The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart featured one couple, Bekah and Danny, getting eliminated after the season's first set of musical performances in front of celebrity judges and The Bachelorette couple JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers during Monday night's episode on ABC.

Bekah, a 25-year-old from Washington, D.C., and Danny, a 26-year-old from Sherman Oaks, CA, were sent packing by JoJo and Jordan as well as their fellow judges two-time Grammy Award winner Jason Mraz and pop icon Kesha because the couple lacked chemistry onstage and delivered a lackluster performance in front of a live audience.


"I'm sure Danny is just crushed right now. I feel like I just disappointed him and let him down. I know I did; I let him down," Bekah cried to the cameras following her ouster.

In addition, Ruby, a 25-year-old private music instructor from Austin, TX, and Gabe Baker, a 28-year-old community organizer from Houston, TX, voluntarily left the show at the beginning of Monday night's episode because they had failed to establish a strong connection with each other.

The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart broadcast began with Gabe saying he was interested in pursuing Savannah, a 25-year-old yoga instructor from Nashville, TN, because most of his deep conversations had been with her.

And Sheridan, a 27-year-old musician from Austin, TX, said he could see himself falling for Julia, a 27-year-old patient advocate from Philadelphia, PA, and had trouble imagining she could share their type of strong connection with another man in the mansion.

However, Sheridan didn't really know where Julia stood because she apparently still had feelings for Brandon Mills, a 34-year-old in private security detail from Louisville, KY.

Brandon admitted his heart was evenly split and torn between two women. Although Brandon had gone on a date with Savannah and really liked her, he told Julia that he knew she was going to receive a rose from Sheridan and so he decided to give Savannah his rose just so she wouldn't go home and he could continue exploring both relationships.


Julia confessed to the cameras she was "crazy" about Brandon and didn't know how things were going to turn out.

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison then arrived at the mansion and asked the cast to take a good, hard look at their romances and have difficult conversations with each other because he only wanted serious couples to continue forward in the process.

Chris said the next time he saw everyone, he only wanted to see couples remaining who could see themselves dating in the real world and falling in love. For the people who didn't find their match on the show, Chris asked them to pack up their bags and go home.
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Julia then told Savannah she and Brandon were still interested in each other, which upset Savannah because she felt Brandon hadn't been honest with her. Savannah had every hope she was going to go through this process with Brandon, but now she wasn't sure and was feeling hurt.

Gabe then told Savannah he could picture dating her on the show because he thought they had something special. Gabe essentially said he wanted to be with Savannah or go home without being so direct.

Savannah said she liked a lot of qualities about Gabe and really enjoyed their friendship but wasn't sure they had a romantic spark between them. Savannah was upset about letting Gabe down, but he apparently appreciated her honesty.

"My heart knows since Day 1 it's always been Brandon, but he wants Julia. So, I have to go home," Savannah cried to the cameras. "It's hard to make a decision for yourself and for your future."


Gabe told Ruby his heart had been with someone else and so he needed to go, and Ruby seemed to understand. Gabe had tried to follow his heart, and he was at least happy he gave things with Savannah a shot.

"I just feel like I wasn't given a fair chance. It sucks," Ruby told the cameras after departing the show.

Brandon then sought Savannah out to comfort her as she cried, and she expressed frustration in the fact he had told Julia he wanted to figure things out with her after giving Savannah his rose.

Brandon explained he had a connection with Savannah right off the bat but wanted to leave his options open after the first Rose Ceremony. Brandon said he didn't speak to Julia for a couple of days -- and he was okay with that -- but then Julia approached him and confessed feelings she had for him that he didn't know existed.

"I did feel blindsided," Brandon said.

"That being said, it gave me a lot to think about and it caused a whirlwind of chaos in my mind and in my heart, and unfortunately I didn't convey that the best to you, and I apologize to you for that. I'm asking for your forgiveness and I'd like to move forward with you in this journey... or at least give it a f-cking shot."

Savannah thought Brandon was sincere in his feelings for her, and so she accepted his apology and gave him a hug. Savannah felt happy and relieved, but this left Julia without closure.

Julia went off and cried because she had felt something with Brandon, but Sheridan was there to console her and talk things through. Sheridan finally felt confident Julia wanted to move forward with him, and he was ready to forget about the past.


Once Harrison returned, he told each of the remaining couples they'd have an opportunity to play and perform music together. Harrison said each couple would be given a song, and they'd each perform that song with a band onstage in front of a live audience and a panel of celebrity judges.

