The Bachelor's Season 23 finale featured Colton Underwood reuniting with Cassie Randolph and winning her back, before the couple revealed the current status of their relationship months after filming.

The Bachelor finale began where Monday night's episode had left off, with Colton showing up to Cassie's hotel room in Portugal to talk.


Colton said he didn't want to end the night of their breakup the way they did and so he was hoping to have another conversation with her.

Cassie was a little shocked and confused by Colton's visit, but Colton loved her and was ready to fight for their relationship. After all, Colton eliminated Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin for just "the possibility" of being with Cassie.

"I don't know if she can be in love with me, but I hope she's not at peace with her decision, because I'm not," Colton told the cameras.

Colton then confessed to Cassie her choice to leave him was the hardest thing he ever had to watch and that's why he "sacrificed everything" for her.

When Cassie asked for clarification on what that meant, Colton revealed he dumped Tayshia and Hannah for "a second chance" with her.

"[I eliminated] two women that could've given me a good life... and everything I want, but it wasn't with whom I wanted it to be with," Colton told Cassie.

"I'm not sitting here asking for marriage at the end of this. I'm asking for a second chance to take things day by day and figure it out."


Cassie knew the other two women on the show were "further along" and could give Colton what he came on the show for, an engagement -- and she wanted that for him. Cassie explained she wasn't sure of her own feelings for Colton and he deserved a woman who was sure.

"I don't want you to give up things. I feel that could, in the future, make you resent me too," Cassie noted.
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But Colton said one sacrifices and compromises when he or she loves somebody, and he felt 100 percent certain and confident in his decision to give everything up for Cassie.

Colton therefore assured Cassie they didn't have to follow the show's format and she was putting unnecessary pressure on herself in regards to their future together.

Colton then asked Cassie to continue dating him while taking an engagement and marriage off the table. He also asked if she'd consider traveling to Spain with him to meet his family, where they were all waiting to meet Colton's Final 2 bachelorettes.

"I don't know what I'm ready for, but I feel good right now," Cassie said, before giving Colton a hug and a kiss.

Cassie was "overwhelmed" and couldn't believe this was happening. She didn't know what to expect, but she was happy to be able to take things "one step at a time."

"I guess I'll figure things out as we go," Cassie said in a confessional.


Cassie and Colton then traveled to Mallorca, Spain, so she could meet his family.

Colton knew Cassie was still "working through her feelings" for him, but he was okay with taking things moment by moment and day by day in order to potentially have a happy ending with her.

Colton told his family before Cassie arrived that Fantasy Suites changed everything for him during the process, and while they were expecting to meet two women this week, they'd only be meeting one.

Colton revealed to his loved ones that Cassie broke up with him but he chose her and ended up breaking up with Tayshia and Hannah G. for another shot with her.

"I'm in love with Cassie," Colton told his family, admitting however that she wasn't in love with him in return.

Colton knew Cassie cared about him, and he hoped Cassie meeting his family would give her the clarity she needed. Colton predicted Cassie might be in love with him by the end of the week.

Cassie, however, was "freaking out" ahead of the family gathering because she didn't want to let them down, knowing this outcome was probably not what they were expecting.

Cassie wanted to tell Colton's family what they wanted to hear, but she wasn't there yet. She didn't want to disappoint or upset them, knowing her lack of love for the Bachelor was "a heavy thing."


Colton's father didn't want to see his son "fall head over heels in love" with a girl who didn't reciprocate his feelings.

When Cassie met Colton's loved ones, she confessed the journey had been really hard and she just wasn't sure if she'd be ready for an engagement by the end of this. Cassie was open and honest about her confusion, which was exactly what Colton asked her to do.

Colton felt like his connection with Cassie was "a forever love," but his mother Donna could tell Cassie doubted their bond and chemistry. Donna was scared Cassie might leave Colton again and "set [him] up for another heartbreak."

Donna hoped for "an equal partnership" for Colton, but he said he had hope Cassie would grow to match his feelings. Colton couldn't move on since Cassie was the first thing he thought about every morning and the last thing he thought about before going to bed.

Meanwhile, Cassie told Colton's father she wanted Colton to be with someone who's "insanely in love with him" and she needed time to figure out if things were going to work between them.

Cassie said if she didn't fall in love with Colton by the end of the week, they simply weren't meant to be given there would be no other woman standing in their way.

Cassie also explained to Donna the pressure of The Bachelor format got to her but Colton's dedication made her want to pursue things further.


Cassie acknowledged Colton was always a step ahead of her and they weren't on the same page, but she had hope she'd get to the point of being "all in."

Colton thought Cassie had a kind and pure soul, but Colton's father asked his son if he just wanted what he couldn't have. Colton denied that was the case, saying he just loves hard and fast and he was totally sold on Cassie.

