 1 and so he made her feel great. However, Julia has cystic fibrosis and so a lot has held her back from finding The One over the years.

Sheridan hoped the date would give Julia clarity and ease her fears about moving forward and being vulnerable with somebody. He wanted Julia to choose him and be a couple with him by the end of their date, knowing she also had a connection with Brandon.

For their outing, Julia and Sheridan participated in a radio show for IHeartMedia called 104.3MYfm, Valentine in the Morning.

Sheridan said the experience had exceeded his expectations already and his first impression of Julia was that she knew who she was and what she wanted. Sheridan added he was a little surprised Julia was even willing to give him "the time of day."

Julia revealed on the air she kissed Sheridan, but she also owned up to locking lips with someone else. Sheridan said he was "all in" with Julia and found her unwillingness to commit a little bit like "torture," but he seemed okay with being patient.

Back at the mansion, Rudi was worried about whether she'd receive a rose because she had "aggressively" confronted Matt about his behavior in the previous week.

Rudi -- who said she had been in three serious relationships and got her heart "crushed" every time -- therefore essentially apologized. She thought it would be cool to get to sing with Matt.

Julia and Sheridan were then shown performing "The Bones" by Maren Morris together live on the radio, and they shared a sweet little kiss after their duet.

As for Bri and Chris, Bri said they both spoke the language of music and she had never connected with a person this way before. Ryan, a 28-year-old ophthalmic technician from Dearborn Heights, MI, joked the couple was going to be married by June.

Suddenly, two new women arrived at the mansion: Mariana and Ruby.

Brandon became "a hot commodity" once the new girls settled in, so she was prepared to take matters into her own hands and win him over. Mel gushed about how he's such a great person, but Brandon said he feels love through physical touch while she apparently doesn't.

Another Date Card was given to the group, and it had Savannah's name on it.

Savannah asked Brandon out on her date and Mel cried, saying she felt "horrible." Mel said her feelings for Brandon were strong and she recognized his bond with Savannah would probably grow and strengthen.

Savannah and Brandon went to a romantic jazz club and were glad to be free of distractions. Savannah knew other women were also interested in Brandon, so she hoped their one-on-one time would seal the deal for them as a couple.

Savannah and Brandon ended up singing "Fever" at the club in front of everyone, and Brandon said "electricity" existed between them once they sang that wasn't necessarily there before.

Savannah thought their duet was "magical," and she was beginning to feel confident in what they had. They also shared a steamy makeout session at the end of the night.

While Brandon was on his date, Julia was still curious to get to know him better and see if there was still a spark between them. Although she had a great day with Sheridan and really liked him, Julia admitted her heart was being pulled in two different directions.

The next day, Julia decided to be transparent with Sheridan by telling him she wanted to be able to continue having conversations with Brandon and figure things out with him. Sheridan thought he had Julia on lockdown, but she asked for more space, more time and the opportunity to explore another relationship.

"I think I put myself out there a little bit too much, too hard, too soon and too fast, and I think I f-cked up," Sheridan vented to the cameras.

"Even though it sucks, I'm still into Julia. That's the difference between listening to your head and your heart."

That night, the cocktail party preceding the season's second Rose Ceremony commenced, and three women would be going home, which stressed several women out.

"Tonight it's work mode -- game on," Natascha told the cameras.

Harrison then approached the cast in the mansion and confirmed there were eight men and 11 ladies, so three women would be denied roses.

Matt and Brandon both had a few options, and Mel opened up to him.

Mel said she was "terrified in a good way, in, like, the best way." Mel went in for a kiss with Brandon and admitted to the cameras, "I'm falling for Brandon pretty hard," adding the kiss was the best feeling she's ever had.

Julia then sat down with Brandon and confessed she had missed him during her date with Sheridan. Julia said she was looking for "the thing," and Brandon acknowledged he truly cared for her but was developing feelings for another woman as well.

Julia said that concerned her and she assumed he was going to pick Savannah, and Brandon confirmed that was the case and he was leaning towards her.

Brandon revealed he genuinely cared for Savannah, and while Julia felt the same for Sheridan, she told the bachelor that she wanted to do what was best for her -- and so she kissed him.

Natascha was hitting it off with Ryan in the meantime, saying she found his nerdiness sexy. The pair made out, but then Rudi went after him because she figured she had blown her romance with Matt.

Rudi and Ryan kissed before the Rose Ceremony, but she cried to Jamie about how she didn't feel anything. Rudi felt she had made a mistake by pushing Matt away, and she assumed he liked other women in the house more.

Rudi said it would suck to not receive a rose, so she worked on Matt a little more.

"For some reason, it's you for me. I know that sounds stupid, and I don't know where you're at, but I just didn't want you to feel like I wasn't still into you. Unfortunately for me, I'm still feeling you," Rudi told Matt.

After a playful and flirty exchange, she went in for a kiss with Matt and called it the "best one ever." She wondered if they had started something really great.

It then became time for the Rose Ceremony, and Julia seemed to want a rose from Brandon more than Sheridan. Julia cried about how Sheridan deserved to be happy.

"I'm confident knowing how strong of a connection I do have with Brandon. I know that Sheridan will be really, deeply, deeply hurt, but I need to be with Brandon, and that's all that matters," Julia said in a confessional.

And Rudi said she would be "crushed" if Matt didn't pick her and give her a rose.

Chris gave his rose to Bri, Trevor handed out his rose to Jamie, Matt offered his rose to Rudi, Ryan asked Natascha to accept his rose, and Danny gave his rose to Bekah.

Brandon was up next, and Mel said, "I think if Brandon chooses me, it will change my life. I am ready; I am ready to be loved again."

But Brandon gave his rose to Savannah, who said she wasn't concerned about Julia at all going forward.

Gabe Baker, a 28-year-old community organizer from Houston, TX, gave his rose to Ruby, and then Sheridan -- although he had been hurt by Julia -- finally asked Julia to accept his rose anyway.

"If Brandon were to give me the rose, I would've spent the rest of my life making sure that he knew he made the right decision, because I was falling in love with him," Mel cried in her final words.

After the Rose Ceremony, Brandon hugged Julia and told her that they could still figure things out. Julia was shocked to hear that since he had just picked Savannah over her.

"So we're back to square one," Julia told the cameras.


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