The Amazing Race's "Father and Daughter" team of Scott Fowler and Blair Fowler survived a non-elimination leg during Friday night's premiere broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 28th season.

Although Scott and Blair, who is a beauty YouTuber, arrived at the first Pit Stop in last place, The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan revealed it was a non-elimination leg and they could continue racing.

The Race broadcast began with Phil sending a video message to all 11 teams -- who all have an influence on social media -- while they were still home with their family and friends. Phil explained they'd be traveling across 18 cities, 10 countries and more than 27,000 miles this season in only 21 days.

The 11 teams this season are Scott and Blair, "Best Friends" Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl, "Dating Couple" Burnie Burns and Ashley Jenkins, "Best Friends" Erin White Robinson and Joslyn Davis, "Mother and Son" Sheri LaBrant and Cole LaBrant, "Newlyweds" Zach King and Rachel King, "Dating Couple" Dana Borriello and Matt Steffanina, "Best Friends" Jessica Versteeg and Brittany Oldehoff, "Mother and Daughter" Marty Cobb and Hagan Parkman, "Best Friends" Kurt Gibson and Brodie Smith, and "Brothers" Cameron Benson and Darius Benson.

Phil then instructed the pairs of social media stars to make their way to the nearest airport and fly to Mexico City, where they must find the Monument to the Revolution. Teams hailed from states all over the world, including California, Texas and Georgia.

Brittany and Jessica arrived at the monument in first place, and they were soon followed by Brodie and Kurt in second place and Marty and Hagan in third. The three teams who got to this destination at the bottom of the pack were Scott and Blair in ninth place, Zach and Rachel in tenth place and finally Sheri and Cole in eleventh.

It then became time for the teams to select one of two possible Detour tasks: "Mariachi Madness" or "Great Bulls of Fire."

"Mariachi Madness" required the teams to find a musician who was faking it as seemingly hundreds of musicians played their instruments in a crowded street.

"Great Bulls of Fire" required the teams to construct and decorate the frame to a paper-mache bull, which was filled with fireworks, and then light it up to receive their next clue.

The teams who opted to try the mariachi task were Brodie and Kurt, Erin and Joslyn, Dana and Matt, Zach and Rachel, and Sheri and Cole.

The following teams attempted the fireworks task: Brittany and Jessica, Marty and Hagan, Burnie and Ashley, Darius and Cameron, Tyler and Korey, and Scott and Blair.

Most of the teams struggled with getting directions to their specific Detour location. It appeared Darius and Cameron and Brittany and Jessica were lost for the longest time out of everyone.
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In the end, putting together the bull took much longer than the mariachi task.

Kurt and Brodie finished the Detour task in first place, and they were soon followed by Erin and Joslyn, Dana and Matt, and Sheri and Cole. Way behind them were Scott and Blair, who finished the task in ninth place, Brittany and Jessica in tenth place, and finally Darius and Cameron in eleventh place.

The teams' next set of clues instructed them to make their way to the Cuevas de Teotihuacan. Three flights were available beginning at 7:30AM that were 10-minute intervals apart, but only a certain number of teams were allowed on each flight.

Dana and Matt grabbed the first two spots on the 7:30AM flight. They were soon joined by Brodie and Kurt, Erin and Joslyn, and Sheri and Cole. Zach and Rachel managed to snag the 7:40AM flight as well as Tyler and Korey, Marty and Hagan, and Scott and Blair. The three teams who got stuck on the 7:50AM flight were Brittany and Jessica, Darius and Cameron, and Burnie and Ashley.

Once the teams arrived at the Cuevas de Teotihuacan, one member from each team had to complete a Roadblock task.

The Roadblock required the participating Racers to head down into a cave and search for 13 pieces of a mask hidden inside. After digging through this archaeological site, they had to use the pieces they found to properly reconstruct a mask and then earn approval from a tribal elder.

The Racers who decided to take on this Roadblock task were Kurt, Matt, Erin, Sheri, Tyler, Zach, Scott, Marty, Darius, Jessica, and Burnie. 

Scott dropped pieces as he went looking for more and wasted a lot of time making these little mistakes. Meanwhile, Erin and Sheri considered quitting together at one point and taking a time penalty at the upcoming Pit Stop because they were having so much trouble. However, Erin spoke too soon and actually completed her mask before she expected to.

Dana and Matt finished the Roadblock in first place, Tyler and Korey left the cave in second place, and Zach and Rachel secured third place. Way in the back of the pack were Erin and Joslyn in ninth place, Sheri and Cole in tenth place, and finally Scott and Blair in eleventh place.

The teams then headed to the Museo Soumaya, which served as the Race's first Pit Stop of Season 28.

First place came down to a foot race between Dana and Matt and Tyler and Korey, and Dana and Matt ended up getting to the Pit Stop mat first. Zach and Rachel finished the first leg in third place, and Darius and Cameron came in fourth.

Brodie and Kurt soon arrived in fifth place, followed by Burnie and Ashley in sixth, Brittany and Jessica in seventh, Marty and Hagan in eighth, Sheri and Cole in ninth, Erin and Joslyn in tenth, and finally Blair and Scott in eleventh -- and last -- place.

Blair was ecstatic they survived a non-elimination leg because she was looking forward to traveling more with her father and making memories with him.