Colton's dad started to cry because he didn't want to see his son get hurt again, but Colton was ready to risk a broken heart rather than risk losing Cassie. He just needed to figure out what was next and where they could go from here.

"I gave Cassie my heart; she is holding it. And it's up to her what she does with it," Colton told the cameras.

The next day, Colton and Cassie explored Mallorca, Spain together with no distractions. Cassie was "so nervous" just because she and Colton had been through so much.

"I do love him, but Colton has been a step ahead of me. I feel like today I need to figure things out once and for all," Cassie noted.

The couple enjoyed a picnic by the water -- but first, they had to rappel down a rock cliff in order to get there.

Colton and Cassie faced a fear together and then she opened up about how she was more afraid of commitment in general than just a relationship with Colton. Cassie admitted her college boyfriend started to plan a marriage proposal but then he became "controlling."


Cassie acknowledged she kind of lost herself in that relationship and people tend to change themselves for the sake of their relationships. Cassie didn't want to feel forced into becoming the person her partner wants or desires.

Colton told Cassie that he trusted her and would want her to spend time with her girlfriends if they ended up together.

Colton insisted she'd have space to play and grow, but she was still afraid of having a serious romance control her life.

That night, Colton expressed how much he cared about Cassie and loved her. It appeared to be a do-over of what was supposed to be their overnight Fantasy Suite date.

Cassie felt more like herself that night, and she told Colton that he had taught her a lot about what a good relationship looks like. Cassie was also proud of herself for trying to overcome her fears.

Cassie then told Colton that she wanted to be "all in" with him after the show. With that being said, he asked her to join him in the Fantasy Suite, and Cassie gushed about being "excited."

"More than ever, I'm ready for tonight. I can tell he loves and cares about me and that he wants me to be happy... It's not every day you feel that kind of love from someone," Cassie said in a confessional, adding that Colton "acted" on his love for her.

The pair explored their hotel suite and Colton said he couldn't have been more excited to spend the night with her.

Colton reiterated how he was always waiting for the right person to come along to lose his virginity, and he hoped Cassie was that person. Colton then kicked all of the cameras out of his room with a big smile on his face and asked production to remove the couple's microphones.

Meanwhile, Cassie was giggling and blushing behind their hotel door as Colton shut the world out from his Fantasy Suite.

"If it's right for us to take the next step in our relationship and for me to lose my virginity, then it could happen tonight," Colton said in a confessional.

So what happened in the Fantasy Suite?!

Colton said he felt really good waking up and the night with Cassie was "absolutely incredible."

"I feel like a new man. We had an amazing night. We did what was best for our relationship and we grew as a couple. We had a great time last night," Colton told the cameras.

"What happened last night was great for our relationship. A gentleman never kisses and tells, but I do want you to know that I am very happy and you can use your imagination."

Colton told Cassie their night was "unbelievable" and they agreed they didn't get much sleep, but Colton wouldn't reveal whether he had lost his virginity.

Colton was excited to see where his relationship with Cassie was going to go, and she said, "Me too."

Colton felt he and Cassie were finally "on the same page," and he looked forward to waking up next to her "over and over again."

Chris Harrison then welcomed Colton and Cassie live onstage together after footage of their final days in Spain together aired.

Harrison asked Colton and Cassie where their relationship currently stands, and Colton said, "We're in love!"

"We're super in love," Cassie gushed, adding that they've even talked about an engagement.

Colton, however, noted he's enjoying dating Cassie for the time being. Colton said they aren't going to rush anything but nothing is holding them back at the same time. They plan to travel together, have fun and just enjoy each other's company.

Cassie also revealed she's "so happy" with Colton and he has become her best friend since the show.

During one of the couple's secret visits post-filming, Cassie confessed she "absolutely" loved Colton in a sweet video she had put together for him.

"I love you more than anything and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world," Cassie shared in the video.

In the video, Cassie read an excerpt from the journal she had kept during her time on The Bachelor, and she was apparently falling in love sooner than she realized. In fact, Cassie wrote at the time she had found a man who inspired her to stop being selfish.

Colton then sweetly offered Cassie his final rose on the live special, saying he looked forward to spending more time with her.

Afterward, Harrison gifted Cassie and Colton a seven-night, all-exclusive trip to Thailand, where they enjoyed their first romantic one-on-one date.

But Colton was not forthcoming about whether he has lost his virginity to Cassie since they reconciled.

Colton said he entered the Fantasy Suite thinking about nothing other than advancing his bond with Cassie and "since there are two of us now in this relationship, it's something we are going to keep to ourselves."

Harrison, however, took Colton's response to be a "yes."

The Bachelor finale concluded with Harrison officially announcing Hannah Brown from Alabama as The Bachelorette's upcoming Season 15 star.

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