The Bachelor star Joey Graziadei gave his First Impression Rose to Lea Cayanan due to the way she had handled her special envelope advantage and also eliminated a whopping 10 bachelorettes during the show's Season 28 premiere that aired Monday night on ABC.

At the first Rose Ceremony of Joey's The Bachelor season, The Bachelor star eliminated Chandler Dewgard, a 24-year-old graphic designer from New York, NY; Eleni "Lanie" Latsios, a 27-year-old realtor from Philadelphia, PA; Kayla Rodgers, a 27-year-old guidance counselor from Hamilton, OH; and Kyra Brusch, a 26-year-old paralegal from Miami, FL.


Joey also denied roses to Natalie "Nat" Crepeau, a 26-year-old registered nurse and professor from Sudbury, Ontario; Samantha "Sam" Hale, a 31-year-old CPA from Nashville, TN; Samantha Washington, a 25-year-old pro football cheerleader from Miami, FL; Sandra Rabadi, a 26-year-old cybersecurity consultant from Nashville, TN; Talyah Jackson, a 23-year-old esthetician from Huntington Beach, CA; and Zoe Antona, a 24-year-old artist from Atlanta, GA.

The Bachelor broadcast began with footage of Joey crying at the Final Rose Ceremony of his season when he had only one rose left to hand out. He appeared pretty distraught.

Two months earlier, Joey said he had moved back to Pennsylvania to be closer to family and friends after his stint on The Bachelorette. He was most afraid of not having his love reciprocated by a woman.

Joey said he was looking for an adventurous and caring woman who feels comfortable in her own skin, and then The Bachelor host Jesse Palmer told him that he'd be dating 32 women, more than any previous The Bachelor season.

Joey then met his beautiful The Bachelor bachelorettes one by one at the mansion in California.

Alexandra "Lexi" Young, a 30-year-old digital strategist from Atlanta, GA, was the first woman out of the limo, and she revealed in her intro package how, despite a strong desire to have children, she has a health condition that may prevent her from being able to start a family of her own.

Rachel Nance, a 26-year-old ICU nurse from Honolulu, HI, put a lei around Joey's neck, and Joey called Maria Georgas, a 29-year-old executive assistant from Kleinburg, Ontario -- who was wearing a dress with many cutouts -- "beautiful."

Autumn Waggoner, a 26-year-old account executive from St. Louis, MO, threw a bunch of leaves after exiting the limo and asked Joey to reveal his favorite season of the year. Joey said "spring," which disappointed the Bachelorette, but she joked about how he'd hopefully grow to love the fall and her name is Autumn.

Kelsey Anderson, a 25-year-old junior project manager from New Orleans, LA, gave Joey a strange little voodoo doll to guide him on his journey.

Chandler told Joey, "I'll be there for you," and Starr Skyler, a 25-year-old mental health counselor from Delray Beach, FL, gifted Joey a card full of paper butterflies.
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Talyah gave Joey a Save the Date to their future wedding, and then Joey met a pair of sisters: Allison Hollinger, a 26-year-old realtor from Philadelphia, PA, and her big sister Lauren Hollinger, a 28-year-old registered nurse from Philadelphia, PA.

Lauren asked Joey to shotgun a beer, and she won the competition. Lauren and Allison planned to keep their sisterhood a secret, at least for Night 1.

Jesse then told Joey that a familiar face would be arriving that evening: Lea, a 23-year-old account manager from Waipahu, HI, who had appeared on The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose for Charity Lawson's season.

Jesse had given Lea a card that she was going to open that night, and Joey apparently had no idea what was going to be inside.

Katelyn DeBacker, a 25-year-old radiochemist from Santa Fe, NM, did a scientific experiment with Joey to see if they had chemistry. The experiment worked and was "active" and "explosive," which confirmed they did, in fact, have chemistry.

Jenn Tran, a 25-year-old physician assistant student from Miami, FL, drove up in a go-kart and did donuts around the driveway of The Bachelor mansion. Jenn said when she found out he was the Bachelor, she had to race over to him from Miami.


Jenn thought no one was going to be able to top her entrance, but then Jessica "Jess" Edwards, a 24-year-old executive assistant from San Diego, CA, rolled up in a speedboat.

