The Bachelor host Chris Harrison feels bachelorette Andi Dorfman was forcing herself to feel a love connection with the show's star Juan Pablo Galavis at this point in the season.

During Monday night's The Bachelor episode, Dorfman brought Galavis to her hometown of Atlanta, GA to meet her family and told the cameras she was "very, very close to being in love with him." However, Harrison believes she was kind of fooling herself.

"I was a little surprised, but I feel like with Andi she might've talked herself into it," Harrison told TV Guide in a recent interview.

"You'd have to specifically ask her, but that's the impression I get. She wants this so bad she's going to convince herself after spending this much time with him [that] there's something there."

Dorfman felt she had a great hometown date but didn't realize at the time her father Hy had refused to give Galavis permission to potentially marry his daughter.

"Hy is awesome. I always think of how I'd act if my daughter brought a guy home, and it was this scenario and he spoke for all us dads out there. Juan Pablo has weeks to show his emotions and feelings, but to walk into a pretty tense situation and try and articulate everything in one evening, it's a little much. I don't think Hy was rude at all, but brutally and lovingly honest which is what made Juan Pablo take the direction as more endearing than [thinking] he was a jerk," Harrison explained.

"I think we've seen throughout the season, especially with [Sharleen Joynt] and [Clare Crawley], [Juan Pablo] is not great at reading body language and understanding the moment. He's missed a lot of cues and red flags and this is really no different. I think a lot of other guys would've come off that date thinking, 'Man, that was not smooth sailing.' But he's a little bit oblivious to that kind of stuff."

Harrison, who called Dorfman a "badass" and his "kind of girl," also teased Tuesday night's overnight fantasy-suite date that's supposed to be "exotic" and ultimately a disaster. A show source told Us Weekly a woman -- widely believed to be Dorfman -- will dump Galavis for being an immature, rude, arrogant asshole after having sex.

"We've never had a fantasy suite turn into a nightmare and we've never had one seemingly begin so well and end so badly and easily change the end of the show," Harrison told TV Guide.