Hannah Brown has been unveiled as The Bachelorette's Season 15 star by ABC!

Chris Harrison announced live on Part 2 of The Bachelor's Season 23 finale on Tuesday night that Hannah B., a 23-year-old pageant queen from Tuscaloosa, AL, will star on The Bachelorette's upcoming season this spring on ABC.

"I feel all of the emotions, but honestly, I'm just really grateful for this opportunity," Hannah B. said.

Hannah -- who appeared overwhelmed by the lights, cameras and applauding audience -- said her family is very happy and has been supportive of her decision to continue her search for love on TV.

When Hannah found out she'd be the franchise's next leading lady, she cried and couldn't believe the news, which had been delivered to her by Harrison himself via FaceTime.

Hannah insisted she sincerely wants The Bachelorette opportunity to find love and is "hopeful" for an engagement and eventual marriage.

"It didn't happen for me my first time around, but I do believe it can happen and I'm just really so grateful and honored that people saw my heart and I can continue showing that. And hopefully, someone will share his heart with me," Hannah explained.

Harrison then revealed Hannah was going to start her The Bachelorette season right away and be introduced to five of her season's bachelors. (The full cast has yet to be revealed). Hannah was shocked, nervous and excited at the same time.

After crew members quickly changed the in-studio set to resemble The Bachelor mansion in Los Angeles, CA, Hannah shared she was looking for a man with whom she'd feel an immediate spark. She also joked she'd like to find a guy who can put words together in a sentence better than she can. 

The first guy to step on the set was Luke, who called Hannah "absolutely stunning" and said she was the only woman whom he wanted to be the next Bachelorette. He said he couldn't wait to get to know her better and go on this adventure with her.

Next up was Dustin, who admitted he was "so nervous," but he toasted to the start of "a wonderful beginning" and "an amazing journey" and for them ahead. Dustin added that he hoped they would choose each other every single day.

Then there was Cam from Austin, TX, who busted out a rap performance for her about "the hot mess express."

"I want to fall for you like I fell for Hannah 'Beast,'" he rapped.

And Connor told Hannah he was really excited about her becoming the Bachelorette. He had her step on a stool so they could see eye to eye and agree on everything right away.

Lastly, Luke S. had a jaw-dropping opening line in which he said, "I know you're from Alabama... I don't go down south often, but for you, I'd go down any time."

Harrison stepped onstage with a confused look on his face and admitted he didn't like Luke S.'s pickup line but the guy looks just like former The Bachelor star Nick Viall.

"That was awesome! They are studs!... I would give out a rose right now! I'm just saying. That was cool and it was good," Hannah noted, gushing about how she liked the guys she met.

Harrison then put the pressure on "Alabama Hannah" and dared her to actually hand out her first rose of the season.

The new Bachelorette then gave an awkward speech -- including a joke about how it was going to be the hardest decision she's made this season -- followed by a rose to Cam.

"I really liked how you pumped up the jams. That was awesome," Hannah told Cam.

The four other men, however, will still get the chance to compete for Hannah's heart when The Bachelorette premieres this year.

Hannah's casting confirms prior reports ABC had selected her as the next star of The Bachelorette. She had even been spotted filming in her hometown and at the University of Alabama, where she graduated from in 2017.

Hannah placed seventh on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor. Colton sent her packing after she met his parents and expressed how she was falling in love.

Hannah beat out frontrunners Hannah Godwin and Tayshia Adams for the coveted position with her apparent quirk and charm.

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About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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