Also judging would be some former The Bachelor and The Bachelorette couples. Harrison said the judges would determine who stays or who goes until only one couple is left standing.

Harrison added the winning couple would be given an amazing opportunity to start their lives as performing artists.

"You're going to work together with a noted producer, write and record your own original songs, and then the two of you will go on tour," Harrison shared.

The cast members' jaws dropped when hearing the news, and Harrison said this was their opportunity "to get it all." With that being said, each couple's song assignment was waiting for them.

Trevor Holmes, a 29-year-old in social media marketing from Thousand Oaks, CA, and Jamie, a 21-year-old hostess from Nashville, TN, were given "I Could Use a Love Song" by Maren Morris, and both of them loved the song.

Natascha, a 33-year-old pop singer from New York, NY, and Ryan, a 28-year-old ophthalmic technician from Dearborn Heights, MI, were asked to sing "Stay" by Rihanna featuring Mikky Ekko.

Natascha thought she and Ryan had "the best connection in the house, musically."


Sheridan and Julia practiced "As Long As You Love Me" by the Backstreet Boys, but Julia's heart wasn't in it and she said it "just didn't feel right" with Sheridan. Julia told the cameras what she had with Brandon was missing with Sheridan, and she was tired of feeling confused and indecisive.

Bri, a 28-year-old waitress from Provo, UT, and Chris, a 30-year-old from Los Angeles, CA, were shown working on "Beyond" by Leon Bridges, and Matt, a 32-year-old musician from Milford, CT, and Rudi, a 24-year-old studio vocalist from San Antonio, TX, were given "Fallin' All In You" by Shawn Mendes to sing.

Savannah and Brandon were also shown rehearsing "I Want You To Want Me" by Cheap Trick.

A Date Card then arrived for Bekah and Danny. Bekah was looking forward to finding her groove with Danny again considering they had kissed on the first night.

Bekah and Danny arrived at a house in Hollywood Hills and realized they would be enjoying a designer shopping spree, and then the pair met Rebecca Mink and participated in a music-inspired photo shoot that Danny hoped would lead to onstage chemistry.

Their date ended with a steamy hot tub session, but Bekah admitted it takes her a while to get to the point where she could just fall for someone. Bekah felt a lot of pressure to develop feelings quickly, so she just wanted to focus on their vocals and hope for the best.

Meanwhile, Julia started questioning whether Brandon was on the show "for the wrong reasons," adding that a lot of people were. Julia felt disrespected by Brandon, especially because he was suddenly all over and crazy about Savannah.

Julia also accused Savannah of being "fake as hell" because she allegedly went from zero to 100 really fast with Brandon in terms of PDA. Julia struggled to process everything that was happening around her, and she said it wasn't sitting well with her that people were willing to fake it to make it on the show.


Sheridan was cautiously apprehensive about his relationship with Julia given she wasn't focused on him or their relationship, and then Julia pulled Savannah aside to talk.

Julia said Brandon and Savannah's romance "didn't feel genuine" since they were suddenly acting in love, but Savannah explained she felt comfortable and safe with Brandon and so both of their personalities have come out.

Savannah said she could finally be herself with Brandon because she trusted him and so she was able to be vulnerable, adding that her relationship wasn't Julia's business and shouldn't be her concern.

"Julia is catty, jealous and insecure, and at the end of the day, Brandon chose me," Savannah told the cameras. "He and I just have such a steady connection and I think that's going to show whenever we perform for the judges."

Natascha and Ryan then received a Date Card and headed to The House of Blues, where they met The Bachelor alum Lauren Bushnell and her husband, country singer Chris Lane. Natascha and Ryan were given tickets to Chris' sold-out show.

At the concert that night, Ryan felt comfortable with Natascha and had a great time with her, and Natascha called their date "amazing and perfect."

The couple even got to sing live onstage with Chris and their chemistry through song seemed effortless. Natascha therefore felt she and Ryan were on their way to being a strong team, and Ryan was convinced they were going to crush their performance in front of the judges.

Each couple got to rehearse with the show's musical director, and Jamie was feeling nervous and stressed because she didn't want to mess the performance up for Trevor.

Ahead of the performances, Sheridan hoped he and Julia would be able to connect onstage again, like they did on the radio show during their first date.

The first musical competition of The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart then commenced, and Harrison introduced the following celebrity judges: JoJo and Jordan, Jason Mraz and Kesha.

