The Amazing Race eliminated Gary Wojnar and Will Chiola during Sunday night's fourth broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 21st season. 

The "Best Friends and Substitute Teachers" became the fourth team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the Race's fourth Pit Stop at the Shambazar Chan Mia Ghat in Dhaka, Bangladesh in last place.

"I would never trade this experience for anything in the world," Will said following his team's ouster.

"The Amazing Race was the greatest experience," added Gary.

The fourth episode of The Amazing Race's 21st season began where last week's broadcast left off, with the Race's eight teams meeting with The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan and leaving the course's third Pit Stop at Sma Negeri 1 Bangil School in Bangil, Indonesia.

Since they had been the team to finish in first place at the Race's third Pit Stop, "Dating Divorcees" Abbie Ginsberg and Ryan Danz were the first team to depart from the school at 9:52PM. They were then followed by "Dating Couple" Trey Wier and Alexis "Lexi" Beerman at 9:54PM.

The departure times of Gary and Will, "Twin Sisters" Natalie Anderson and Nadiya Anderson, "Married Monster Truckers" Rob French and Kelley Carrington-French, "Friends" James LoMenzo and Mark "Abba" Abbattista, "Goat Farmers and Life Partners" Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, and "Chippendales Dancers and Best Friends" Jaymes Vaughan and James Davis were not shown because they ended up being irrelevant.

Upon opening their departure clues, the teams were instructed to fly more than 2,600 miles to Dhaka, Bangladesh. Upon landing, they would be required to make their way to Rubel Model Auto Mobiles, a bus-repair shop.

At the airport, Abbie and Ryan and Trey and Lexi quickly discovered there was only one flight available at their earliest convenience the following morning scheduled to depart at 10AM and connect in Singapore. The teams were a bit deflated because they realized the flight would allow all the other teams to catch up to them, eventually putting all Racers on a level playing field.

All the teams secured seats on the same flight the next morning. Afterwards, they rushed to grab cabs and head to the repair shop. Abbie and Ryan were the first team to arrive at the bus-repair shop, and they were soon followed by Natalie and Nadiya, Jaymes and James D., Rob and Kelley, James L. and Abba, Josh and Brent, Trey and Lexi, and Gary and Will.

Trey and Lexi fell behind because their taxi driver had to stop for gas, while Gary and Will seemed to get a little lost.

Once at the repair shop, the teams learned they could choose between taking on a Fast Forward task -- which, upon completion, a team could skip the leg's original tasks and go directly to the Pit Stop -- or continuing on with the leg normally, which would mean receiving the Race's original clue and participating in a traditional Roadblock task.
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For the Roadblock task, one member of each team was required to use body putty to fill in damage of a bus and then, in preparation for painting, sand it down to make it smooth. The teammates then must remove three pairs of seats and deliver them to a refurbishing area, where they would receive their next clue.

The Fast Forward task required the teams to fill a bag with dead rats, collecting them from three different locations on foot. Only the first team to finish the Fast Forward could head straight for the Pit Stop, so it did present a big risk.

James L. and Abba were the only team to attempt the Fast Forward task in the hopes of finishing the leg in first place, while all the other teams chose to skip the opportunity and stick with the Roadblock task in order to play it safe.

Ryan, Natalie, James D., Rob, Trey, Gary, and Josh all opted to do the Roadblock task for his or her teams.

During the task, James D. let Ryan read the second half of his clue since Ryan's own piece of paper had gotten soiled. In return, Ryan offered James D. a little help with his sanding, and the two teams clearly formed an alliance -- at least a short-term one. The team members who struggled with the task most and had to re-do their sanding work were James D., Gary and Trey. 

Abbie and Ryan managed to finish the Roadblock task in first place. They were soon followed by Rob and Kelley, Natalie and Nadiya, Josh and Brent, and Jaymes and James D.

Meanwhile, James L. and Abba completed their Fast Forward task. They finished collecting all their rats before Trey and Lexi and Gary and Will even got to complete their Roadblock task at the repair shop. Trey and Lexi finished their Roadblock task soon afterwards, while Gary and Will left the task in dead last.

James L. and Abba then received their final set of clues for the fourth leg, and they were instructed to go to the Pit Stop at the Shambazar Chan Mia Ghat.

