The Bachelor host Chris Harrison says Lucy Aragon is the real deal but probably won't win Juan Pablo Galavis' heart unless she shows him a different side -- other than the naked one.

"The thing about Lucy is that a lot of times you think they're putting on airs or it's an act, but I promise you that's 100 percent her. At some point, we said, 'You need to put clothes on!' She's always naked, she never wears shoes and she just doesn't have a care in the world," Harrison told TV Guide in a recent interview.

"I think [at first] he was attracted to that and she's stunningly beautiful, but then everything runs through this Camila family filter and you realize, wait a minute, is this going to be Camila's stepmom? No, I'm not sure that's going to work. He'll have to see more character, depth and maturity from her and she got a rose, but you'll see he's going to be like, we're having a good time, but there has to be more depth."

Harrison noted Galavis seemed truly invested in the smart and independent bachelorettes this eighteenth season, including Andi Dorfman and Sharleen Joynt

"He's very attracted to strong woman like her and Sharleen and he's really taken by intelligent women and the type who push back a little," Harrison said.

While Dorfman was completely out of her comfort zone during Monday night's group date in which she was asked to basically pose nude with a dog and a small sign covering up a choice body part, Harrison said Galavis appreciated her willingness to give it a shot. On the other hand, Elise Mosca was given the same role and decided to switch places with the seemingly always naked Aragon.

"At first Elise seemed really smart when she switched spots with Lucy, who was more than eager to drop her drawers, but in the end that photo shoot was an intimate moment with Juan Pablo she probably wishes she could get back. Thanks to some smooth talking from JP, Andi decided to do the shoot and that made a big impression on Juan Pablo," Harrison wrote in his Entertainment Weekly blog.

Harrison also let The Bachelor fans in on a little secret -- if Galavis moans the word, "Ay," he's most likely not pleased.

"One thing about Juan Pablo you should know is that if he ever says, 'Ay' and then a name, that's not good," the host told TV Guide. "So when he said, 'Ay, Victoria,' you knew she was toast. He's not a partier; he's subdued and family-oriented and not the guy who's going to be taking tequila shots."

Galavis eliminated Victoria Lima the morning after the group date during which she had gotten very drunk and had an emotional and rage-filled breakdown. Not only did Lima cry, but she also swore at Galavis and some of the other bachelorettes.