"Hey captain, I hear you're looking for a relationship!" Jess shouted to The Bachelor star.

Edwina Dorbor, a 25-year-old entrepreneur from Atlanta, GA, fed Joey a taste from home, Lanie poured cheez whiz into Joey's mouth, and Taylor Wiens, a 23-year-old recruiter from Chicago, IL, threw a giant bra at Joey and said she was on the show for "massive support."

Zoe presented Joey with a plate of different sized bananas and asked him to compare his private part to one of them.

There were many tennis jokes and puns directed at The Bachelor star, including Madina Alam, a 31-year-old mental health therapist from Charlotte, NC, who said it took "a lot of balls" for her to go on the show.

Daisy Kent, a 25-year-old account executive from Becker, MN, drove up in a red pickup truck with a Christmas tree in tow. Daisy grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Minnesota. She began losing her hearing at age 17 and just got a cochlear implant.

Joey told Daisy, who was wearing a pink sparkly dress, that she looked great.

Lea stepped out of a limo next, and Joey told her that she looked beautiful.

"Long time no see," Joey said.

Lea admitted she was super nervous to open the card but she hoped it could progress their relationship in a way that would be authentic and genuine to the both of them.

After the meet and greets, Joey kicked off the first cocktail party of the season. Joey shared how he had taken a leap of faith by going on The Bachelorette and it was the best decision of his life.

Joey said he got the closure he needed and he believed his future fiancee was in the room. Joey wanted a love similar to what his grandparents had, and the women swooned as Joey spoke.

Joey proceeded to get to know his lineup of ladies. Joey thought Erika Cardenas, a 25-year-old leasing agent from North Bergen, NJ, was sweet and spunky, and he said he'd accept a dance class with her any day.

Jess called Joey a "walking green flag," and Joey thought she looked beautiful and had a bubbly personality.

"She's someone I could see building a life with, 100 percent," Joey told the cameras.

After Jess told Joey that she was on the show just for him, the Bachelor kissed her and it was his first kiss of the season.

"I think I just had my first kiss with my future husband. I just want to scoop him up and talk to him again! He is precious!" Jess said, before announcing to all the women that she had "a smoochy poo" with Joey already.

Some of the women thought Jess' speech was rude, disrespectful and arrogant, and Jess boasted to the cameras how everyone could go home because she was going to walk away with Joey in the end.

Jenn and Joey raced go-karts and he gushed about how she showed him a good time. Jenn said she wouldn't have appeared on The Bachelor if any other man was its star, and she bragged about how she's a pretty good tennis player.

Jenn said Joey made her feel special, and then Joey gave her a kiss as well.

"I definitely felt a bit of a spark, for sure!" Jenn gushed to The Bachelor cameras.


After Joey showed Madina how to swing a tennis racket and Samantha shared how she's a professional dancer in Miami, Lanie talked about her puppy at home and Joey said he was drawn to Chrissa's confidence.

Daisy thought all of the women were really nice, but she struggled to hear and concentrate in the noisy rooms. When she sat down to talk to Joey, Joey promised that he had the purest intentions. And Daisy told Joey to be kind to himself.

"Daisy is gorgeous, and I was blown away as soon as she got out of the truck. She has this soft spoken demeanor that pulls you in and is captivating. I'm drawn to it and I want to know so much more," Joey gushed of The Bachelor bachelorette before kissing her.

Daisy called Joey a great kisser, and she said her heart was racing in her chest.

Jesse then put out the coveted First Impression Rose, and Jess was convinced it belonged to her.

While Joey was speaking to Taylor, Jess interrupted their conversation for more time. Jess stole the Bachelor, saying their chat got cut short the first time, but the aggressive move really pissed Taylor off.

Jess said, "Sorry, I'm not trying to be that girl," but Taylor gave her the cold shoulder and stormed away.

Taylor called Jess "crazy," and she admitted that she was "extremely irritated" and felt Jess' move was disrespectful. Taylor accused Jess of eavesdropping and standing next to her awkwardly during her conversation with Joey, which prevented a kiss from happening.

Jess attempted to explain herself to Taylor, but Taylor wasn't having it.