All the other teams earned a different set of clues following their Roadblock task and learned they must make their way to Kawran Bazar Shootkir Market and search through the crowds to find a specific shop. Once there, they had to dig through a marked bag full of hundreds of "smelly dried fish," according to Phil, in search of one fish painted with The Amazing Race colors. Once found, the teams could exchange their fish for their next clue.

Still in the lead, Abbie and Ryan made it to the market before any of the other teams. They were then followed by Natalie and Nadiya, Rob and Kelley, Jaymes and James D., Josh and Brent, Trey and Lexi, Gary and Will.

The teams found their special The Amazing Race fish in the same order they had arrived at the market except for Josh and Brent and Jaymes and James D. -- who had switched places in the order because Jaymes and James D. had a little trouble their marked fish.

Once the seven teams completed the fish task and received their next set of clues, while James L. and Abba were gunning towards the Pit Stop, it then became time for them to complete one of two Detour tasks: "Pound the Metal" or "Pound the Cotton."

"Pound the Metal" required the teams to use sledgehammers to beat an iron rod in order to shape it into a sharp tool. They then had to hand pump the bellows of the smoky charcoal fire so they could strike while the iron was hot.

"Pound the Cotton" required the teams to make a mattress. They were instructed to use bamboo rods to beat the clumps of cotton into a fine feather-like consistency and then sew the material together with the cotton inside.

Trey and Lexi's cab broke down on their way to the Detour task, and Lexi worried it would take hours to fix it. However, their driver must have fixed the problem in a reasonable amount of time because Gary and Will were still behind them.

Abbie and Ryan, Josh and Brent, Jaymes and James D., and Gary and Will all opted to do the "Pound the Cotton" task. Natalie and Nadiya, Rob and Kelley and Trey and Lexi attempted the "Pound the Metal" task.

While many of the teams were working on their Detour task, as none of them had yet to finish either task, James L. and Abba made it to the Pit Stop and met Phil in first place. For finishing before any of the other teams, James L. and Abba won a trip for two to the island of Antigua.

Although James L. and Abba had completed the leg, all the other teams were still racing. Natalie and Nadiya were the first team to complete their Detour task. They were then followed by Rob and Kelley, Abbie and Ryan, Josh and Brent, Trey and Lexi, Jaymes and James D., and Gary and Will.

Upon completion of their Detour tasks, the teams' next set of clues instructed them to take a riverboat from the Keranigonj Kholamora launch ghat to Swarighat in Old Dhaka. Then, they had to make their way on foot or by bicycle rickshaw to the Pit Stop at the Shambazar Chan Mia Ghat.

Rob and Kelley had trouble finding the correct riverboat to take. Meanwhile, Trey and Lexi's cab brought them to Swarighat, which was where they were supposed to originally depart via boat. As a result, Trey and Lexi had to take the boat back to where they were supposed to start, head to Swarighat again and then go to the Pit Stop in order to follow the rules. 

Gary and Will soon came across Trey and Lexi while they were in Swarighat, and it seemed the men had made the same mistake of taking the cab to the location where they were supposed to travel via boat.

Abbie and Ryan then arrived at the Pit Stop and met Phil on the mat in second place. Natalie and Nadiya were right behind them and subsequently secured third place.

Rob and Kelley then made it to the mat in fourth place. However, Phil told them they had to take their boat to Swarighat first from the starting point, but instead, they had traveled directly to the Pit Stop. Because of their error, the pair had to go back to the riverboats and correct their mistake in the course before they could officially check into the Pit Stop.

Josh and Brent came in fourth place, followed by Rob and Kelley again -- who therefore were declared the fifth-place team. Jaymes and James D. arrived at the Pit Stop next, finishing in sixth place.

Following Jaymes and James D., Trey and Lexi then stepped onto the mat in seventh. Gary and Will finally arrived in eighth -- and last -- place, ultimately expecting their fate in the Race but clearly hoping for a non-elimination leg that would not come.

"Gary and Will, I'm very sorry to tell you that you are the last team to arrive. You have been eliminated from the Race," Phil told the team.

"Oh, ohh," Gary moaned in disappointment.

"We gave it the best shot that we had!" Will added.