The Amazing Race Racers David O'Leary and Connor O'Leary finished the first half of a super-leg in first place during Sunday night's third broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 22nd season.

The "Father and Son" team arrived at Terrace Downs, a world renowned adventure retreat, before any of the other teams and learned they must continue racing the rest of the leg with no rest period in between. 

"Dave and Connor, I'm very pleased to tell you that you are the first team to arrive," The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan told the team. "Guys, the Race is still going and I have your next clue. Are you up to this you guys?"

"I've gotta focus on some recovery," Dave told Phil, referencing his hurt ankle.

The third episode of The Amazing Race's 22nd edition began with the Race's nine remaining teams starting off the leg at Motu Tapu, the most photographed island in the South Pacific. 

The first team to leave the second Pit Stop was "Hockey Brothers" Bates Battaglia and Anthony Battaglia, who departed at 8:54AM. Dave and Connor followed closely behind them at 8:55AM.          

"Dating Couple" Jessica Hoel and John Erck departed at 8:56AM and revealed they had decided to honor their word and give their extra Express Pass to Dave and Connor -- who had finished the first leg in second place and therefore were supposed to be given the Express Pass based upon a pact they had made with the four other teams in their alliance.

Following Jessica and John, "Friends and YouTube Hosts" Joey Graceffa and Meghan Camarena departed at 9AM, "Married Couple" Chuck McCall and Wynona McCall departed at 9:01AM, "Roller Derby Moms" Mona Egender and Beth Bandimere left at 9:06AM, "Friends and Country Singers" Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Kuhle departed at 10:49AM, "Newlyweds" Max Bichler and Katie Bichler took off at 11:08AM, and "Best Friends" Pamela Chien and Winnie Sung left at 11:48AM.

The teams' clue instructed them to fly 3,000 miles to Christchurch, New Zealand and upon landing, drive themselves to Rakaia River Gorge. Once at the gorge, each team had to pull a number to reserve a jet boat that they'd drive up river for their next clue.

Dave had felt a pop in his Achilles tendon at the end of the prior leg, and a medic told him that he probably tore a muscle in his ankle. But despite the bad news, Dave and Connor figured they would just try to keep racing and do their best.

Meanwhile, Bates and Anthony thought John and Jessica were the "shadiest team" this season.

As teams were gathering in the airport, everyone could see Dave was hurt. The "Father and Son" team then announced they were going to the hospital, and before they left, Jessica and John privately handed over their Express Pass. Dave and Connor felt a bit relieved and viewed the Express Pass as a potential game-changer that most teams wouldn't know about.
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After trying to snag tickets on the earliest available flight, Jessica and John and Bates and Anthony were the only ones who succeeded. They booked tickets on a 9AM flight to Papeete, Tahiti, and all the other teams got stuck with the second flight at 11:35AM.

While at the hospital, a specialist told Dave he tore his Achilles tendon along with another muscle on the tendon. Doctors put a boot on Dave's ankle, but the guys were still determined to win the leg of the Race.

During some down time at the airport, Jessica formed an alliance with Joey and Meghan and Mona and Beth. They planned to share all information related to travel and help each other get all the other teams out before them.

The teams had to sleep overnight in the Tahiti airport awaiting their 8AM flight the next morning. When morning came, all the teams ended up flying together to Auckland.

Once in Auckland, everyone booked different flights into Christchurch. Pam and Winnie bought tickets for the earliest 5PM flight, Jessica and John and Mona and Beth booked a 5:30PM flight along with Dave and Connor and Joey and Meghan. The alliance found it funny they all were seated on the same flight.

Bates and Anthony and Caroline and Jennifer got on a 6PM flight, while Chuck and Wynona couldn't get on a flight until 7:30PM. Luckily, Max and Katie managed to get seats on the 5:30PM flight via standby. Chuck and Wynona thought they were screwed when they didn't see any other teams in the airport around the time of taking off from Auckland.

On their way to Rakaia River Gorge, Pam and Winnie got lost. Meanwhile, Caroline and Jennifer formed an alliance with Bates and Anthony.

Dave and Connor were the first team to arrive at the gorge and they were soon followed by Jessica and John, Joey and Meghan, Max and Katie, Pam and Winnie, Mona and Beth, Caroline and Jennifer, Bates and Anthony, and Chuck and Wynona.

The teams had to camp out overnight again because the jet boats didn't start running until the following morning at 6AM.

Dave and Connor were the first team to retrieve the next set of clues. Following the "Father and Son" team were Jessica and John, Joey and Meghan, Max and Katie, Pam and Winnie, Mona and Beth, Caroline and Jennifer, Bates and Anthony, and finally Chuck and Wynona.

Upon earning their next clue, the teams learned they must drive themselves on all-terrain vehicles to the start of the Detour and then complete one of its two tasks: "Rev it Up" or "Reel it in."

"Rev it Up" required both members of each team to take turns behind the wheel of a vintage car and navigate through a set of cones in 83 seconds combined or less. Once the course was completed in the allotted time, they'd receive their next clue.

"Reel it in" required the teams to use a rod and reel to catch one fish at least 12 inches long. 

Dave and Connor, Jessica and John, Joey and Meghan, Max and Katie, Caroline and Jennifer, Bates and Anthony, Mona and Beth, and Pam and Winnie opted to take on the "Rev it Up" task, while Chuck and Wynona attempted the "Reel it in" one.

However, once Dave and Connor realized they'd be required to each drive a clutch, they were forced to switch tasks since Dave wouldn't be able to do it because of the boot on his ankle. Dave and Connor then went fishing, but after time elapsed and they were having no luck, the team decided to use their Express Pass and skip the Detour task entirely.

As a result, Dave and Connor finished the Detour task in first place and were able to move on. They were soon followed by Jessica and John, Joey and Meghan, Mona and Beth, Bates and Anthony, Max and Katie, Pam and Winnie, Chuck and Wynona, and Caroline and Jennifer.

The next clue instructed the teams to drive themselves to Mt. Hutt Station and search for their next clue.

Mona and Beth, Jessica and John, Max and Katie, and Bates and Anthony all got a little lost. Max and Katie said they lost about a half-hour of time during the leg driving around aimlessly.

Still maintaining their lead, Dave and Connor arrived at Hutt Station before any of the other teams. Right behind them were Jessica and John, Pam and Winnie, Chuck and Wynona, Caroline and Jennifer, Joey and Meghan, Mona and Beth, Bates and Anthony, and Max and Katie -- in that exact order.

Once at Hutt Station, it then became time for one member of each team to complete a Roadblock task.

For the Roadblock, the team members had to participate in a "Shemozzle Race" in which they were forced to dress in boots, shorts and a burlap sack. After choosing a shepherd and his farm dog, they had to race a wild obstacle course while covered in molasses and feathers, collecting chicken eggs along the way. Once they delivered 12 unbroken eggs to the shepherd, they'd receive their next clue.

Last night's broadcast showed only Connor, John, Winnie, Jennifer, and Chuck taking on the Roadblock task and eventually finishing it. The other teams hadn't arrived yet by the end of the episode.

Dave and Connor completed the Roadblock task first and were followed by Jessica and John, Pam and Winnie, and Jennifer and Caroline.

The teams then learned they must drive themselves to Terrace Downs.

Dave and Connor arrived at Terrace Downs first and were greeted by Phil, who told the team that for coming in first place, they won a trip for two to Bangkok. Phil then handed the guys their next clue and told them to continue racing.

"It was certainly going through my mind whether we needed to drop out. I honestly don't have any idea if we can keep going. This is the most frustrating thing," Dave said.

Next week's The Amazing Race episode will begin right where last night's broadcast left off.