The Bachelor host Chris Harrison admits some of Chris Soules' bachelorettes might think they want to move to his farm in Arlington, IA, after the show until they actually get close to making that decision.

"Ninety percent of the women who come on are fans and were really excited it was him. But saying you'd move to Arlington, Iowa to be a farmer's wife is one thing; actually doing it is another," Harrison told Yahoo TV.

"The further the women go and as the season moves along, that becomes more of an issue because pulling that trigger is no small decision for most of the women."

Harrison said Soules was "one of the easiest Bachelors" ever to work with because he was very appreciative for the opportunity and is just a "regular dude."

"[He] is used to long hours and working hard as a farmer. I know it sounds silly, but no one really anticipates just how mentally and emotionally taxing and unbelievably physically grueling it is to be the Bachelor," he explained.

"But Chris was always genuine and fun to be around, and that was contagious. His enthusiasm carried over to the women as well as the crew. He is very serious about finding someone to share his life with."

The Bachelor producers attempted to cater to Soules' rural life on the farm when selecting which 30 bachelorettes would be afforded the chance to meet him. In order to make sure the women knew their future with Soules wouldn't be extravagant, the format was designed "to resemble and embrace who Chris is" and "to give the women a glimpse at what life would be like with him."

As a result, the bachelorettes didn't travel to many exotic locations while filming Season 19 and the dates were very outdoorsy.

"We kept it domestic for the most part, and we don't even necessarily hit the glamour spots like New York. Think Des Moines and Dubuque," the host said.

"[Chris] is a rough and tumble, flannel shirt-wearing working-class man, so the dates resemble that. There's camping and rafting, and some of these girls aren't quite equipped for his lifestyle. But it was important for him to see who didn't take to it so he could make better decisions about who to send home."

Harrison clarified, however: "Not that life would be all shucking corn if you ended up with Chris. It isn't like he doesn't have a ton of money. He wants to travel. He wants a spunky girl who will bring out the lighter side in him. He wants to have nice things and spoil his lady. It isn't like you are gonna move to the farm and never be heard from again."

When Soules met his 30 bachelorettes for the first time, Harrison told Yahoo TV the Bachelor was completely "overwhelmed and blown away" by them, which was "endearing."

"I never really thought about what a population of that size meant in terms of Chris's prospects until I saw how he reacted on night one. He was like a kid in a candy store... At first, I thought he was giving me lip service and being nice, but I realized he'd never really dated women as beautiful as this," Harrison explained.
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The Bachelor's nineteenth season is set to premiere Monday, January 5 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.