"I would hope that if she doesn't want a target on her back, she won't do that again," Taylor told the cameras.

Jess said Joey was worth dealing with animosity and jealousy from her fellow The Bachelor bachelorettes.

Meanwhile, Allison and Lauren were having a friendly competition with each other. Lauren wanted to kiss Joey first since she's the older sister, for example. And before the cocktail party concluded, Allison and Lauren announced how they're sisters.

When Lauren was about to go in for a kiss with Joey, Allison stole him away. Joey realized Allison and Lauren's stories were very similar, and then Allison got the kiss.

"I'm literally in shock. I didn't think that would happen," Lauren complained in a confessional.

Joey put two and two together that Lauren and Allison were sisters. Joey said it was cool they were willing to do the show together, but he acknowledged there could be a lot of problems that could come along with that.

Joey thought Kelsey A. looked "unbelievable" that evening, and he told The Bachelor cameras, "There's just this honest chemistry and connection that we have. There is something about Kelsey that is very striking to me. Little Joey, you just met a very pretty girl!"

Lea then opened her card and it read in part, "This card gives you the power to steal a one-on-one date from someone else at any time before hometowns."

Lea didn't want her time with Joey to come at the expense of someone else, and so she broke down into tears with guilt.

Lea shared the contents of the envelope with Joey, and she explained how she wanted to give Joey autonomy as well as love and respect to the other women. Lea was teary-eyed over the advantage, and Joey could tell she had maturity and poise about her.

"This could give me such a headstart, but I'm going to have to really, really sit on this," Lea said.

Most of the girls -- including Sydney Gordon, a 28-year-old vintage store owner from Newport, RI -- thought Lea's advantage was "so unfair," and the news sent a ripple of panic through the house. Lea talked through her struggle with Joey, and she ultimately decided to follow her heart and throw the card into the fire.

"If you don't want it, I'll use it!" Jess joked to The Bachelor cameras.

Lexi then shared with Joey how she's a golfer and played sports growing up. She said her father is her best friend and she'd love for him to complete her foursome with her brother as well.

"If you ever need someone to support you or just [flash you] a smile across the room, I've got you," Lexi told Joey.

Joey said he really liked Lexi and was "drawn" to her, adding, "Her maturity is so captivating. She's a bright light, and I love how special she makes me feel. I really do feel that she's here not only for an engagement, but for me!"

Maria then threw rapid-fire questions at Joey, such as his Top 3 favorite movies and whether he's a fan of horror. Joey seemed a little taken aback and challenged by the opinionated brunette beauty, who kissed The Bachelor star even though she had initially planned to play hard to get.

"I can tell already that she's one who is going to keep me on my toes," Joey told The Bachelor cameras.

Joey, however, decided to give his First Impression Rose to Lea because he thought she was on the snow for the right reasons and demonstrated qualities he'd like to have in his future wife.

Joey told Lea that what she had said really resonated with him. He explained how her reaction to the card spoke volumes about who she is and her character, and Lea gushed about how the gesture meant the world to her and she felt over the moon.

During the first Rose Ceremony of the season, Joey complimented the women, saying they were all unbelievable in their own ways.

Joey handed a rose out to Allison, and Lauren whispered to her sister, "You did not get the first rose! Go f-ck yourself."

Joey also gave out roses to Daisy; Kelsey Toussant, a 31-year-old actor from Los Angeles, CA; Lexi; Jess; Jenn; Autumn; and Chrissa Perez, a 26-year-old marketing director from Abbotsford, BC.

Edwina also received a rose from Joey, and then she was followed by Kelsey A, Katelyn, Rachel, Erika, Madina, Sydney, Starr, and Marlena Haddad, a 26-year-old finance writer from West Palm Beach, FL.

Joey offered Maria a rose next, and then he also advanced Taylor; Evalin Clark, a 29-year-old nanny from San Antonio, TX; and Lauren to the first week of dates.

The following 10 women were therefore denied roses and eliminated from The Bachelor's 28th season on Night 1: Chandler, Kayla, Kyra, Lanie, Natalie, Samantha H., Samantha W., Sandra, Talyah, and Zoe.


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