Desiree Hartsock is reportedly close to getting a second chance at searching for love on television.

The Bachelor bachelorette is in "final talks" to be the star of the next edition of The Bachelorette, E! News reported Friday.

While Hartsock has not officially inked a deal to serve as The Bachelorette's ninth-season star, an agreement is "close," according to E! News.

In addition to Hartsock, producers have reportedly also been considering fellow ousted bachelorettes AshLee Frazier, Sarah Herron and Lesley Murphy as the star of the upcoming The Bachelorette edition -- which is scheduled to begin filming later this month and premiere May 20 on ABC.

Hartsock was cut by current seventeenth-season The Bachelor star Sean Lowe during the show's February 18 broadcast after he visited the hometowns of his final four bachelorettes and met their families.

While he didn't reveal her identity, The Bachelor host Chris Harrison had said the show was close to finalizing the selection of The Bachelorette's next star during an interview with Reality TV World earlier this week.

"It's close to being a done deal obviously, because we are about to announce it in about two weeks, but I'm not sure it's 100%," he told Reality TV World. 

"I think people feel like we make these major rash decisions very early, but there's really no benefit for us to do that. And we kind of keep it open because different things come to light as far as what the reaction was going to be at Women Tell All, and we still want to see how America reacts after Women Tell All."

"I know word got out really early who people thought it was, but that was very premature. Because I know as of the taping for Women Tell All last Friday, we were still very much discussing who it was going to be."

Harrison had also explained she he felt Hartsock -- who will appear on Monday night's broadcast of The Bachelor: Women Tell All special -- would make a good Bachelorette.

"Des is kind of that young -- not that Katie Holmes is old -- but she's got this young, attractive Katie Holmes look and girl next door. It's kind of what the show is built on, with finding that diamond in the rough, kind of like Sean is," he told Reality TV World.

"It's that everyday guy, obviously a great guy, and giving him that chance. And again, Des, the way she comes off on the Women Tell All makes herself a great candidate."
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Hartsock had admitted she would have interest in The Bachelorette role during a conference call with reporters following The Bachelor's February 18 broadcast of her elimination.

"If I were offered the opportunity to be the next Bachelorette, I would definitely have to think about it and give it some thought and make sure I'm prepared to get back onto that emotional rollercoaster," she said.

But I do believe in the experience and I know that the feelings firsthand of what I experienced are real, and I do believe that it can work out for the best.  So, I'd probably say yes to the opportunity."

She had also insisted that while she told Lowe he was making an enormous mistake when he revealed his decision to eliminate her, she is now completely over The Bachelor star.

"After being let go, I did feel strongly that it didn't feel right for him letting me go, and I was really upset.  But, I'm also such a positive person that, you know, I knew that he was doing what he needed to and I've moved on. I'm completely over it," Hartsock said. 

"And I just, I hope him the best, and I know that I'll eventually find my Prince Charming...  I haven't gone on any dates or been dating. I'm just focusing on myself and getting it together."