The Bachelor alum Susie Evans has cleared up a "misconception" about her relationship with The Bachelorette alum Justin Glaze.

Susie, Justin and Andrew Spencer appear to be best friends on social media, and up until Andrew hard launched his relationship with new girlfriend Beca Michie earlier this month, the attractive and fun trio were all single.


Many fans therefore couldn't help but wonder whether something romantic was going on between Susie and one of the guys. And now that Andrew is officially off the market, the spotlight has shifted to Susie and Justin's dynamic.

During a recent Q&A session with her followers via Instagram Stories, a fan asked Susie, "Are you and Justin roommates? I love your bond," according to

The Bachelor 26 alum replied, "We are not, but this is a common misconception. People think we were/are roommates, but that's never been the case, though we did move to L.A. around the same time."

Susie went on to gush of her bestie, "Of course I knew Justin was cool and all, but I am kind of shocked at how genuine of a person he is and how he's been such an intentional/genuine friend for me these past few months."

Another person asked Susie if she'll be "filming" The Bachelor's 28th season and competing for Joey Graziadei's heart.

"If you mean filming weekly recaps on my YouTube channel... then yes, yes I am," Susie said, rejecting speculation she'll be appearing on The Bachelor's upcoming edition in early 2024.

Prior to Andrew going Instagram official with Beca, he and Susie were also asked about their relationship during separate episodes of "The Viall Files" podcast hosted by Season 21 The Bachelor star Nick Viall.

When asked directly if she was dating Andrew, Susie simply replied "no" during the August 1 episode of "The Viall Files" podcast.

And Andrew -- who accompanied Susie to the Barbie movie premiere -- was also straight up asked if he was dating Susie during the podcast's July 25 episode.

"No, absolutely not. No," Andrew insisted.
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Nick joked of Andrew's quick answer, "You don't have to sound like you're disgusted at the idea! You were like, 'Eww, gross, yuck, Susie!'"

Andrew therefore clarified, "That's what we decided we were going to do. We're just going to completely deny it and deny it hard."

Nick's female co-hosts pointed out how Andrew's flirtatious TikTok videos with Susie suggested otherwise about their relationship status.

"Okay, okay," Andrew sighed, brushing off the observation.

Nick asked Andrew as a result, "Are you milking [Susie videos] for clicks?"

"No. Well no, sort of, yeah," Andrew responded. "It's funny! If people get the humor, then great!"

Andrew added at the time, "Susie is the goofiest person you'll ever meet. I think she's the better version -- but girl version -- of me, where she doesn't really overthink the things that she does. She's just like, 'Hey, I'm going to do it.' And I think that's the coolest thing."


The podcast's co-hosts joked about how it looked like Susie was The Bachelorette star and she was trying to decide whether to give Andrew or Justin her final rose.

"We're basically on an ongoing two-on-one date right now," Andrew confirmed with a laugh.

"[Justin] did his video with her the other day on a Target run, and I don't know how I felt about it. But I try to support them, [even though] I wanted to be a part of the video."

Justin finished as the runner-up on Katie Thurston's The Bachelorette season before pursuing love with Eliza Isichei on Bachelor in Paradise's eighth season last summer. But Eliza chose Rodney Mathews over Justin, which she came to realize was a mistake. Once she tried to win Justin back, he lost interest in their romance.

Susie, a proud Virginia native, recently described how her dating experience in Los Angeles has been really tough for her after rising to fame on The Bachelor's 26th season starring Clayton Echard.

Susie explained in a candid video earlier this summer, "The thing I find the most annoying about dating in L.A. is when I'm not even TRYING to date -- for example, a man approaches me with a business opportunity and I'm down to get together with this person, talk about these things, and work on this project."

Susie said she takes the venture seriously, but then, "This person approaches me and wants to take me out -- to dinner -- and wants to date me and wants to get to know me on a different level."

"And when I express that I'm not interested," Susie continued in her rant, "all of that business discussion and all of those opportunities get just pulled out from underneath you."

Susie took a deep breath and composed herself in the video, before insisting, "It's fine. Literally I'm fine. I make money on social media, I have a videography business, I film weddings, [and] I film content for people."

The social media influencer snapped, "I am good. I don't need your business if it means I have to go to dinner with you."

While Susie claimed she was fine, she still had to let off more steam.

"I just find that to be the most disgusting and frustrating thing that I have experienced," Susie complained.

"And now I see why when people move to big cities and are looking to... achieve something, and people see you as vulnerable, they try to capitalize on that. And I am so grateful that I don't give a sh-t about money."

Susie boasted about how she "doesn't need somebody's opportunity" to make money or advance in her career.

"I literally can't be bothered," Susie said. "I literally don't care."

Although one or more guys have clearly disappointed and upset Susie, she said she'll continue to be a person who leads with kindness.

"I've never burned a bridge with any work opportunity and I've always left every job on a positive note. But I'm at a point right now where I will be the bitchiest bitch," Susie admitted.

"I understand it. I get why people who have had these experiences before become so hard on the exterior and are not trusting of people. I get it!"

Susie proceeded to send out a message to those offenders: "You won't catch me being nice. I literally don't give a sh-t."

Susie concluded her video by flashing both of her middle fingers at the camera.


Susie won Clayton's heart on The Bachelor 26, which aired in early 2022, over Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia, who both went on to co-star on The Bachelorette's 19th season.

But Susie left the show during Fantasy Suites because Clayton had slept with, and also professed his love to, the other two women. Even though Clayton considered Susie to be a "once-in-a-lifetime woman," she was convinced on the show that The Bachelor star wasn't her "person."

However, Clayton and Susie began communicating after filming ended in late 2021 and sparked up a romance in the real world. They publicly announced their relationship in March 2022 on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose.

Susie and Clayton, however, quickly discovered they weren't compatible, and so they called it quits in September 2022. However, they've managed to stay friends with some healthy boundaries in place.

Susie shared on TikTok in late April how she had gone out on one of the best first dates of her life, but the romance apparently didn't stick.

Susie also opened up at the time about whether she could ever see herself getting back together with Clayton.

For his part, Clayton told Joe Amabile in May on the "Click Bait with Bachelor Nation" podcast that he had been seeing someone locally in Scottsdale, AZ, "on and off" for over a month at that point.

"I don't want to jinx anything right now, but I'll just say this: I do have interest in someone I'm talking to right now," Clayton shared.

Clayton questioned at the time if he sincerely had enough time to devote himself to a partner, but he acknowledged he was "pretty interested" in her.

"I kind of caught myself wondering what [she's] doing... I'm starting to think about her. But it's early in the game," Clayton said.

Clayton appreciated how this woman -- whom he was "intrigued" by and "curious" about -- was giving him space and wasn't pushing to see him all the time.

"I don't want to feel like somebody is going to smother me," Clayton noted.

If that romance didn't work out, Clayton said he could "yeah, maybe" see himself looking for love in Mexico on Bachelor in Paradise's ninth season and potentially dating someone like Jess Girod.

However, Season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise already filmed, and Clayton, based on spoilers and ABC's initial cast announcement, didn't participate.

But Clayton confirmed no women from Bachelor Nation had expressed interest in him or made a move.

"I don't know if there's a giant red flag waving above my head, but no one [is romantically interested]," Clayton said with a laugh, adding how his DMs had "been dry."


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