Harrison said the judges were going to critique chemistry as well as the music and one couple would be saying goodbye.

Rudi and Matt were up first with their Shawn Mendes tune, and Ryan acknowledged they had set the bar pretty high. Matt gushed about how Rudi was so good that she made him sound so much better.

Jason told Rudi she was amazing and Matt did a great job of holding the song down. JoJo said she was feeling Rudi's voice and it made her "feel a type of way," adding that she could tell Rudi and Matt enjoyed each other's company and were having fun.

Kesha called the performance "really amazing" and advised them to keep shining as a couple.

Chris and Bri then sang "Beyond," and JoJo noticed Chris had never taken his eyes off Bri and it was "so beautiful" and gave her chills.

"Hold on to that one," Jordan told Bri. "The way he looks at you, you can't fake that -- you can't make that."

Jason thought the performance was beautiful as well, and Chris and Bri had won over the crowd as well as the judges. However, Jason advised Bri to choose either Chris or the audience to sing to and connect with.

Bri told the judges Chris had been her rock throughout the show and he was her "everything." Bri also announced, "I really am falling in love with him, and I can say that so confidently."

Bekah and Danny then belted out "Ho Hey" by The Lumineers, and they started their song with a kiss.

JoJo could sense "a strong friendship" between Bekah and Danny and noticed Bekah may not be reciprocating Danny's feelings for her because she had rejected a kiss during the song. Jason also admitted the bridge was a bit shaky and it was clear the couple was still getting to know each other.

Kesha agreed Bekah and Danny would have to feel things out because their connection was lacking from an audience perspective.

Savannah and Brandon were up next, and Julia hoped the judges would see her "true colors." Julia said she'd rather see a fake couple go home than a pair who simply wasn't ready to perform yet.

As Savannah and Brandon sang together, JoJo whispered to Jordan, "Do you think she likes him?" And Jordan simply replied, "No."

Jordan thought the song started off intimate but Savannah was trying to pull a way a little bit. Jordan didn't really feel their connection until the song ended, and Kesha sensed their connection wasn't deep. Jason also expressed how he wasn't sure this couple was genuine.

Julia was certain her chemistry with Sheridan and their sincerity as a couple would shine through, and JoJo could tell Sheridan's eyes were locked in on Julia and the pair had fun together.

Kesha could feel love in Sheridan's eyes for Julia, and Sheridan admitted, "I feel a certain way about Julia." Kesha said her loved of the song came second to how she felt about the couple being together.

Jason also complimented and praised the performance, and Julia gushed, "We nailed it! I can imagine this being super painful for Savannah right now."

Natascha and Ryan serenaded the crowd with "Stay" next, and Jason said Natascha has tremendous power and control in her voice. Jason told Ryan that while he's great, Natascha soared all around him and could take off in her career.

"It was sexy, it was hot, and it was passionate!" JoJo shouted. "There was a calm with it too that I loved. You guys were flirting up there!"

Kesha added that their performance was "amazing."

Jamie was "terrified" before stepping on the stage after comparing herself to the other talented female artists; however, Jamie gathered her composure and delivered a great vocal.

Jamie, who got emotional after singing, announced she struggled to love herself and accept love and never would've been able to do this performance with Trevor. Jamie apparently lacked confidence as a performer since she's a songwriter, but the judges gave her the boost she needed.

JoJo thought their performance was sweet and real, and she said nothing about it felt forced. JoJo also assured Jamie her voice sounded incredible, and Jason thought the duet was beautiful to watch.

Kesha told Jamie to feel so proud of herself, being a woman who also struggled with self-love.

The judges decided which couples would receive roses, and Harrison declared at the next Rose Ceremony the decision was not an easy one for them.

Harrison then handed out roses in the following order: Jamie and Trevor, Natascha and Ryan, Rudi and Matt, Bri and Chris, and Julia and Sheridan.

Sheridan hoped Brandon was going to go home so he could move forward with Julia and they could let go of any excess baggage and drama that weighed them down. Julia also hoped Savannah would be sent packing because she didn't think her romance with Brandon was genuine.

Much to Julia and Sheridan's dismay, Savannah and Brandon received the final rose.

Bekah and Danny were therefore eliminated and had to say their goodbyes.

Bekah and Danny kissed when they said goodbye, and Danny said meeting her and getting to sing with her was a cool experience in itself.

Julia told the cameras she and Sheridan had built a strong foundation but she was wondering if Brandon was still thinking about her.


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